Fall Knitting Product Giveaways

That’s right, it’s fall, and we hear your needles starting to click again after the hot summer. Knitcircus has some extra-special knitting products to share with you for this exciting season, with our first (annual?) Fall Products Giveaway.

Ella’s Going Out Kit from Noni Designs

First. we have a ruffled purse kit generously given to us by Noni Designs.


Ella’s Going Out includes all of the infrastructure, instructions and hardware to create your own high-style bag to keep (or give away, if you’re a really amazing person). Use the yarn of your choice for the perfect color and texture! The hardware includes a beautifully-made handle with closure, chain and hand loop with dainty imprints. When you want to set your bag down, six sturdy and stylish stud “feet” keep it safe from dust. The kit even includes a lead-free pewter metal label to sew on!

These kits are not normally available to the individual knitter; please encourage your LYS to consider stocking them;and how about offering a class? It would be so much fun to sit at a table with a bunch of knitters and make these together.

I have huge respect for Nora J. Bellows of Noni Designs and love her book,  40 Exquisite Knitted Flowers. She’s been bringing knitters true couture knitting for years, and continues to innovate. Working on a Noni pattern? Check out the Friday Noni Q&A on the Noni Designs blog.

Soak Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme and Hiya Hiya Sharp Needle

Second, a combined prize; one lucky winner will receive both a bottle of Soak Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme in the Aquae scent and a Size US #1 Hiya Hiya Sharp needle!

Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme is the sister to Soak’s wonderful Heel foot creme, and both give your thirsty skin the kind of gentle, powerful and effective care we’ve come to expect from the knitting world’s most-loved wool wash. The new Soakboxes, a kit combining yarn, Soak wash and nail polish, have been a runaway hit this summer and fall.

Hiya Hiya, as many of you know, makes the short circular needles (shown here) that I adore and some knitters love to hate. Each  needle comes with a bonus stitch marker; so nice! The new Hiya Hiya Sharps use stainless steel for ultimate durability , whose nice point makes it easy to pick up stitches even in the loftiest mohair. New this fall, Hiya Hiya offers an interchangeable Sharps needle set; pretty exciting stuff!

Namaste Skinny Mini Case

Animal-free, stylish, bold colors, made just for knitters; it’s no wonder we love Namaste bags. With messenger bags, purses, and special accessories holders, they’ve definitely captured our imagination. The new Oh, Snap mesh bags let you see exactly what’s inside, while the Skinny Mini dpn or crochet hook case an, circular needle case and other offerings show they know the practical totes knitters need. One lucky knitter will win this Skinny Mini in Hollywood Pink!

To enter: Leave a comment about any of the sites above and/or your favorite Fall yarn colors, and the Random Number Generator will pick the winners on Friday morning, September 21st. Have fun and enjoy the fall weather!



466 thoughts on “Fall Knitting Product Giveaways

    1. How exciting. I’m ready for some new inspiration for a knitting project and the purse handles look like the ideal project! It’s great weather to sit, knit and de-stress! 🙂

      1. The bags on the Noni site inspire you to create a really professional item, I would never get sch a good finish without using the kit. Oh and the flowers blow my mind they are so realistic! genius!

    2. I think hiyahiyas are awesome! Why would anyone love to hate them?! I love to love them! And best fall color? I’m also in the rusty orange camp!

  1. I’ve had the urge to make a bag lately – mainly I think because my everyday leather purse is showing its age, both style-wise and wear-wise. The Ella Going Out is fun, but I really like the Cornucopia bag. Something like that could become my everyday bag.

    1. I’ve had the HiyaHiya Sharps interchangeable set for some time now. In fact I ordered another set so I’d have two of everything. Can’t seem to get enough!

  2. I’m loving the Noni Designs purse kit. I’ve always found myself attracted to those kind of metal clasps. Beautiful!

  3. I am completely in love with Hiya Hiya Sharps – they are awesome! I would love to try the SOAK – i have used their wash and would love to try the heel creme..and who doesn’t love Namaste!

  4. I didn’t realize the Oh Snap bags were from Namaste. I have been coveting those for a while. I probably shouldn’t admit that I covet my knitting neighbor’s bag. Also a super big fan of the short Hiya Hiyas.

  5. I would love to win any of the prizes, but those Soakbox kits are just the most adorable idea! My favorite fall colors are shades of rust and orange, browns and greens. Love fall!

  6. Oh my that Noni bag is one of the most exciting things I have seen in a long time! I will be checking out that site weekly to see what I can learn from now on. Thanks!

  7. Those short circulars from Hiya-Hiya look fantastic. I’d love to try them out for the next time I work on either sleeves or socks!

  8. I love the Hiya Hiya needles! I’m a seriously tight knitter so metal needles are a must for sock knitting, but I have a nickel allergy so the stainless steel Hiya Hiyas are the best needles for me! I could sure use a size #1 to add to my stash =)
    My favorite fall colors are oranges, browns, and goldenrod. Knitting a lovely fall leaves scarf in goldenrod now.

  9. Would love to try for the bag kit–I’m getting ready to go to Yarn Camp in Abingdon, VA. and A Likely Yarn there carries the handles, etc. for these types of bags and I’ve always wanted to try one.

  10. Any of those prizes would be wonderful. I’m having a hard time with the fall orange and persimmon colours, but oh my goodness the burgundies are grand. When fashion is out of sync with your colours, be glad you’re a knitter.

