Mulberry Street Hat and Cowl Patterns

Happy Holidays!

As a thanks to all of you wonderful newsletter and blog readers for a happy yarn-dyeing year, I offer you two free patterns for quick-knit accessories.IMG_4307

The Mulberry Street Hat, worked in a simple Garter Rib, makes a great gift for friends and family, coming in all sizes form child to extra-large adult. I put the snowball pompom on becasue pompoms life my spirits every time I see them. It’s fun to put on something that makes you smile during the cold (and busy) winter months.

Without the pompom, in a nice brown, gray or navy, the ribbed pattern would work for even the manliest of men.cowl closer

The Mulberry Street Cowl is worked with just one skein of a worsted-weight yarn and is long enough to wear long for style or double up for warmth.both squarecowl goodHappy knitting and enjoy!


PS We are working overtime in the Lair to try to finish all of the yarns you’ve ordered in time for the holidays. If you’re waiting, please know that we’re doing everyhting we can to speed things up!

6 thoughts on “Mulberry Street Hat and Cowl Patterns

  1. I’m not seeing a link to download the cowl pattern (which is very pretty in the gradient yarn)! When I go to the Ravelry page – there is no download link.

  2. Thank you, Jaala for fixing the link. Can’t wait to find time (probably after the first of the year) to make this cowl. Thanks for the pattern.

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