Rattan Shawl Knitting


I was so excited about the new Brass & Steam Impressionist Speckled Gradient that I cast this project on right away, when the yarn wasn’t even fully finished processing (you can do that when you work in the dye studio…)

I’d knit several garter stitch and/or lace shawls lately, so was feeling the pull toward some texture. The yarn I chose was Trampoline 100% USA Merino superwash fingering, so 440 yards per 100g ball.

A pleasant search through Ravelry later, I decided on the Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson. No charts needed! But I’m kind of lazy, so I didn’t knit all of the stitches through the back loop as in the original pattern. My stitches are less defined, but still nicely ribbed, I think.


Here it is after knitting but before blocking.


After blocking, it looks waaay better!

If you’re wondering who the lovely model is, it’s Dyer Sarah; this woman rides her bike five miles to work, dyes up a couple of trays of yarn and manages to look fresh and calm for a photoshoot in the middle of it all. She’s amazing, and possibly part pixie or woodland elf.


We have a park nearby which is the go-to place for our pretty-much-weekly photoshoots. Elizabeth does a fantastic job of taking the high-res pictures so everything looks good! She is also a master of making our petite Sarah look impressively tall. 😉


Here’s a fun pic that shows the shawl off perfectly, but Sarah’s shoes look maybe a little too practical for a fashion shot…

I loved knitting Rattan! It was easy to memorize the pattern and made for relaxing baseball and tv knitting.




Knitcircus Podcast #109

In which Amy returns from Knitting Camp just long enough to record a podcast and Jaala puts up with that behavior!

Listen on Libsyn or iTunes

Topics of note:

Cool Knitters: Betts Lampers

Cool Knitters: Janine Bajus, the Feral Knitter

Events: Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp

Knitting Books: AlterKnit, by Andrea Rangel

Knitting Books: Glamourie, by Alice and Jade Starmore

Cool Tools: Maker’s Bag, by Tom Bihn

Pattern: Scrappy Bias Shawl, by Emily Clawson

Knitting Books: Styles, by Sally Melville

Wee Summer Knits

Tiny projects are just the thing for summer knitting, and this week I’m highlighting some darling wee quick knits.

Socks! I call this my “drag-around” knitting. Pop it in your purse and go.

pattern: Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson

yarn: Medium sock set in base Greatest of Ease in Welcome Back Sun Stripes colorway

knitted by: rsylla


pattern: this knitter’s own

yarn: Large sock set in Greatest of Ease in Over The Rainbow colorway

knitted by: pinkhairedcyn

Do you know a mom-to-be or new parents? This tiny sweater, with its darling cap sleeves, is perfect for a gradient. Using our machine washable worsted weight base Ringmaster, it’s easy care and knits up fast!


pattern: In Threes by Kelly Herdrich

size: 6-12 months

yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in Sea of Tranquility colorway

knitted by: Karen Seemuth

To make this size, simply use any 100g cake of our gradient colorways in our worsted weight Ringmaster base for this delicious, easy top-down baby sweater! It’s dreamy. We’ve knitted it up in a couple different colorways for our shop:


Left: Kaylee colorway Right: Birds of a Feather colorway

Check out our kit listings for In Threes on our website here.

Happy knitting this summer, and enjoy a little immediate gratification with one of these tiny projects.


Knitcircus Podcast #108

Jaala lives her dream on a houseboat and Amy’s off to Knitting Camp again.

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Topics of note:

Events: Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp

Literature: Houseboat Girl, by Lois Lenski

Literature: Strawberry Girl, by Lois Lenski

Literature: Goops and How to Be Them, by Gelett Burgess

Exotic Locale: Amsterdam

Pattern: Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson

Pattern: In Threes Sweater, by Kelly Herdrich

Pattern: Needle in a Haystack, by Jaala Spiro

Event: Tour de Fleece



Guest Blog Post: Yarn and Pattern Pairings

Hello, fellow Friends of Knitcircus!  My name is Beth, and I’m a knitter from outside of Portland, OR.  It’s a fiber lover’s paradise here in the Pacific NW, with more than a dozen LYS that participate in our local Yarn Crawl, the same number of independent dyers, and many designers.  Many of the local dyers do gradients, but none of them catch come close to the beautiful skeins that come from Jaala and Knitcircus crew. 

Just as the wand chooses the wizard, I firmly believe that the yarn chooses the pattern.   I don’t claim to be a yarn whisperer, and some yarns are more selective than others.   When I try to knit something other than what the yarn wants, the project just doesn’t work out, and ends up getting frogged.  Along the way, I’ve noticed that many of the Knitcircus yarns appear to have a sense of humor when it comes to selecting their patterns!   Jaala asked me to share some of their ideas with you.

beth root

It started with a skein of Over the Rainbow Gradient Speckle that insisted on becoming the Emerald City Shawl by Shannon Squire.

After that things just took off!  Some of the projects currently lined up in my queue:

A skein of ‘Starry Night’ wants to become the ‘Summer Sky’ shawl by Janina Kallio

Space is Big, Really Big’ wants to be ‘Don’t Panic’ by Monika Evans

‘Mallard’ is insisting on becoming the ‘Dodo’ shawl by Heidi Alexander

‘Evergreen’ is begging to be the ‘Timberline Lodge Shawl’ by Kay Hopkins

‘Toasting Marshmallows’ chose the ‘Flame Keeper Shawl’ by Laurie Beardsley, and

‘Fruit Kabob’ jumped at the sight of the ‘Bosc Pear Shawl’ by Tetiana Otruta.

What does your yarn want to become?

–Beth Root

Jaala’s note: We are thrilled to have Beth write this blog post for us! I just love her inspirations! Many of the colors mentioned are exclusive Yarn Club colors, because she’s that kind of awesome. To see all of the current available colors for your yarn and project ideas, please check out the Knitcircus site.  Happy knitting!

Knitcircus Podcast #107

In which Jaala and Amy knit while they record their chatter.

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Topics of note:

Pattern: Needle in a Haystack, by Jaala Spiro

TV Show: Supergirl

Exotic Locale: Amsterdam

Events: Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp

Pattern: Wolkig, by Martina Behm

Pattern: Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson

Pattern: In Threes Sweater, by Kelly Herdrich

Pattern: Sugar Sprinkles Cowl, by Sharyn Anhalt

Pick a Shawl KAL on Ravelry, starts July 7, with Jaala Spiro and Liz Avery (coming soon)

Events: Stitches Midwest near Chicago

Cool People: Ron Miskin of The Buffalo Wool Company

Fiction: The Enzo Files

Cool People: Janine Bajus, the Feral Knitter

Knitting Books: A Stash of One’s Own, by Clara Parkes

Blog: Decor8