  11. I am sorry, this may be a double post, something weird just happened. Anyway, I love that Noni bag, and will be checking that site out weekly from now on to see what I can learn. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  12. With winter weather right around the corner (sigh), my skin dries up including my hands. I hate knitting while worrying about snagging my yarn with sandpaper hands. I want that lovely lotion!!!

  13. I’m fascinated by the Hiya Hiya Sharp needles – I believe in the sharper, the better! And I do luv the Soak products!! And Namaste is fantastic… So many wonderful giveaways!!!

  14. I love all the products being offered. My favorite Fall colors are burnt orange, wine, forest green and deep brown. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  15. I love the knitted flowers book. It is on my wish list. My favorite fall colors are the browns of the tree bark and the color of nuts, pecans, walnuts, acorns.

  16. Oh Goodness I would feel truly gifted if I was picked for any of the awesome giveaways! My favorite fall yarn colors mimic the leaves outside my window, deep red, evergreen, blaze orange, bright yellow and that delicious caramel brown.

  17. The Noni Designs purse kit is beautiful. I am also be big fan of SOAK products – their heel cream is unbeatable. The small Hiya Hiya circular needles are also a favorite of mine. i do whatever I can to avoid double point needles.

  18. The bag looks really interesting. I’ve never knit anything with ruffles like that before. And I’ve only ever heard good things about HiyaHiya’s, so I’d love to give them a try.

  19. I really want to try the Soak. I’m washing alpaca fleeces and don’t know what’s the best product yet – I bet Soak would be awesome!
    I love burgundy and gold and hunter green for the fall season – and you can keep using those colors right into Christmas!

  20. I love the dark greens and Teals but the rusts and orangy golds are beautiful too. Oh my, too hard to choose just one I love!! Linda Dziubala

  21. I love Nora’s designs and really appreciate that I can download and save her catalogs. Her Ella’s Going Out bag is adorable. One of these days I’m going to buy her book too. There are so many cute, and challenging patterns in it.

    My favorite fall colors are the earth tones. Burnt orange, golden tuscan yellow, all of the greens, rusty browns and dark earthy browns, and the lovely deep, rich reds. Thanks for the terrific giveaways!

  22. I just got a soakbox from my LYS and can’t wait to knit the fingerless mitts. All the prizes look fantastic! And my favorite fall colour this year is orange.

  23. Wow! Great prizes. I will comment on Namaste. I just bought a Harlowe bag and I adore it! So big, so many pockets, feels so soft, inside and out. Love Namaste!

  24. I have made a few none projects and love them. My go to color this fall seems to already be a nice berry/wine color. Thanks for the giveaway

  25. My sister just requested something exactly like this gorgeous bag for her “Opera Nights” with her boyfriend. I would love to surprise her with this bag!

  26. I wish I had Noni’s bag kit this past weekend when I went to a wedding. A matching evening bag would have been perfect! I also covet the sharps interchangables!

    I love fall…but can’t wear the colors very well!

  27. What wonderful prizes! I love all of Soak’s products, but didn’t know that they had hand cream. I can’t wait to try it out. My favorite Fall color is a pumpkin orange.

  28. So important to keep your hands properly moisturized if you’re going to be working with fiber. The snaggies are no fun at all. I’m normally not a fan of yarns with lots of lanolin left in them, but at least if I knitted with them my hands would stay soft!

  29. my favorite fall yarn colours are definitely purple and orange, although I must admit that orange is my favorite colour all year…. actually purple too.. maybe they just fit better into fall?

  30. Oooh, I’d love to win! My favorite fall yarn colors are the deep reds and golds that I get inspired about knitting with when I see the leaves changing!

  31. What wonderful prizes! I love everything Soak makes and those little, skinny stitch markets from Hiya Hiya are wonderful to use.

  32. I’ve coveted the soakboxes since they came out this summer!
    I love orange yarn any time of the year, and green–but not together in one project.

  33. I have been a fan of Nora Bellows for some time and have made several of her gorgeous bags. Had the delightful good fortune to meet her in person and have a book signed by her at the MD sheep and wool festival. She could not be more lovely.

  34. I love rustic, natural coloured yarns with tweedy flecks! My obsession this fall is oatmeal tweed yarn…must get some so that I can knit a warm, squishy cabled sweater.

  35. I just bought a new Namaste bag and it is simply wonderful. I love how there website shows the bag full of stuff.


  36. And, here I was thinking about a new purse this morning. I could make one or just use the Namaste bag with my current one. Or, get another Namaste to go with it. The Hermosa has been calling my name for quite a while

  37. Those are great prizes — my hands are in desparate need of that cream! Or any other prize!! Fave fall colors — the colors that maple trees in IL turn — gold, red, orage, etc.

  38. Oooooo I’ve been wanting to try that lotion. It would help knit with my fall colored Madeline Tosh lightweight. Gorgeous marbled orange, red and gold! 🙂

  39. Felted bags are so stunning – from simple to elaborate. This kit is fantastic with all of the supplies – just add your yarn choice.
    Anxious to find this for purchase 🙂

  40. I love the warm fall colors of pumpkin, cocoa, and a forest green. Something about these shades put me in the mood for warm apple cider and cool fall days.

  41. Love the hiya hiya needles. They work well and are reasonably priced. I also like the soak products. They help finish my knitting pieces nicely. My favorite fall yarn colors are plums, deep reds, and navy. Hope everyone has a great time knitting this fall.

  42. I so love Hiya Hiya needles! I got one of their stitch markers with my last set of circulars, and it’s the best one I’ve ever used! Such a small thing to give so much pleasure! 🙂 All of the prizes are wonderful! So glad fall is nearly here to deliver my favorite reds, oranges, and yellows!

