Socktober at Knitcircus

After knitting for almost 17 years, I’ve finally fallen head over heels for socks. (And discovered the beauty of sock puns.) I’m enjoying pretty vanilla sock patterns, mostly playing with cool yarns and getting to know heel and toe structures.

I love having a sock tucked in my purse, and after a long weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains this summer, when I finished a whole pair of socks, I was hooked.

We’re celebrating Socktober at Knitcircus, and I thought I’d share some amazing finished objects from Ravelers that make such great use of our matching sock sets. If you see a set of our socks, you might not know at first glance that they’ll match to the stitch.

Salt Water Taffy Stripes in the balls and in the sock! Voila!

After having had many arguments with commercially-dyed skeins of 100g of striping yarn, struggling to find the correct starting place for my first and second sock to make them match, it’s hard for me to go back.

Our sock sets come in Small, Medium and Large sizes, by the way, so that you can use up every inch of the set’s striping or gradient goodness. Take advantage of every color!


pattern: Paragon Socks by verybusymonkey

yarn colorway: large matching sock set in colorway I am a Princess and this is my Tiara

knitted by: lilybelle7



pattern: How I Make My Socks by Susan B. Anderson

yarn: large matching sock set of Greatest of Ease in discontinued colorway Eat Pray Knit

knitted by: daisysdragonfly


pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

yarn: large sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Race to the Cookie Jar Stripes

knitted by: Knitterlymind


pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner

yarn: small matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Electric Mayhem Stripes

knitted by: Taine


pattern: Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku

yarn: large matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Spring Fling

knitted by: MarlysHF


pattern: her own toe-up sock pattern

yarn: large sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway The Can Can Can

knitted by: monica


pattern: Pagoda Lace Socks by Wendy D. Johnson

yarn: medium matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Drink Me

knitted by: Jayannell

Enjoy your sock knitting this month! And if you need a sock skills enrichment class and you live close to Madison, WI, take a class with our own Amy Detjen on December 3 from 2:00-4:00 pm here at our studio. Her class will cover Sock Cast Ons and Bind Offs. Sign up here.


New Shawl Roundup

One of my favorite things is to lurk search around Ravelry looking for projects made with our yarn, and the shawls just keep coming. Today I needed to share the inspiration with you that I keep turning up in my Ravelry travels. I’ve been finishing up WIPs and planning my fall knitting in the last couple weeks, and it’s because of you, dear knitters.

Quick, add this one to your queue! It’s a Hitchhikeresque, toothy triangle shawl with an easy basketweave pattern stitch. Knitted out of one of our most popular colorways:

Minty Bricks rie4

Yarn: 150g/600yd Greatest of Ease in the colorway Come What May

Pattern: Minty Bricks by Ronny Lange

knitted by: rie4

I also love when Ravelers post a before and after shot of the yarn and the project it grows up to be. Here’s a lovely cake of silky gradient just teeming with potential:


Yarn: 380 yds/100g Ballerina in the colorway Spring Flowers Version 2

*Bonus: this yarn is a limited edition that is currently on sale*

And the stunning project it became:

Pattern: Dragonfly Wings by Boo Knits

knitted by: April2x4

Yep, Boo Knits strikes again with a spectacular shawl. Boo Knits has become a familiar designer name around the office ever since we saw Sweet Dreams this summer:

blackplanet Sweet Dreams shawl2

Yarn: 400yds/100g cake of Greatest of Ease in the colorway Brass and Steam

Pattern: Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits

Knitted by: blackplanet

And last, but not least, some more crochet eye candy. Yes, we’re called Knitcircus, but most of us knitters here crochet, too, and we can certainly appreciate this stunner:


Yarn: 150g/600yd cake of Greatest of Ease in the colorway

I am a Princess and This is my Tiara

Pattern: Rowan Berry Shawl by Laurinda Reddig

crocheted by: jenlucas


Such a lovely scallop on that edge.

