Knitcircus Podcast #105

In which Jaala name-drops more than Amy, for once!

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Topics of note:

Designer: Janina Kallio

Pattern: Herald, by Janina Kallio

Knitcircus Colors: Just Have a Little Faith in Me

Pattern: Spotlight, by Janina Kallio

Knitcircus Colors: Many Happy Returns, The Sensible Ms Dashwood

Pattern: Scrappy Bias Shawl, by Emily Clawson

Knitcircus Colors: Pardon Me, Sir

Events: TNNA in Columbus

Designer: Christopher Salas

Designer: Angela Tong

Designer: Stephannie Tallent

Designer: Heather Zoppetti

Designer: Mindy Wilkes

Designer: Jen Lucas

Designer: Adrienne Ku

Yarn: Baah Yarns

Yarn: Twisted Owl

Designer: Stefanie Japel

Designer: Stacey Trock

Pattern: Find Your Fade, by Andrea Mowry

Pattern: Free Your Fade, by Andrea Mowry

Pattern: Color Affection, by Veera Välimäki

Cool Stuff: Purl and Loop Looms

Cool Stuff: Schacht Looms

Pattern: Flight Path, by Elizabeth Morrison 

Cool Stuff: Katrinkles

Cool Stuff: Papa Sews Too

Cool Stuff: Zing Needles

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

easy peasy 1

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy is one of the new Impressionist Speckled Gradients. We are all in love with these gradients with pops of unexpected color throughout.

This new dyeing process started one day when Elizabeth and I had been hanging out at beloved yarn/coffee shop The Sow’s Ear. On the way home I told her about some dyeing experiments I’d been working on and described some of the pitfalls.

easy peasy 2

Bug got so excited that she used her finely-honed style sense, picked out the Cancun Boxy Lace Top and knit it up within a week!

just have faith 2

One of the first Speckled Impressionist Gradients was Just Have a Little Faith. You guys know I’m a little obsessed with the TV show Prison Break, with its suspenseful, clever plot and self-sacrificing hero. The grays and blues of the first season begged to be made into a speckled gradient!


The next one, with its rich greens and blues, had to be an homage to some more favorite characters. You guys loved Frog and Toad as much as we did!

Every time we create a new color of the Speckled Gradients, it generates a lot of excitement in the studio. We’re all trying to get dibs on the yarn first! It’s really fun to knit, because you keep asking, “Which color will this stitch be? How about the next one…”

Happy knitting,



Finished Objects Sampler

Seeing our customers’ Finished Objects (FO’s) posted online is one of my favorite things about working at Knitcircus. For a moment, I can stop feeling the pressure of my 300+ patterns in my queue on Ravelry and vicariously knit All The Things.

While I’m personally a process knitter, I have this habit of going through my Unfinished Objects (UFO’s) about twice a year and getting 5-10 things done. It’s enormously gratifying. Now if I could just get organized enough to post them on Ravelry, I’d be as virtuous as these knitters I’m featuring today.

There are all kinds of ways to measure one’s success in knitting. Today, behold the finishers:

pattern: Switch-A-Roo Leg Warmers by Sarah Smuland


knitted by: TheScribe on Ravelry and Instagram

Antler Hat Kwince Mischief Speckles

pattern: Antler Hat by tincanknits

yarn: 100g skein of Ringmaster worsted in Mischief Managed Speckles colorway

knitted by: Kwince

pattern: Mustardseed by Boo Knits

yarn: 100g cake of Greatest of Ease in Brass And Steam colorway

and 100g cake of Greatest of Ease in All The Bacon And Eggs You Have colorway

knitted by: Kathnits


pattern: Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman

yarn: medium sock set in Greatest of Ease in the Space Is Big. Really Big. colorway

knitted by: domtheknight

Stay tuned for more beautiful FO’s in the weeks to come. It’s making me itch to finish some projects myself. Keep ’em coming, dear knitters.


Susan B. Anderson’s Little Hedgehog Class at Knitcircus!

Spaces are still left in Susan B. Anderson’s Little Hedgehog class next week!

DSC_0278new (004)

pattern: Hedgie by Susan B. Anderson

On June 17, for our second birthday weekend, we are hosting nationally-known teacher/blogger/designer Susan B. Anderson. A long time friend of Knitcircus, Susan is teaching her Hedgie toy pattern, which will be chock full of toy-knitting tips and tricks.


