Knitcircus Podcast #112

In which Amy coughs too much and Jaala is loving and kind.

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Topics in this episode…

Book: Slow Knitting, by Hannah Thiessen

Event: Perth Festival of Yarn

Yarn Purveyer: Uist Wool in Scotland

Event: Loch Ness Knit Fest

Famous Knitter: Kari Westermann and her book: This Thing of Paper

Yarn Purveyer: The Travel Knitter

Event: Knitcircus Holiday Kick-off Party – link coming soon!

Event: X-Games


Knitcircus Podcast #111

In which Amy returns from Scotland and Jaala is loving and kind.

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Topics in this episode…

Event: Shetland Wool Week

Exotic Locale: Edinburgh

Famous Knitter: Felicity Ford (Knitsonik)

Famous Knitters: Anne Eunson and Kathy Anderson

Random TV Reference: Father Knows Best

Event: Madtown Yarn Shop Hop

LYS: Susan’s Fiber Shop

LYS: Blackberry Ridge Spinning Mill

LYS: Spry Whimsy

Book: The Mitten Handbook, by Mary Scott Huff

Book: Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, by Hotomi Shida and Gayle Roehm

Event: Vogue Knitting Live Seattle

Event: Vogue Knitting Live New York

Book: A Stash of One’s Own, by Clara Parkes

Famous Knitters: Meg Swansen

Peekaboo Mitts


My daughter has been knitting since she made a 3-inch-square doll blanket at the age of six. I love seeing which patterns catch her eye, and which yarns the now-16-year-old chooses. I call her Belle on the blog because she’s social-media shy even though she’s a teenager.

We at Knitcircus think a lot about making things coordinate flawlessly, like with the perfectly-paired Matching Socks Sets, but Belle tapped into a spirit of fun where things aren’t so matchy-matchy. Her lighthearted take on wristwarmers took a Mermaid Lagoon gradient, with three colors of blue on one end, and three colors of green on the other, and used one side for each mitt. She used the  Peekaboo Mitts pattern free on Ravelry, by Spiderwoman Knits, for her armwarmers.


The version she made used one cake of Ringmaster Worsted yarn. This would work great with any Panoramic Gradient with two main colors like Brass and Steam, April Skies, Beach Glass, Thanks for All the Fish.


It would look really fun in a really wild Panoramic Gradient like Over the Rainbow; one side would be red, orange and yellow and the other would be green, blue and purple. One the other hand, a Chromatic Gradient would give you a more subtle difference, a light and dark turquoise in Turquoise Pool, for example.


The Rubik’s Cube travels everywhere with Belle; in any quiet moment, she may pull it out and start rolling the squares around. A favorite school-year pastime is handing it to another student to mess it up and then solving it. Her record is one minute four seconds!

Pattern note: Belle used 50g/approximately 125 yds on each mitt, making them about an inch longer than the original pattern.



Rattan Shawl Knitting


I was so excited about the new Brass & Steam Impressionist Speckled Gradient that I cast this project on right away, when the yarn wasn’t even fully finished processing (you can do that when you work in the dye studio…)

I’d knit several garter stitch and/or lace shawls lately, so was feeling the pull toward some texture. The yarn I chose was Trampoline 100% USA Merino superwash fingering, so 440 yards per 100g ball.

A pleasant search through Ravelry later, I decided on the Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson. No charts needed! But I’m kind of lazy, so I didn’t knit all of the stitches through the back loop as in the original pattern. My stitches are less defined, but still nicely ribbed, I think.


Here it is after knitting but before blocking.


After blocking, it looks waaay better!

If you’re wondering who the lovely model is, it’s Dyer Sarah; this woman rides her bike five miles to work, dyes up a couple of trays of yarn and manages to look fresh and calm for a photoshoot in the middle of it all. She’s amazing, and possibly part pixie or woodland elf.


We have a park nearby which is the go-to place for our pretty-much-weekly photoshoots. Elizabeth does a fantastic job of taking the high-res pictures so everything looks good! She is also a master of making our petite Sarah look impressively tall. 😉


Here’s a fun pic that shows the shawl off perfectly, but Sarah’s shoes look maybe a little too practical for a fashion shot…

I loved knitting Rattan! It was easy to memorize the pattern and made for relaxing baseball and tv knitting.



Knitcircus Podcast #109

In which Amy returns from Knitting Camp just long enough to record a podcast and Jaala puts up with that behavior!

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Topics of note:

Cool Knitters: Betts Lampers

Cool Knitters: Janine Bajus, the Feral Knitter

Events: Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp

Knitting Books: AlterKnit, by Andrea Rangel

Knitting Books: Glamourie, by Alice and Jade Starmore

Cool Tools: Maker’s Bag, by Tom Bihn

Pattern: Scrappy Bias Shawl, by Emily Clawson

Knitting Books: Styles, by Sally Melville

Wee Summer Knits

Tiny projects are just the thing for summer knitting, and this week I’m highlighting some darling wee quick knits.

Socks! I call this my “drag-around” knitting. Pop it in your purse and go.

pattern: Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson

yarn: Medium sock set in base Greatest of Ease in Welcome Back Sun Stripes colorway

knitted by: rsylla


pattern: this knitter’s own

yarn: Large sock set in Greatest of Ease in Over The Rainbow colorway

knitted by: pinkhairedcyn

Do you know a mom-to-be or new parents? This tiny sweater, with its darling cap sleeves, is perfect for a gradient. Using our machine washable worsted weight base Ringmaster, it’s easy care and knits up fast!


pattern: In Threes by Kelly Herdrich

size: 6-12 months

yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in Sea of Tranquility colorway

knitted by: Karen Seemuth

To make this size, simply use any 100g cake of our gradient colorways in our worsted weight Ringmaster base for this delicious, easy top-down baby sweater! It’s dreamy. We’ve knitted it up in a couple different colorways for our shop:


Left: Kaylee colorway Right: Birds of a Feather colorway

Check out our kit listings for In Threes on our website here.

Happy knitting this summer, and enjoy a little immediate gratification with one of these tiny projects.