  43. I love Noni patterns and the new book is to die for! Soak and Hiya Hiya needles are also on my want list. Birthday is coming and this would be an excellent present. As for color, I tend to gravitate toward warm colors making fall my favorite time of year.

  44. I love Namaste bags! I have a hot pink Laguna bag that I love, but I’ve really been wanting a Mini Messenger as well. I love that they’re not real leather but feel like it. I will have to check out those Hiya Hiya small circs. I didn’t know about them!

  45. I have a Namaste bag that I just love — just the right size for me, but I think it’s been discontinued
    : > ( As for fall colors, I still love the deep burnt oranges and golds and even though they aren’t my best colors, I wear them anyway!

  46. The flowers in that new book are stunning! I love the realistic look of them. Fall knitting makes me knit hats, scarves, gloves for watching high school football games so the school colors of royal blue and white mean fall for me.

  47. What a wonderful selection of gifts! I must say my dear friend who got me back into knitting gave me a Namaste purple mini bag ( see http://www.namasteinc.com/products/) which I absolutely love and carry with my knitting everywhere! I wouldn’t mind another in a different color, say pink or peacock! Alto i would be ecstatic with any of your gifts! Thank you for your generosity!

  48. I have used HiyaHiyas before but never their sharps or the small size (9 or 12 inch) for socks or sleeves, I like to use soak for soaking before blocking and also use the soak heel balm but did not know about the hand cream and have yet to knit with the kit I got with LL yarn (so love their colors) and I always like things to contain my overabundant collection of knitting goodies but have no Namaste bags. So many wonderful items for you to offer.

  49. I may be the last person in the world to experience how lovely Namaste products are. A whim allowed me to buy myself a bag and now I look at their others, drool, and daydream about them. It’s so nice not to miss leather!

  50. I love the bright golden yellow of my neighbor’s sugar maple tree. I could use my Hiya needles to make a leaf lace shawl… inspiration 🙂

  51. I just love fall colors all those oranges, browns,golds, greens.love to win the bag or hiya hiya needles to knit some socks. Can wait for the yarn.

  52. I love rustic fall colors such as deep reds, burnt oranges and butternut squash yellows. Those color would be perfect for the Noni bag with all its embellishments!! The SOAK Handmaid cream sounds heavenly! Who wouldn’t want some of that!!

  53. What a great give away. Everything would be of use. The Ella’s night out bag intrigues me. My favorite fall colors run towards pumpkin and russet along with greens.

  54. I’d love to try the short Hiya needles – I was looking at them in a LYS and thinking that they would make socks so much easier. What a lovely give-away! Thanks.

  55. Oh, those new Hiya Hiya sharp needles look like something I have to try. I just knit some footies where sharper needles would really have come in handy. Actually, any of these prizes would suit me just fine! Thanks for the contest.

  56. I have never used Wool Wash and I have been meaning too. My favorite fall colors are burgundy, moss green, and I tend to go for a lot of browns. I will add a splash of bright with yellow and orange too, but mostly – I like green throughout the year, just different shades of it.

  57. Color…it’s all about the color. Every season has a wonderful spectrum of colors associated with it. A Noni bag and flowers in autumn hues would become a cherished possession.

    1. I’ve been researching to purchase a set of interchangeable needles and Hiya Hiya have been in the running! As far as falling into Fall… I love the oranges combined with the golden and rounded out with shades of olive and nutmeg.

  58. Fall is my favourite season and fingering is my favourite weight of yarn. Right now, Crystal Palace “Fall Herbs” has my attention. Yum, for the delicious of expected oranges mixed with browns, greens and a hint of blue…

  59. I just adore Hiya Hiya needles…. they are so wonderful to work with… i would love to try the Soak Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme as my hands are drying out from knitting for my new granddaughter and a sweater for my 92 year old father… and with wnter dryness… please draw my name… 🙂

  60. Oh, that pink Monroe on the Namaste site! And okay, I’ve kind of got a deep pink/ruby red thing going on when it comes to yarn. When I’m not head over heals for deep purple blues.

  61. Oh man. I LOVE autumn! It’s one of the best times of year. The colors that populate during this season are so awesome. It’s hard to pick just one!

    I haven’t heard of Noni until this contest, but I’ve checked the site and oh. my. goodness. Such lovely things! And that prize? Yummy! Thanks for the oppertunity and exposure to more great people!

  62. Can I just win ALL the prizes??? They’re all wonderful but the purse kit is extra special. I love the deep greens & purples.

  63. First of all, thanks for the wonderful fall giveaway!!! Woo hoo!!! (That just slipped out, sorry.)

    The book of knitted flowers from the genius behind Noni Designs was incredible … I’d love to see what making a kit of hers would be like. My guess: Wonderful.

    Both Soak and HiyaHiya are on my trusted vendors list … but I haven’t tried the winnable products specifically. I sure would like to, though!

    Namaste’s Monroe bag is my constant knitting companion, so I need, need, need at least one Skinny Mini case. My DPNs are tired of living in vintage evening clutches, or so I believe … and none of those clutches are fabulously Hollywood Pink, so there!

    My favorite fall yarn color is really a color combo … dark chocolate brown paired with a jolt of deepest magenta. It’s surprisingly striking, and a nice alternative to the tangerine/pumpkin spectrum showing up everywhere now.

