Fiber Friday: Variegated Yarn and Knitted Farm Animals WInner

Fiber Friday posts are something I’ve always loved to read (and when I say read, I mean, drool over pretty yarn pictures) so let’s join in the fun!

First, we have a lucky winner to announce:

the Knitted Farm Animals book goes to Diane! (She’s been notified).



Now for some fun yarn pictures!


This week, I experimented with high-contrast colors in the same skein. The ones pictured combine some of my favorite deep oranges, cheerful yellows, sky blue and tropical sea blue. 


What do you think? Cheerful, spirit-lifting, a little too over the top?

Have an excellent weekend,






Still Flying Yarn Collection

Joss Whedon’s a genius, and after we worked our way through all of the Buffy and Angel episodes, Mike and I decided to give this Firefly series a try. At first, I thought, “Okay, it’s Han Solo with a new crew,” but after one episode, the complex characters hooked me for good.

Recently, I re-watched the show’s 14 episodes all again, and found myself loving the bright, western-style landscapes contrasted with the ship’s beat-up interior all against “the black,” or deep space.

Big, geeky fangirl? Yep, I even have  a couple of Firefly books. Combing through them for “research” on costumes and characters, no trouble at all.

Firefly fans, or Browncoats, are legendary for their passion for such a short-lived show, and have a reputation for helping out charities and the like. So in the Browncoat spirit, for every Still Flying yarn sold, Knitcircus will donate a dollar to Kids Need to read, a group cofounded by Nathan Fillion.

Of course, I’ve got a huge crush on Malcolm Reynolds; who doesn’t? So Captain Tightpants was the first out of the dyepot.

Followed closely by

Wash’s Coveralls, based on our favorite wisecracking, dinosaur-playing spaceship pilot.

Shiny! Independent businesswoman Nandi definitely deserves her own glitter yarn.

And The Black.

These 14 episodes offer a lot of inspiration, so watch for more Still Flying colors in the nest few weeks, including Truthsome, Registered Companion, Cunning and Real Nice Party.

Knitcircus Yarns Grand Opening

Please come join the party!

Harvest colors, inspired by all of your comments…

Midnight stars…

Fresh fruits…

To celebrate the Knitcircus Yarns Grand Opening, you’ll receive a free gift with each purchase:

With a worsted-weight yarn, a free printed copy of the Silk Moon Crescent pattern:

With each fingering weight yarn, a printed copy of the Juniper Lemon Shawl Pattern.

Going down into the Evil Lair to mix color potions always lifts my spirits; hope you’ll enjoy browsing the colors!

Take care,