Sweaterrific, Reynard and Millie

This Olympics was a little rough around the edges, but I’m going to miss watching the amazing slopestyle skiers, graceful ice dancers and plucky skeleton riders. I especially rooted  for the Olympians with kids!


But thank goodness for the Ravellenics; I never would have had the confidence to try the Contiguous method, which I now love, and to even attempt a full Argo sweater in 18 days without this event! The sweater lacks sleeves, but I honestly came much closer to finishing than I would have guessed.


sweater selfie

You may notice a little ring of lighter brown at the bust; the kettle-dyed yarn didn’t come out as dark as I wanted, so I dipped the whole body in a pot of dye yesterday; planning on touching it up in the next couple of days. While it dried, I felt so weird without a sweater to knit that I cast on my next project, DownEast, be Alicia Plummer. This experience may have converted me to a sweater knitter!

Exciting News: Reynard

Guess what? Kirsten Kapur used a set of Knitcircus Matching Socks for her new Reynard socks pattern! I’m a huge fan of Kirsten’s work; her Cladonia and Andrea’s Shawl  are two of my favorite designs of all time, and she creates beautifully-thought-out patterns for everything from sweaters to hats to wristwarmers, using lace, cables and colorwork. 


photo: Kirsten Kapur for Through the Loops

These cuff-down socks start with a lovely picot cast-on, then you get to do the gorgeous twist-stitch section with a subtle bobble. The design makes a pretty wave at the bottom of the patterned section.


photo: Kirsten Kapur

Once you work that part, you’re done with the charts and can enjoy watching the colors change as you work your way down the foot.  I just love that intricate twist-stitch pattern on Reynard and she showcased the yarn beautifully. Thanks so much to Kirsten for choosing to work with Knitcircus Yarns!

Pattern Play

Speaking of desirable patterns, if you haven’t seen it yet, Susan B. Anderson has a lovely new doll e-book published by Quince and Company, called Millie, Mary and Morgan.


Photo: Carrie Bostick Hoge for Quince and Company

I was able to see and touch the little dolls when visiting Susie a couple of months ago and they are just the pinnacle of everything a handknitted doll should be. They’re the perfect size to hold and play with, have sweet little faces and she crafted such cunning details into the clothes. The little sweaters have their own buttons (but not too many, so easy to get on and off), you can do colorwork or stripes in the skirts; of course, they need fancy dresses, and the tiny shawls are the kind of accessory that would have made my 8-year-old self jump up and down.

And right now, she’s holding a giveaway with a copy of the e-book and six skeins of Quince and Company yarn!

It looks like we’re getting another taste of the polar vortex, so everybody stay warm and drive safe,


One thought on “Sweaterrific, Reynard and Millie

  1. Your sweater looks amazing, great dye-job! As a sweater knitter myself, I am glad you’ve converted to the dark side (we have cookies). The socks are beautiful as well! I am sure my mother will be begging for a pair in the VERY near future.

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