  64. I don’t know why I’ve never found Namaste bags before. I think I may have to look into getting their Hermosa bag. Such pretty colors, and designs. As far as colors for fall go, I think I’d have to say the myriad shades of gold/yellow.

  65. Wow! What a great gift!! Love the Noni purse kit, love the Soak hand cream, love Hiya Hiya needles and love Namaste bags!! For fall I like the brown, red and gold colors.

  66. Oh my gosh that is a fabulous giveaway! I love Nora’s flowers and her bags are just beautiful. I could really enjoy making one in any of the colors of autumn — orange or mustard yellow or caramel brown, any would be beautiful. And Hiya Hiya needles are just wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everybody who enters!

  67. I love the Hiya Hiya Sharps Interchangeables – I got a set for my birthday in March, and my only complaint is that finding the extra tips at my LYSs is a challenge! I’d love to try the teeny circs.

    My favorite colors this fall are ALL OF THE COLORS. I spent the whole summer doing Obligation Knitting, so now that I’m able to knit what I want, I want to knit everything.

  68. Wow – the Noni bag kit looks like it would be a wonderful thing to make, and the Namaste Skinny Mini case would become a constant knitting companion!

  69. Ohhh, this would really kick my fall knitting into high gear. Especially with a beautiful bag in rusts and golds and dark reds and……

  70. I have been dying to make that Noni bag. I will add it to my Noni collection.

    This year, my favorite fall colors are navy blue and gray.

  71. Ohhh I’m loving Noni Designs – especially the Cornucopia Bags in Autumn colors!
    Just one look at my stash and everyone knows I’m an “Autumn” and a New Englander. All the colors of a majestic sugar maple in Fall are my favorites!

  72. I’d love to try some Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme. I really suffer from dry winter skin and I’ve tried all sorts of products for help, but with limited success. Burnt oragnes and maple leaf red speak to me of fall.

  73. Noni’s blog and website are a trove of useful information, such as how to cut a zipper to fit, and how to attach handles to a felted bag. The Namaste jewel colors are lovely. My favorite fall color this year is the whole range of plum colors.

  74. I love, love, love the Cornucopia bag! I always like larger bags so I can tuck in a project in case I have to wait for appointments. I love the burgundy and reds of Fall.

  75. I really haven’t stopped knitting, even during the hottest days of this past summer! I’m glad it’s cooling off, though, and enjoying my latest knitting projects. It’s time to bust out my Namaste bag, which is great for carrying one or two smaller projects around with me. With all the socks I knit, it’s fabulous!

  76. That little ruffled bag from Noni…..to die for!!! Tho the colors of Fall are often my favorite, I would make that cute little bag in cream as shown, to go with everything 🙂

  77. I love my hiya hiay set but really need the sharps set; I will be leaivng a advertisement laying around, attached to his dash board of his truck and such as a hint for Christmas….

  78. Oh Nora – oh Noni! Lately I’m loving the colors of the Mississippi River horizon at sunset – pale clouds in a blue sky, navy, pearl grays and hunter greens, pinks, peach, orange… impossible to capture or choose only one! Bring on the Autumn hues and add reds, yellows, oranges… yikes. I need more yarn!

  79. I bought the Namaste backpack bag in red and took it to Ireland with me–it was a fabulous day pack for traveling, and now it is a marvelous bag to take to Tuesday Knitting Circle!

  80. I love Hiya Hiya Needles ! They are always a treat to neat with. I’d love those sharp ones ! I love Soak wash, it’s all I use to wash my knit wear. I also enjoy Noni designs,beautiful website. My favorite fall colors I’d have to say , a Crisp Apple Red, *My favorite*, a brown the color of pumpkin pie, white or cream,*like a dollap of whipped cream* , and a Light moss green the color of the grass right as fall turns into winter ! For a mixed color, I’d choose the colors of a tree in Vermont that changes it’s leaves in fall, the red, pinky orange,orange,yellow,brown colors. so pretty !

  81. I have a set of the Oh Snap bags – they are great! But that Skinny Mini would be so useful to corral my cable needle sets. I seem to carry them with me all the time. Favorite yarn colors – still purples/teals/blue/aquas…

  82. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love all the fall colors of changing leaves for my knitting projects.I would love to try the soak lotion, as I love the wash for my hand made soak obsession!

  83. I bought a set of the Hiyahiya sharps @ Stitches Midwest this year and they are FANTASTIC! Almost compare with my Signatures, almost.

  84. I have been known to frequent the Namaste site! LOVE their bags. I also love Soak and have been really wanting to try Hiya Hiya needles. What a wonderful give-a-way! I love to knit with deep ocean blues (year round) and have really been gravitating toward oranges and deep yellows this fall! Thanks for the chance to win!!! Stephanie

  85. Drooling over that hiya hiya over here, and the hand cream sounds like the perfect solution to winter dry skin. Even though I rarely think that far ahead.

  86. Like so many others, fall is my favorite time of year and all of the browns and rust oranges and golds that we see with sprinkling of green. I just love it!

  87. Can never have too many needles (oh how I love circular needles!) or too many projects in the hopper! Great prizes for some lucky someone…maybe me. 🙂

  88. Love all the Namaste bags, wish I had one of each. Looking forward to knitting some hats in lovely greens and scarves in beautiful pumpkin colors. If only I had more time to knit!

  89. Another lovely podcast, ladies! Thanks for the mention of Daniel Youhas…he is doing some workshops at my LYS soon and now I really want to sign up quick! My favorite fall things to knit are fun baby hats for charity, both little pumpkin hats and candy corn hats. Less fattening than the food and a LOT more fun!