Susan B. Anderson

A quick knit in worsted weight yarn, this tiny friend features the charm and skill Susan’s designs are well known for. Using different textures, and a darling personality, you’ll add to your toolbox of toy techniques and have a sweet toy to gift or keep by your side.


The class is scheduled on June 17 from 9am-12pm. She will also be teaching her Smooth Operator sock pattern, exclusively for Knitcircus Yarns, on that day from 1:30-4:30pm.

Sign up on our website here or call and register by phone at 608-841-1421.

Hope you can join us!




NEW Parasol Silk/Merino Blend

New Yarn Release!


 30% Mulberry Silk. 70% US Merino. Fingering weight. Yum.

Parasol is 100% USA-sourced and USA-spun to our exact specifications.

It’s another Knitcircus exclusive.

We’re smitten. Once we cracked open the box o’ yarn from our US mill, we were hooked. On its softness. Its shine. And of course, its silkiness.

This yarn is so different for us in a few important ways:

  1. Finally, by popular demand, Parasol offers y’all a hand wash yarn. I get it; not everyone digs the superwash merino, so now you can hand wash to your heart’s delight.
  2. Drape. Serious drape. We knitted up this Haruni Plus shawl by Emily Ross, and the thing just drips softness and flows effortlessly from your shoulders. We used the colorway Crazy Little Thing Called Love in a 150g cake. It’s dreamy. We even put kits together here in our store because we got so excited.haruni2
  3. Our colorways look so different on Parasol. This silk/merino combination simply takes our dye so differently than our other bases, so I thought I’d give you a comparison that knocked our socks off. Behold, our colorway La Vie en Rose in silk/merino Parasol (left) and 100% merino Trampoline (right):



Here’s another one. Our colorway Just Beet It in silk/merino Parasol (left) and 100% merino Trampoline (right):


We knitted up another shawl out of Parasol, and this time it’s Knitcircus owner Jaala Spiro’s Juniper Lemon shawl pattern. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

colorway: Springtime in Paris

cake size: 100g/440 yards

We know you’ll love this new yarn base. We’re offering it in all of our gradient colorways as well as our kettle-dyed semisolids and handpaint speckles. Enjoy!

See you soon.


Knitcircus Podcast #103

The podcast in which Jaala and Amy make each other laugh (for a change)!

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Topics of note:

Knitting Tools: Zing Needles

Knitting Patterns: Sugar Sprinkles Shawl, by Sharyn Anhalt

Dyers: The Plucky Knitter

Artists: Jennie the Potter

Artists: Pawley Studios


Knitting Pattern: Summer Camp, by Laura Aylor

Knitting Pattern and Givaway: Bromeliad Shawl

Artist: Katrinkles

Knitting Tools: Cotton Candy Scissors

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Help Us Choose a Birthday Colorway!

We’re so excited about our Second Birthday in the Knitcircus Studio, we’ve decided to do a special colorway to celebrate.  Last year, your votes picked a wonderful, deep, saturated colorway for the party and I hope this year we’ll have something just as exciting and fresh.

Please help us choose by leaving a comment here or on the Pinterest Board by this Friday, May 12th.

Here are a few of my favorite contenders (sources noted):

  1. c7244a09d4cd641feea80b904db8d5f6In Color Balance
  2. 3ad57a891b0155bddbbade265ce3d2a9Russian Color Palette site
  3. 449850aa8744e51299786e9a5cee05cdDesign Seeds
  4. 1e26c01521f2afcd524478d143f64f35EmptyFantasies on Pinterest
  5. 76182f4f84d5b4b4e2a8bf954879a180From Design Seeds

Please let me know which you like best or point me to a favorite color combo of yours!  We’ll be working up both a Gradient and a Speckled Handpaint for double the fun! One person who votes for the winning color will be randomly chosen to receive a free Speckle Handpaint of the color.


Celebrate with us at the Studio, 634 Grand Canyon Drive! June 16th join the fun for a party with live music by the Arbor Ensemble, cake and a pop-up shop with bags by Daddy Sews.

Saturday, take the adorable Hedgie class, NEW Smooth Operator Socks Class or Both with designer and yarn maven Susan B. Anderson.