Sweater Challenge and Dyeing Like Crazy


Hey, just wanted to pop in and let you know that Johnny Vasquez invited me to be on the Daily Show for New Stitch a Day’s 30-Day Sweater Challenge, talking about how to make yourself a gradient sweater. Check it out, and see the step-by-step how-to in the last blog post. Let me just say that I was not aware that the ironing board figured so prominently in the background. 😉

vampire boyfriend
vampire boyfriend

Thanks so much to Johnny! I had such a good time recording the segment. And, as part of the 30-Day Sweater Challenge, you can win a Knitcircus Gradient this week! It’s the popular colorway Vampire Boyfriend in Pixie Dust wool/silk fingering weight.

Lair News

In the Lair, it’s all about getting lots of yarn ready for Vogue Knitting Live Chicago in a couple of weeks. Belle and I will have Sweaters’ Worths of yarn in gradient colors, shawl and sock kits, special Fall/Winter curated collections of kettle dyes, and of course, Matching Socks and Gradients, as many as I can dye up between now and then!


A peek at some of the Fall Curated Colors…


….And some of the Gradients!

Hope you all had a great week , and are enjoying the autumn weather. We made crock pot beef stew yesterday, so it felt satisfyingly like Fall.

Guest Blog Post: Get Inspired and Knit a Sweater


What better way to really dig into the fall season than to knit yourself a beautiful sweater? Our friends at New Stitch A Day are ready to help you do just that with their exciting 30 Day Sweater Challenge


 Literally thousands of knitters have signed up to join in the KAL, starting October 1st.  I’m going to do it myself!

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, Lacie from New Stitch A Day is here to tell us how she gets her sweater knit on.


Get Inspired to Knit a Sweater

I love the idea of making my own clothing but sometimes I’m just not inspired to sit down and get started. I have put some serious thought into what inspires me to create and now I know just what to do to get myself excited again. Inspiration is unique to everyone; one person could be inspired by graffiti, another by the runways of Milan or a fluff of raw fiber. I am going to share with you how I get ready to knit a sweater, but you may become inspired in different ways. I encourage you to take notice of the things that get your creative thoughts popping so when you are looking for inspiration you can turn to them.

Inspiration = Enjoying Life

Generally, when I slow down and take a couple hours to just enjoy life I find myself feeling very inspired. My favorite outing looks something like this: it’s a foggy morning; I grab a paddle board, spend some time out on the ocean. Next, I head to my favorite coffee shop, grab a hot chai and walk over the beach to enjoy the cool stillness and the occasional sound of foghorns coming from the port. I put on my headphones and listen to cello music; it makes me feel like I’m in a movie and there is a soundtrack playing, the more epic the better. I walk past the garden shop and stop to look at the crazy little succulents before grabbing a snack at the cafe on the corner. I sit outside and watch as people walk by. Taking time to enjoy the small beauties in life is almost a sure recipe for inspiration. I get so excited about the sounds, textures and people that I can’t help but want to make something beautiful! I think the kicker is that when I am happy all I can see is potential and an invitation to create.

Inspiration = Creative Friends

When I spend time with my friends I get so inspired by their styles and the little things that make them unique. They are creating and putting things together in  way that I would never think to try and it’s contagious! Recently, six of us spent a weekend together and I was so inspired by their creativity and energy that I spent the next three weeks finishing projects and starting new ones. If you need inspiration, spend time with other creative people. It’ll rub off. Hang out at your local yarn store or knitting group or try visiting museums or art exhibits, an open mic, a symphony or a choir concert. If you don’t want to leave your home, look up something that people are creating on youtube (I particularly love watching Agnes Cecile paint. Serious talent!).

Inspiration = Boundaries

This one may seem a little bit contradictory but it turns out that people are most creative when given parameters within which to create. At first this may be a little bit intimidating, but it is a great way to get inspired to knit and try something new. If you decide that you want to knit a sweater but that it has to include Fair Isle motifs, waist shaping and be made in exactly 30 days, your brain will light up with ideas. There is nothing like a good challenge to get you inspired and to work your problem-solving muscles. Try setting boundaries for your next project and see what you come up with.

Henley completed using 30-Day guides

Inspiration = Pictures

I am a very visual person, so to get inspired I look at pictures. If I have just decided to knit a sweater but have not chosen a style to knit yet I will look through current fashion magazines to see what catches my eye. When there’s not a magazine handy I check out some of my favorite brands (J Crew + Anthropologie) online to see what new things they have that I love! Once I have found a sweater style that I like I go search for it on Pinterest to see more pictures, perhaps people are adding different details or styling differently. Once I have an idea in mind, I try to find a pattern that will help me to make it or begin writing my own design.

Inspiration = Education

The last thing that I do to get inspired is read blogs and books or watch videos online to learn something new about knitting. When I see how something is done, I automatically want a reason to try it. If make a swatch and love my clever new technique then a sweater is obviously the next step! Learning new things reminds me how amazing it is to have the skills to create something useful like clothing!

There you have it, these are the things that inspire me. What inspires you?

Sweater Challenge

If you’d like to learn more about getting started on your next sweater download our free Sweater Planning Guide. This guide talks finding a sweater style, choosing yarn, checking gauge and everything else that goes into planning a sweater that you’ll love! Click to Download

Join us this October as we help 5,000 knitters around the world knit a sweater they’ll love, in 30 days. To sign up just visit 30daysweater.com/knitcircus and download your free Sweater Planning Guide. It will help you get started!

See you in October!

–Lacie Lynnae (Vasquez) is a model and knitwear designer you may have seen on the cover of KnitScene Magazine. Her modeling career has taken her all over the world including New York, Brazil, and China. She currently works as a house hair model for Vidal Sasoon and is the in house knitwear designer for the Yarn Craft Academy. She is also a guest instructor on New Stitch a Day and will be joining Fiberstory TV as co-host.

Design Competition and Prizes

The Sweater Challenge will be followed by a Design Competition with original designs using the 30-Day guidelines and some pretty fantastic prize packages. You could win a Sweater’s Worth of yarn from Knitcircus! The 1600+ yards of fingering-weight Aerialist yarn makes a gradient sweater for a deserving designer.Image

 I’d better get swatching for my sweater…

Take care and happy knitting,