  90. I’ve never made a bag before but this neat little kit would make it pretty easy, I’ll bet! Having everything together before you start takes a lot of the difficulty out of knitting it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  91. All the giveaway products look wondeful and I would love to win any of them. I just finished knitting a scarf in burnt orange for my son–his favorite color. I love dep purples and burgundies/

  92. I have always wanted a Namaste bag, but have yet to make a decision. Sooo, would love the Namaste mini bag – it would be perfect for interchangable needle cables, little crochet hooks for beaded projects, etc. My favorite fall colors this year are any color of fall leaves matched with a deep, rich mocha brown. Love the blog – Thanks!

  93. I love Namaste bags and the Skinny Mini case would definitely be useful as well as stunning. Hiya-Hiya needles are my absolute favs. And any hand cream that would help me be snag-free for spinning silk would be awesome

  94. That bag kit looks amazing! Will definitely check out the noni site.

    This autumn I am really wanting to try out some reds, but in Australia here we are coming into spring so I’m getting excited for pastels

  95. I would love to try the sharp stainless short Hiya Hiya needles on new projects this fall. My color picks for fall knitting would be warm oranges, deep yellows, and shades of berry.

  96. I have never tried the HiYa-Hiyas but would love to. I’m the owner of several of the Namaste bags and they are great. And the Noni kit looks fantastic. I have her newest book and love looking through it.

  97. I am drawn to rich greens and reds most of the year, but when the weather turns colder, I add in oranges and browns. Love the excuse to work in these colors, and love these giveaway items.

  98. I have heard about (and now seen) the Hiya Hiya needles and would love to give them a try! My favorite fall color is the red that can be found on the Japanese Maple trees. So gorgeous!!

  99. I’ve been itching to try Hiya-Hiya needles for a while now, but new needles never seem to be in the budget when I’ve got a pair in my sights. That doesn’t stop me from spending too much time on the Hiya Hiya website checking out the products page. And I’m a huge fan of Noni Designs! Her Tulip Tote was one of the very first patterns I ever bought after learning to knit (still haven’t made it, but it’s on the list now that felting doesn’t freak me out anymore). As for fall colours, I am in love with the gorgeous wines, deep purples and teals I’m seeing all over the place!

  100. The Hiya Hiya sharp set is on my list for sure. It’s inevitable. This fall I seem to be attracted to golds – not usually my color, but can’t get enough at the moment.

  101. So many things to love about fall knitting, but color tops the list! Just started an espresso-colored sweater, am working on a deep green one, and have just finished sweaters in deep purple, taupe, and dark green. Every single one is my favorite! 🙂 Can’t wait for sweater weather to hit the Northwest!

  102. I have a ‘bag addiction’! I love that this is a kit. My favorite fall yarns are in the brownish tones, I’m not much of a yellow or orange person.

  103. I could really use the Soak Handmade Luxury hand creme for my super dry hands. Using alcohol at work every day really dries them out especially in the winter

  104. Seeing this reminded me that I have the noni book and I plan to knit some of the flowers for headbands for my granddaughter!
    Thank you for your podcast and blog.

  105. I just love all the innovation at Soak. I’m giddy with delight at the fingerless mitts and the fabulous colors of nail polish.

  106. What a wonderful giveaway. My colors in the fall are muted or heathered blues, med-dark, dove gray, and ecru. I’m sort of a cool color person. Then ever once and a while I go crazy and buy red yarn. Thank you for the chance.

  107. I love this time of year. The fall colors and the cool breeze. Great weather for knitting. The prizes all look amazing. I am looking forward to checking out the hiya hiya sharp set and the namaste bags are always beautiful.

  108. My favourite autumn colour is tourquoise… The one that the autumn sky turns just after noon, when it knows that in a few short hours it will be black again.

    I also *love* Noni designs but haven’t ever mustered the courage to knit any of them. Thanks for giving the odds in this giveaway!

  109. I love the Oh, Snap project bags – you can see everything and they come in different sizes. I love the traditional fall colors, oranges, yellows, browns, reddish browns 🙂

  110. Wow! I’ve never seen those short needles before! Must be living under a rock. Everything looks great love the purse handle!

  111. What great stuff! The handbag handle set is beautiful! I have been looking for handbag patterns to knit & felt recently.

  112. Fall colors are my favorite all year long- I love this time of year!! 🙂 in love with all the shades of brown And cream and orange and teal!

  113. I’m such a normally “natural tone” type of person so I surprise myself this autumn with my attraction to a gray and orange combination! Also seriously considering a houndstooth pattern in the predictable black and white…..but oh so classy! Hoping to win!

  114. Wow all of these giveaways are wonderful. With winter quickly approaching, the hand creme would be wonderful as my hands are always dry and rough. I also would love to make a purse, and boy a bag to store my dp’s in would be a treat.

    I enjoy the browns, burgundy’s and soft yellow colours of fall.

  115. I have just orderred a new hiya hiya interchangeable set as I am sick of my current ones breaking at the cable join. read all the reviews and most people seem to love them! here’s hoping I do too 🙂

  116. Love those Namaste bags. I have a couple of them,and the buddy case, and love them all. I also love the Noni bags. There are some beautiful patterns and accessories for making your own.

  117. What a lovely bunch of prizes!! Thank you for introducing me to “Noni” I wasn’t aware of her products.
    And what isn’t there to like about Hiya, soak and namaste products. Thank you.

