Second Birthday Celebration June 16-17


It’s our birthday and you’re invited! June 16th 5-7:30 join us for a party at the Studio, 634 Grand Canyon Drive in Madison, Wisconsin.  We’ll have live music, prizes, a pop-up shop from a local maker, and cake!

Saturday June 17th we’ll have classes with Susan B. Anderson, a sidewalk sale and and more pop-up-shop action. Both days you can win prizes when you visit us. More class details coming soon!

We’re so happy to be in the Studio and hope you can join us to celebrate.


Big Shop Update and Sale Tomorrow at 10:00 CDT

Spring sale

We’re photographing and listing things like crazy for our first annual Spring Sale and huge shop update! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to YarnOver this weekend, so all of the yarn is going up in the shop instead! (But the lovely Amy Detjen will be there, so please say hi if you see her!)

We’ve got sale skeins of kettle dyes, handpaints, Matching Socks Sets, and gradients of all sizes! Watch for the shop update on the Knitcircus webpage tomorrow at 10:00 am!

Happy knitting,


Cyber Week Deals and Second Harvest

Hey, I’m sure it’s just me, but I hate when my inbox gets flooded with messages for people vying for my business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But I do love my customers and we do have some very special, limited-edition prices going on, combined with a way to help families have more to eat this holiday season. So here goes!

cyber week

We’ve got some beautiful kettle-dyes and handpaints in the store, and all are 30% off! We’ll be adding new ones every day this week.


And every single ready-to-ship yarn in the shop is now 10% off!


That includes Matching Socks Sets, 100-gram cakes, and 150-g cakes like the Hummingbird colorway below.150g3

And, because it’s the holidays, we’ll donate $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank for every order we receive between now and December 23rd. One dollar is three meals, so three people get to eat every time you buy yarn. That’s something we can all feel warm and happy about!

Take care,


New Knitting Year and Last Sale Day


Happy New Year, wonderful knitters! It’s very cold and snowing beautiful, glittery flakes today. I hope everyone is feeling good as they roll out of bed for the first day of 2014. I’m so excited that this year will bring more Ravellenics with the Winter Games, and new chances for me to meet some of you at events like Yarn Con, Stitches Midwest, Yarnover, TNNA and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.

Unexpectedly, both kids were asked to sleepovers last night, so Mike and I got to have a date! Since fish tacos are one of my favorite things in the world, we had a non-fancy but delicious dinner at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, then headed off of the snowy, slippery streets for a cozy double feature at home. The first feature: We’re the Millers, which we thought was a truly funny movie. And I may have made noises of glee when I saw Ron Swanson and Alexis pop up about halfway through.

Happy Birthday, Lil Buddy!


It’s always such a whirlwind around here at the holidays; Lil Buddy’s birthday is right in the mix. I can’t believe our little guy is so big and independent, now. We still remember this big-eyed and big-cheeked little baby


and now I just send him onto the ski slopes with a cell phone and say I’ll call when it’s time to head home!

I talk about Lil Buddy and sports a lot, but he’s also got a generous heart. It was his friendship with Buddy D that brought our third child into our house, and he stuck with it even when he had to share a room and all of his toys and kids were rude and insulting. Buddy D is no longer with us, and he suffered much from the loss of the friend he considered his brother. When there’s a baby bunny to save, Lil Buddy is there with a shoe box full of cotton, and when there’s a big dinner to make, he’s ready to chop vegetables. When we learned how many homeless kids live in Wisconsin, his response? “Let’s adopt one of those children.”

Happy birthday, my boy.

2013 in Yarn

2013 was a big one for Knitcircus Yarns; with the help of my dad and DH Extraordinaire Mike, the Lair grew to twice its size and now has all kinds of customized equipment to be able to make more yarns faster and better. The double winder below, created by my dad, is one of the most beautiful sights to me.


This year,  I really found my passion with the Matching Socks and gradient yarns, and I consider myself vastly lucky every day to experiment with color and create yarns for my wonderful knitters. A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who purchased yarn this year and supported our cottage industry.Image

Last Sale Day

Speaking of yarns, I’m hard at work developing kettle-dyes to accompany each of my repeatable gradient colorways, so am letting go of all of the kettle dyes and handpaints that don’t fit the menu.Today is the very last day of the Kettle Dyes and Handpaints Sale, so if you’d like luxury hand-dyed yarns for just $15 each, today’s the day!

Yarn Clubs Update

If you’re in one of the Clubs, thanks for your patience! Much of December was consumed by a Huge, Secret Wholesale Project (soon to be not secret). All of the yarns and treats for the second Gradient Club packages are ready and the last batch will be in the mail tomorrow, so if you haven’t gotten your package yet, you surely will soon.

I’m now working on the third Matching Socks Club packages, so if you signed up for just one of those, or two, and want more, or haven’t tried it yet and would like to, you can just purchase the one-month package and the next ones will fly your way! I’m very excited about this colorway; I’ve been stretching my boundaries and experimenting with more colors within each gradient, and I hope you’ll like the results.

So a happy, happy New Year to all of you. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy whichever project is on your needles. 🙂


Cyber Monday One-of-A-Kind Yarn Sale


Midnight Mystery

I call these skeins One Man Bands: I love trying out new colorways and combinations, and these skeins are true originals.

Today and tomorrow, reward yourself for all of that holiday hosting and shopping with a fun-one-of-a-kind skein. All of them are 20-25% off in the Knitcircus Etsy Shop.

This one reminds me of the eighties; gray and pink!

This Mulberry color is one of my new favorite shades. I may try to replicate this one…In this case, the MCN base was too hard to keep in stock, more’s the pity.


Some of my favorite One Man Bands…

Long Weekend

I hope all of you Stateside had a wonderful weekend; we hosted 15 people on Thursday, and everyone pitched in on the cooking and cleaning, so it went pretty smoothly. Our family has so much to be thankful for, and we toasted it up right with our water glasses! At the end of the toasts, Belle had drunk up all of her water!

The hit of the meal this year was the homemade chocolate pie. Li’l Buddy really wanted to make it, so we used what has fast become the family favorite: this Chocolate Pie recipe from Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos, but it looked very much like the pictures form the recipe site. I made one homemade regular crust and one gluten-free. For the GF crust, I used 1/2 cup of butter (one stick) plus one cup of our all-purpose GF flour mix. It didn’t need any water, since the GF flour tends to absorb less liquid. We cut the cold butter into small pieces and used a pastry cutter to mash it together.

On Wednesday, LI’l Buddy’s class had a Thanksgiving Feast, so he and I made 2 more chocolate pies to share with the class. It was a bit of extra trouble, but I have to say, of the 6 pies there, ours were the only ones that didn’t come in a bakery box. I guess hanging out with a crafty and foodie crowd IRL and online has skewed my worldview to thinking that everyone makes things from scratch!

The rest of the weekend, we enjoyed brunch at my brother and SIL’s house, and see more adorableness from the twins, now three-and-a-half. Littlest Buddy loves to make music and dance, and Tiny Belle wears a princess dress every single day.

The kids wanted to go to the mall on Black Friday (they’re getting older!) and we did some bowling and saw a movie in the theater, Wreck It Ralph. It was definitely fun and over-the-top, and we all got a big bang out of it.

Mostly, with our house still pretty clean from Thursday, we enjoyed hanging out and actually relaxing (knitting, reading, throwing the football around, fixing things) without a big agenda. We didn’t want it to end! But now we’re rested up for the big holiday rush. Hope you are, too. 🙂

Happy Monday,