Holiday Knits

I’ve been frantically getting my holiday knitting organized – never mind it’s halfway through December – and I was recently inspired by folks’ gorgeous socks – and a hat! – knit out of our Feliz Navidad Stripes colorway. Get ready for some sock magic. These knitters got these done pretty darn fast, considering how new a colorway it is for us. Or maybe I’m just the slow sock knitter in the room. I’ll ‘fess up.

Psst…we also put these Feliz Navidad sock sets on sale, so snap them up. They’re vanishing quickly and appearing under Christmas trees all over the country.

Here’s a set knit by Donna on Ravelry, using her own pattern and excellent photostyling:


yarn: Feliz Navidad medium sock set in Greatest of Ease

And here’s Lori’s Vanilla sock set:

yarn: Feliz Navidad medium sock set in Trampoline

It’s always fun to see the stripes pattern reversed, so here’s Florence’s set with green at the cuff:

yarn: Feliz Navidad medium sock set in Trampoline

pattern: How I Make My Socks by Susan B. Anderson

And finally, a hat! I love when knitters use our matching sock sets to make hats, and here’s Sarah’s. This little genius held two strands together from the two balls of yarn in her sock set, and to great effect! She said she had only five yards left from each ball after making her pompon:


yarn: Feliz Navidad medium sock set in Fairy Dust (sparkly!)

We love when you share your projects on Ravelry, and when you do, you’re piqueing some knitter’s interest, and inspiring his or her project-planning brain. Also, it’s kinda like show and tell for grownups and you don’t even have to stand up in front of the class.


Black Friday & Small Business Saturday; Gifts for You

This Thanksgiving weekend, we are very grateful for you, our wonderful customers and knitting community.


Knitcircus is lucky enough to have both an online store and a real (if small) brick-and-mortar store, so we’re thrilled to participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend!


We also want to give you goodies on Black Friday, but want the Knitcircus Crew to enjoy the holiday with family. So we’re offering a free gift online on Friday and both in-person and in the online store for Small Business Saturday!


That’s right! You’ll get a Knitcircus Tape Measure free with any purchase from 8am Friday to midnight Saturday! No coupon code needed; we’ll just add it to your order when we package it up.


We have lots and lots of yarns ready to go both in the Store and online. Please stop by the Studio Saturday from 12-5 and say hi to me. We’re at 634 Grand Canyon Drive in Madison, Wisconsin. Right next to the Mermaid Car Wash; go all the way to the back of the brown Evergreen office complex and you’ll find us there!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend filled with good food, good company and good knitting,



Quick Knits Ideas and KAL

I’ve just started a Quick Knits KAL over here on Ravelry, because holy cats, how are we already at the middle of November? Holidays, people. Winter is coming. Personally, I’m panicking a tiny bit. This calls for some quick knitting!

Jaala and I both whipped up some speedy knits recently, had an impromptu show and tell in our staff break room, and realized we might not be the only knitters freaking out.

Join our KAL by casting on a project with a Knitcircus yarn, post your progress, and be eligible for amazing prizes. This KAL ends December 21, so cast on now! We’re featuring Jaala’s pattern Michigan Waves:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster worsted in colorway Chance of Flurries

Here’s Jaala’s seed stitch hat that she just brought in for show and tell:


yarn: 80g cake of Lap of Luxury in colorway Spring Awakening

pattern: Toboggan Run by Jaala Spiro

And here’s my cowl:


yarn: 100g cake in Magnificent DK in the colorway Also I Can Kill You With My Brain

pattern: Codachrome by Theresa Schabes

Here are a few more small knits in Knitcircus gradients that we’ve been inspired by for our Quick Knits effort.


yarn: 75-100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Pigeon

pattern: Vanilla Twist by Jaala Spiro

Here’s a cowl knit up by Raveler Miazoe:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Chance of Flurries

pattern: Starry Night by Andrea W.

 This next cowl gives you an opportunity to pick out some gorgeous buttons. Here we’ve used washable bamboo buttons from Katrinkles that have a 1 x 1 ribbing pattern laser etched on them.

yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Treebeard

pattern: Ellis Cowl by Carina Spencer

And finally, a shop favorite. Over the Rainbow, one of our bestselling colorways, brings this hat pattern alive with its clever combination of garter and stockinette:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in Over the Rainbow

pattern: Barley Hat by Tincanknits

Tincanknits has generously donated a prize for one of our upcoming KAL prize drawings. Check out our KAL to learn how to be eligible for prizes (it includes casting on with a Knitcircus yarn, and posting in the thread, so it’s easy to join) – you’ll be eligible for a prize and get some holiday knitting done at the same time! Folks in our KALs are super sweet, too, so you might make a new knitting friend along the way.

Happy knitting!


Top 10 Gifts at Knitcircus

I’m always running late with my holiday gifts. Every year, in about the second week of December, I promise that next year, finally, I will start thinking about gifts in November. (Some of you actually manage to think about gifts well before that, but I’m trying to ease myself into this).

This year, I’ve decided to curate a list for you of Knitcircus’ best gifts. Share this list with your loved ones, pick out something for your fellow fiber artists, or treat yourself to a much-needed tool or gadget. See our entire collection here for even more options.

  1. Ann Budd’s Stitch Gauge Ruler – Our bestselling tool, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or little gifty for the knitter who doesn’t love counting those tiny stitches – oh, wait, that’s all of us!20151215_100015
  2. Knitcircus Sock Blockers – These lovely wooden blockers will show your socks at their best and are Instagram-ready! Available in small, medium, and large.


  3. Yarnit – it’s our favorite yarn holder, with a handy strap for hanging over your shoulder or around your neck. Globe available in clear and sparkle options. yarn-it-4_29_16
  4. Soxyzz – a measuring tool that measures foot size when you stand on it or if you don’t have your recipient handy, you can easily convert their shoe size to foot length for perfectly fitting socks.
  5. Katrinkles earrings and buttons – These are my favorite earrings! Made of lightweight bamboo, with sterling silver ear wires, they feature 1 x 1 ribbing laser etched on their fronts. I’m already planning my next sweater around these buttons.


  6. Bags from Hopkins Studio – Made by Hopkins Studio in Chicago, these handmade, beautifully sewn bags will keep your knitting safe and sound with these point protectors, pouches and bags:
  7. Stella Lamps – with 3 different types of light (cool, warm and bright white) and 5 different brightness settings, these LED no-bulb lamps are the best handwork lighting we’ve ever used. Styles available: table, task and floor lamps.
  8. Knitcircus Kits – The Chromatic Cowl and Niela Cowl are two of our favorite projects. If you’re ordering for a gift before the holidays, order a ready-to-ship kit so that it arrives on time! Chromatic Cowl Kit:


    Niela Cowl Kit:

  9. Knitcircus Swag – support your favorite yarn company with these indispensable tools emblazoned with our beautiful Strongwoman:

Needle gauge keychain or stitch/needle gauge measure



10. Gift Cards! The perfect gift for a knitter who wants to pick it out him/herself.

Good luck with your gift giving, and don’t forget to support Small Business Saturday on November 26th this year. Our studio store will be open that day, too, for those of you who live nearby.









Knitcircus Podcast #90

Once again, Jaala and Amy visit with the microphone on… see what we talked about!

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Hitchhiker Scarf, by Martina Behm

Silk Moon Crescent Shawl, by Jaala Spiro

Laeta Shawl, by Susanna IC

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