  118. I will definately suggest the purse frame and class to my LYS!! Luckily I live in Chicago so can suggest it to more than just 1 and increase my chances of it happening!!!

  119. I love all of the products shown above! That purse is adorable, the Namaste, HiYa and Soak products are fabulous, too! I am not typically a “red” person, but I have been drawn to deep, dark reds for the past 2-3 weeks. I may have to respond to my urges soon 🙂
    Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  120. I just love fall! The colors are so rich and beautiful. I’m really into the pumpkin colors and what a great give away! Awesome as always.

  121. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a bag and that handle would talk me into it pronto! I love fall because I don’t look crazy adding hats to my collection or mitts.

  122. Knitting is a year-round obsession for me, my needles and crochet hooks are always seeking out new projects! I’ve been wanting to do a Noni project, my friends at knit night are obsessed with her designs. I also like the needles! Please enter me in for a chance, thank you!

  123. I bought a set of Hiya Hiya bamboo interchangeable needles a couple f months ago. They’re a dream to knit with! I would love to try the sharps! Noni designs are awesome, innovative and stylish…what a great giveaway 🙂

  124. I love fall leaf colors at this time of year. I have also been using purples and greens with grayish undertones for mittens and hats. Of course, I still need that perfect wintery white for a shawl.

  125. Love the hiya hiyas!

    My favorite fall colors are usually shades of pumpkin and orange – the dark “spiced” like ones, not bright bright ones.

  126. Yarn colors for fall for me must follow autumn leaves, including many shades of browns, pumpkins, cranberries and even piney greens, so often forgotten. As the season progresses they merge into the deeper reds and holiday greens.

  127. I’m a fan of the Noni Purses, I have knitted a few. I just finished the Tablet bag I knitted it in gray and needled felted the apple symbol on the front.

  128. Ella’s Going Out Kit Wow Wonderful so is the skiiny mini case from Nanaste with the little hiya shorts to store in the bag. As a sock knitter who knits all year round they would be simply perfect. Fall colour burnt orange would have to be my favourite 🙂

  129. Autumn is my favorite season. I love all of the fall colors and getting back to wearing warm sweaters. Colors? Green, gold, pumpkin, cocoa……

  130. I always gravitate towards robust, rich autumn colours. Oranges, burgundies, olives. Colours that hold an undercurrent of passion. I met a Hiya Hiya gal at Stitches this year. Never heard of them before. She was great to talk with.

  131. Wow! I can’t believe you are giving all these goodies away. I would probaby keep them all. The SOAK Handmaid is wonderful. I have used it on my dry hands as well as my arms (and feet – had run out of Heel).
    And that Noni purse-kit, well, gives me ideas!

  132. I have been a fan of HiyaHiya needles since I discovered that they make DPNs and circulars in the tiny tiny sizes I use for knitting miniature clothes. I am also an avid sock knitter and have graduated from DPNs to magic loop and two circs, but have yet to try those 9″ circs!

  133. A fellows co worker just bought the original hiyahiya interchagebles and I was so impressed by the join. I bet the sharps would be even more amazing. My favorite fall colored yarn? Yarn in fall colors of course!

  134. I’ve recently discovered Soak, and I’d love to try another product. I’ve never tried the short circulars – looks interesting. As for colour, it has to be dark green for fall (or autumn as we call it here).

  135. I really like your idea about LYS carrying the purse kits. Hmmm. Will ask if they would do this project for the fall/winter.

  136. What great items. It is hard to mention just one. I love the short circular needles and the soak hand lotion.
    I like the deep pumpkin oranges and olive green fall colors.
    Thanks for the giveaways.

  137. fall is my favorite time of year and red orange and green would be the best colors love the bag handle especially as we have been hunting for a similar one her in aus lately and the small hiya hiya needles fantastic as for the case to hold them wow what a great prize whoever wins enjoy

  138. My favorite fall colors are deep russet orange and claret. I love the richness of the fall color palette but I tend to gravitate toward colors that might work with the turquoise colored accessories I LOVE to wear. 😉

  139. My favorite fall color is burgundy. But last night I was looking at fabric. It was my absolute fave shade and the name was ‘Port Wine’. I love that and now will use it to describe my fave color!! =)

  140. I’m really starting to feel the warmth of orange for fall….now working on my second mitt for the upcoming season. Should be done in time for Trick or Treat. Thx for the giveaways!

  141. My favorite colors for fall are browns and gold tones. I have been thinking about trying some short circulars and the Hiya-Hiya may be the way to go. I’m also interested in the interchangeables.

  142. Love the flowers hanging from the shawl/scarf, but I’m not going to get into felting (am I?), but wouldn’t hurt to have another knitted flowers book 😉 And love my 9″ hiya hiyas–makes me think it’s time to make more fingerless mitts, especially waking up to temps in the 30s… miss the mag…

  143. These prizes are the best! My favorite fall colors are burgundy, rust, and forest green. I’ve had an obsession with orange lately too!

  144. I’d sure like to try Hiya Hiya needles. Haven’t up to now. My least favorite fall color USED to be orange. But thanks to Pantone pushing Tangerine Tango this year, my new favorite fall color is ORANGE. Particularly deep pumpkin. Go figure!

  145. I have yet to own a Namaste bag but spend a lot of time researching them! And I love the fact that they support breast cancer research.

  146. Ooohhh, the purse kit starts all kinds of ides flowing!!! I love all the rich colors of Autumn, gold, orange, green, bown, purple……pretty much the palette of my house!!