Fall has just begun, I just finished a sweater – I’ll blog about that in the next week – and it’s just in time for cooler temps and falling leaves. On that note, check out one of our brand new colorways, aptly named Sweater Weather. See you soon.



Mischief Managed: First of the Fall Literature Collection


Mischief Managed! The first color in the new Fall Literature series blends Weasley-hair tones and Gryffindor yellow with deep blues of a night sky. The photo below provided the inspiration.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

JK Rowling created so many lovable characters in the the Harry Potter series; all of the Trio are dear to my heart, but I always loved funny, anxious, loyal, courageous Ron best. Whether flying a car, facing down tap-dancing spiders, dealing with humiliating prom wardrobe, or coming to save his friends after a bitter fight, this young Weasley had his own struggles and victories which made him a captivating character in hiw own right.


Of course, who could not love the Weasley twins? Ron had a much bigger part, but honestly, Fred and George are my favorite characters possibly of the whole Harry Potter universe. What she did to the twins in Book Seven is the major reason JK Rowling and I are not on speaking terms.(She doesn’t know, it, but still…) Freg and Geroge will live in my mind as permanently and triumphantly opening the doors of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.


How I envy Molly Weasley her magic location clock and self-knitting needles! But like all moms, she’s fiercely protective; cross her at your peril!




The Burrow always represented what Harry wanted most; a place filled with loving family. As Ron says, “It’s not much, but it’s home.”


The Weasleys are always good for some fun…..


..But can be pretty impressive when their powers are arrayed against you.

And while all the Weasleys earned their place in Gryffindor with the courage to stand up to dark wizards, Fred and George were always ready with a joke. They certainly wouldn’t use their powers for evil, but would definitely use them for a little mischief. So the color was named with this specific moment in mind; my favorite Weasley Twins encounter. They present the Marauder’s Map to Harry in The Chamber of Secrets as a gift of true friendship in a time of need.



Mischief Managed! This ball of yarn may or may not be magic, but it does have the power to transform into a shawl, or a scarf, or a cowl….or socks. Dumbledore does love a good pair of knitted socks….

Happy weekend,


Shawl Eye Candy

In hosting our Pick a Shawl KAL on Ravelry, in which participants choose a Knitcircus gradient and any shawl pattern, I’ve been absolutely blown away by Ravelers’ efforts.

This KAL is ongoing, if you haven’t cast on already. I’ll shepherd the KAL through September, and there are still more prize drawings to come – check out my intro to the thread, read the rules, and join us!

And now for some eye candy:

Multnomah-1 doggoneit

photo by: doggoneit

Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Ray

Multnomah-2 doggoneit

Yarn colorway: Renegade Unicorn in our sparkly base Fairy Dust

Cake size: 100g (435 yds)

Renegade Unicorn is one of our newer colorways and joined our lineup just this summer. It’s one of our Impressionist colorways, which I like to call our variegated gradients. I think it’s a pretty subtle gradient, this one, and it doesn’t take a complicated stitch pattern to show it off. The humble feather and fan in Multnomah is just the ticket.

Beads, anyone? Leave it to designer Laura Nelkin to show beads at their best in this shawl:

Magmatic Boom-2 operadiva25

photo by operadiva25

Pattern: Magmatic Boom by Laura Nelkin

Yarn colorway: Meet Me At The Fair in our base Greatest of Ease

Cake size: (2) cakes of 75g (600 yds total)

This knitter so cleverly used (2) of our 75g gradient cakes, which have approximately 300 yds per cake, and knitted in this order: she cast on starting from the yellow center of the first cake and then continued with the second cake but started from the outside with the blue.

I love how the colors shift from yellow to pink to blue and then back to pink and yellow again. It gives a lovely cohesion to the gradient color changes.

 Magmatic Boom-4 operadiva25

I’ve also been smitten with Emonie’s crochet project she posted in the thread. I can’t wait to see our yarns crocheted up more.