  147. By far, my favorite is the Ella’s Going Out Bag in Moss green! The bag has all the elements I adore: it’s green! It’s felted, it’s ruffled AND it has beads on the edges of the ruffles!!!

  148. As a reward for completing a challenging move to a new place, I bought the HiyaHiya Sharp interchangeable set — wonderful, I am so hooked! And I didn’t know they made short circulars. I’ve been making a lot of baby hats lately and have been considering getting some so it is good to know HiyaHiya has them!

  149. I made the Noni purse in purple for my BFF. It’s a little askew (Denise needles came apart–and I apparently put the stitches back on wrong), but she loves it! Love the idea of the kit–I think I pieced together the parts from different places and ended up forgoing the feet.

  150. I love emerald and forest green colors for fall along with rich reds and oranges. Going to check out the Handmaid Rich hand cream. I’m always on the look out for creams that smooth out my rough hands without leaving a greasy film on my hands or yarn.

  151. I love knitting with creams, browns and greys – natural yarn colours – for Autumn. But then again, a bright splash of red or blue can cheer up a cold, windy day.

  152. I love the Hiya Hiya interchangeable sets. I have both the regular and the sharps. I don’t have the tiny circulars. Green is my favorite color, but for fall, I take my colors from the trees. Lovely
    oranges, yellows, browns and reds.

  153. I LOVE the colors of the fall leaves at this time of year! They’re beautiful to look at and great colors for me to wear (maybe a new sweater?)!!!

  154. deep blues are my favorite fall colors. i know they aren’t traditional for this time of year but they are the colors of those first crisp fall nights and there is a certain blue that is the color of a fall sky…

  155. I love the SOAK foot cream and can’t wait to try the hand cream! I love the fall and knitting up somehting cozy is such fun when the weather changes-
    Best ,

  156. How exciting! I would really enjoy trying both the Soak hand cream and the HiyaHIya needles. I love a delicious smelling lotion and REALLY like mini circulars so winning that combo would be a two’fer! As for favorite fall yarn colors I love rusts, burgundies and rich browns accented w/ a lighter tone. Thank you for the generous giveaways.

  157. I have the HiyaHiya Interchangeable Set and absolutely love it. What trigger my desicion to go with HiyaHiya is that their needles are made of aluminum….not nickel which I am very allergic to. My favorite fall colors are charcoal gray and orange. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. I love a contest! The Ella’s Night Out bag is exquisite in the beaded version; it makes me think of fall weddings. I would love to have Noni’s Cornucopia bag for every day, although I would probably make it all in one color. If I could pick my prize, it would have to be the Hiya Hiya sharps. All of my needles are bamboo, and I would like to upgrade! My fave fall colors are royal blue, medium to dark purple, and burgundy. Thanks for the chance to win something!

  158. I would love to try the HiyaHiya needles. I can hardly say how happy I am to live in this world or modern technology and modern materials put into service for the fine old craft of knitting.

  159. I love Soak products and have heard such good things about HiyaHiya needles that they are on my wish list too. Fall is a great time to try something new like making a bag. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  160. I like fall colors such as copper, red, gold, brown, but also green, turquoise and orange. Noni has such interesting, fun kits! Soak products are my favorite for handwashables.

  161. I’d love to get the needles but I also love them all!
    As far as favorite fall colours, rich oranges, reds, yellows, ochres, any of the gorgeous colours you see on the trees as they change.

  162. My favorite fall colors are rusty oranges, deep browns, and then anything that brings a pop of color into the rather brown and dead looking exterior out here in Colorado. Once the leaves go from the aspens there really isn’t a whole lot left until spring. This year the aspens seemed to have turned early, so it’s looking like a pretty long drab span of months this year!

  163. I love that purse. Visiting the website, I don’t know how I missed Noni’s patterns before! But I snap them up now – along with all those wonderful additional items. Favorite fall colors – I’m not big on yellows and oranges, so I’d go with scarlet or a very dark plum!

  164. Any of these great products offer so much it’s hard to choose among them. Right now I’m in need of Soak but I love the thought of the #1 size needles and I’m sure before I leave my LYS I’ll find something I (think I) need.

  165. The bags, needles, and all are great, but what I REALLY am drawn to are the skin care products. Chemotherapy has done a real number on my skin, and I’m ever searching for the best product to ease the extreme dryness of my hands and feet. These look like real possibilities.

  166. All of those products look wonderful – sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of them yet. My favorite fall colors are deep reds and browns

  167. I have always loved all the Noni bags,and I have 2sets of Hiya Hiya needles and also own a set of the Namasete mesh bags that are always in use. My favorite fall colors are Orange,Browns and Green.

  168. I loved your e zine and so look forward to your emails. I learn andlook forward to trying new techniques.Thanks for inspiring me

  169. I LOVE the Nameste Skinny Mini Case! And in Hollywood Pink–my favorite color! I have accumulated so many needles, and I really need something like this to carry with me in the car or plane when I’m traveling.

  170. I’m always needing more bags to contain my knitting “stuff” & the Namaste ones look great! Currently drooling over some bittersweet color yarn that I’m planning to use for fingerless gloves for my daughter.

  171. So many wonderful products to try! An amazing offering. Thanks to Jaala and the suppliers.
    I have a lovely skein of fall colors yarn I hope to make a hat from. It’s yellows, golds, and oranges. Just like the leaves will soon be.

  172. I love all things fall. My wardrobe is mostly fall colors especially orange and reds. I have been wanting to try the Hiya Hiya needles. What a wonderful give away. Thanks for the opportunity to win something wonderful.