Elise Shawl Hopkinsstudio

photos by Hopkinsstudio

Pattern: Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski

Yarn colorway: Brass and Steam in a discontinued dk base Calliope

(our current dk base is Magnificent DK)

Cake size: she used 345 yds, so a 150g (375 yds) cake of Magnificent DK would work well

Elise Shawl 3 Hopkinsstudio

I love how stunning the grey looks here as it gradates from light to dark.

Emonie posted her progress photo when she got to the gold, and it just took my breath away. Behold this fabulous hooking:

Elise Shawl 2 Hopkinsstudio

If you’ve got a Knitcircus yarn languishing in your stash, grab it and cast on, and you’ll be in good company in our KAL. Such a sweet group of knitters & crocheters.

And you’ll get a shawl out of the deal, too, just in time for fall.


Favorite Character from Literature #3: Liz


Hiya! It’s Liz here. You’ve met me here on the blog in the last couple months, and Jaala asked me to share my favorite character from literature, Anne of Green Gables.



As a child I devoured the Anne of Green Gables books.


Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley was a strong-willed, smart, fiercely loyal girl with an amazing imagination. As an orphan, she was placed in the foster home of an elderly couple who soon realized the challenge in their red-haired charge.


Anne finds herself in tremendous mishaps constantly. Here she accidentally gets her best friend, Diana, drunk on raspberry cordial. Her mistake was trying to be a good hostess but not knowing exactly what raspberry cordial was (true story: I didn’t know either when I was 11 years old and read the books).


Here Anne’s friends recite poetry as Anne, playing Ophelia, drifts downstream. Anne is a hopeless romantic, even as her predictive skills fail her. Later in the scene she nearly drowns as her canoe begins to fill with water.


I love the story of Anne’s relationship with Gilbert. When they first meet, he teases Anne relentlessly, calling her “Carrots”, which angers her immensely.


They soon become academic rivals, friends, and, well, you’ll have to read the books yourself to find out how the story ends.


Anne Shirley was definitely the heroine of my young reading career. I loved her for her feisty, stubborn attitude as well as her kindness and honesty. Just as I avidly read L.M. Montgomery’s books, I watched the series on PBS at every opportunity. For our colorway series this fall I hope to include “auburn” as one of my gradient tones in honor of Anne’s beautiful hair.







Knitcircus Podcast 88

Listen on Libsyn or iTunes.


Amy and Jaala are in stitches. Or at Stitches. Or something stitchy….

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Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl

Chromatic Gradients

Welter, by Hunter Hammersen

Fall Sweater Challenge


Pick a Shawl KAL

There’s still time left to join our Pick a Shawl KAL over in our Ravelry group – our cast on date is August 15. Choose a shawl pattern and a Knitcircus gradient and post it our thread. Check out the KAL invite at the top of thread and you’ll see the rules for how to be eligible for prize drawings.

I didn’t choose my project until yesterday, so don’t worry, you’re not too late. Here’s my combination:

shawl photo: Ines Sousa

I’m knitting Tulipa Espiral by Ines Sousa out of our colorway Sea of Tranquility. So dreamy.

If you’re still looking for ideas for shawls, check out the bundle I created on Ravelry here. Also, maybe these beauties will inspire you, too.

Willowbrook Shawl Brenda Castiel

photo: Anne Podlesak

That’s the Willowbrook Shawl by Brenda Castiel.

Next we have Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander, knitted by Susannova. I love its little lace inserts highlighted by the gradient’s color changes.

Susannova Nurmilunti

Colorway: The Can Can Can in a Greatest of Ease 150g gradient cake

In the same colorway and gradient cake size, check out Haruni by Emily Ross below, as knitted by Aquarivirlib.


aquarivirlib haruni


Isn’t it amazing to see the same colorway knitted up in different patterns? Both knitters have the peach end of the gradient landing in the lace edging, which is such a gorgeous, soft effect.

I hope you join us and I can’t wait to see what shawl and colorway combination you choose!