  173. Love these giveaways, thanks! I am eying the bag kit. My fall color would have to be anything that has a deep rusty-reddish brown.

  174. This is an awesome giveaway. My favorite color is usually teal but in the fall I start gravitating towards deep reds and wines.

  175. Who doesn’t love HiyaHiya?! And I have several Namaste bags. Not this skinny little one though. I always use Soak wool wash so why not try their hand lotion 🙂
    My favorite fall colors are a rich dark red, bright green and a rich brown. Kind of like a basket of apples:-)

  176. The giveaways look awesome. I have been eying the Hiya Hiyas and the Namaste bags. My favorite fall colors are greens, reds and oranges. Colors of the fall leaves!

  177. I can already picture the purse and the colors I want to use!!!! Add one more project to my already long list of things I want to do when I’m hibernating this winter!!! ⛄

  178. Since I am new to knitting I would love the Hiya Hiya Sharp Needles. Have read a lot of good comments on the internet from experienced knitters.

  179. That bag is awesome, but I also love my Namaste bag. And I really like knitting with my HiyaHiya
    sets of 4s. I have no real “favourite” colour, I love all colours.

  180. The Noni Designs purse kit is adorable! So Victorian. And as always love, LOVE Namaste Bags. Their fall orange should be a regular pick it’s perfect. My favorite fall yarns are orange, brown, cream and teal.

  181. I was amazed to see the Noni Flowers!!! I had never heard of those before and LOVED the projects that were shown on the website. So beautiful and amazing ~ true art I can’t wait to try.

  182. I love Soak for my handknitted socks and purple is my favorite color. I hadn’t heard of the new Soak Boxes, and I am intrigued by all of the patterns!

  183. I would love any of the prizes, but I’ve been wanting to try those tiny circular needles , although the Namaste skinny mini case would e awesome – oh they’d ALL be awesome!

  184. I love this time of year! Nature provides the most beautiful colors, children gather to learn, we start to move indoors, where we cook and bake and Knit! But this is the time of year where we find our hands getting drier, the Soak cream sounds yummy, I would love to try it! I am moved towards the pinks, purples and sky blues of the sunset at this moment, starting a cowl with these colors to accent my daughter’s eyes. Happy Knitting! Bethe

  185. Oh, my, what wonderful choices! I love the Noni bags, but have yet to make one. And my fave colour is purple (not violet, but purple!!)

  186. Skinny bags from Namaste are wonderful for keeping my accessories . I’ve used the HiyaHiya DPNs and love them. I’d love to try their circular . Fall colors of yarn for me are Teals, Oranges and browns . :0) Enjoy reading your blog. love hearing about new products.

  187. The Hiya Hiya Sharps are the kind of needles I would love to have. I’ll be watching for the interchangeable set this fall.

  188. I use soak wash on everything I make, so I’m sure I’d love the hand creme. And the bag kit would be fabulous! Thanks for hosting such great giveaways!

    My favorite colors to work with in the fall are natural/cream, black walnut/hickory browns, and auburn red. I’m probably going to get auburn hair this weekend 🙂

  189. I was thrilled it was cool enough to wear a sweater this weekend! I use a lot of Soak wool wash, and I’ve been admiring Namaste bags for a couple of years now. I love to knit gray during the fall. I love wearing gray in the winter but find it hard to knit when it’s very cold and dreary outside, so I knit it in the colorful fall so I can wear it in the winter! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  190. Oh, so many products from companies I like! I’m knitting a sunflower-gold shawl that’s the same shade the leaves are starting to turn.

  191. All of the items are great! Used Soak today already. Starting a project with all the pretty fall colors mixed (Manos in Cornucopia).

  192. I love the Noni patterns also, but I’ve never made one. I’m going to check out that blog. I am awaiting the arrival of my Namaste Hip Holster bag to arrive from Little Knits. I’ve been listening to the KnitCIrcus Podcast. I’m all caught up except for #19, which I am saving so I won’t feel bereft when I run out. Please enter me in the contest.

  193. The colors shown for the Cornucopia Bag display my favorite colors of Fall. I just love this time of year. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaways. They are all such wonderful gifts.

  194. I have loved Noni bags for many years, and she continues to not disappoint. I saw several new ones on her website, including the wonderful Ella bag.

  195. Oh, hand creme! I teach kindergarten and all that hand sanitizer is doing a number on my hands – and winter isn’t even here yet!

    Colors? I seem to have fallen into an unlikely rut. I put the latest shawl to be blocked on my mannequin to keep it out of the cat’s usual exploration range and discovered it’s just about the same rusty orange/brown as the shawl that was already on display. Then my new yarn arrived and I put it on my desk a few feet away – what do you know, same color! Believe me, not on purpose!

  196. I love all those prizes. Very nice indeed. My favorite fall colors are earthy greens and browns. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great prizes!!

  197. I loved the Noni bag kit. Her bags and flowers are soo beautiful. But I’d be happy to win any prize! My color is eggplant.

  198. I am SO impressed with Soak’s hand care products! For knitter’s like me it’s a divine inspiration as I suffer from wool-induced hand dryness (who’d have thought? LOL) I would SO love to win their Soak Handmaid Luxury Hand Creme! Fingers crossed….. Thank-you for this wonderful opportunity to win!

  199. Oh!!! Autumn is the best time to start a new project. The handbag kit would be the perfect one to begin now with its awesome metal handle. It has a lovely vintage look. All the give-a-ways are great—–they all have to do with knitting, of course!!!

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