Baby Puppy and Gradient Clubs

We’ve always been a cat family, but with kids, never say never. Introducing Belle’s new puppy: Sasha!

baby Sasha
baby Sasha

Belle has wanted a dog for years, and with some help from Grammy and Buppa, she researched and found the perfect pup, a Shih Tzu girl, 10 weeks old. Her research even included a powerpoint presentation highlighting the breed’s friendliness, relaxed nature (did you know they were bred as lapdogs for Chinese royalty?) and hypoallergenic coat.

a girl and her dog
a girl and her dog

A very happy girl got her wish last week. And Sasha really is adorable. Her little legs are so short, her tail is actually longer, so when she trots after Belle wagging her tail, it looks like half her little fuzzy body is wagging.


The little tail starts wagging as soon as she sees any person, and she loves to be carried and snuggle on laps. She’s so small she practically takes a bath when she walks into dewy grass.



Welcome, Sasha. If any dog can make it in this cat family, it’s you! (Don’t worry, yarn mavens, Sasha’s not part of the Evil Lair scene).

Speaking of the Lair, it’s an exciting time: Gradient Club memberships for next year are now open!


Eleven months, six packages of yarn showing up right to your door! Each Knitcircus Yarns package includes an exclusive self-striping, hand-dyed gradient colorway, notes about the color inspiration, list of suggested patterns and coordinating gifts.We’ll mix it up with colors to make everyone happy, with some warm, some cool and some neutrals.

Gifts will include products from companies like Lantern Moon, Knit Happy and hidden gems from Wisconsin sheep farms.  Below; Frabjous Fibers bag (treat from the first Summer Slice Club) with a happy gradient to give you an idea. Of course, the colors of the actual Club will be all new. 🙂

Luxury fiber will be wool-based, featuring different blends like silk, cashmere, tencel and nylon. Luxury fibers will include favorites like Thrilling, Opulence, and Greatest of Ease, new yarns reserved exclusively for Clubbies, and early access to yarns not in the shop yet.



This year I won’t be writing up patterns, since it just took too much time away from dyeing, which also makes this year’s Club a little more affordable! But I will ransack Ravelry every time to find and tell you about patterns I think would work perfectly with each month’s yarn.


Yarn weights include 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn and 2 skeins of heavier-weight yarn. Knitting-related treats in every package include collaborations with small woman-owned and fair-trade businesses, from one-woman operations to nationally recognized brands.

cabaret chocolate and flowers

And, just like last year, you can either purchase a year’s subscription and be all done, or sign up once and pay as packages are ready to ship (also a six-package deal, but you can break up the payments!). For the full year, please use the code WELCOME at checkout to get $10 off your membership!

Curiosity Satisfied!


Guess what, Hunter Hammersen’s new book just dropped! If you’ve been waiting for the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet III like we have, you can check it out at Pantsville Press.

Happy Tuesday,



4 thoughts on “Baby Puppy and Gradient Clubs

  1. Sasha is adorable!!! She looks like my Mom’s dog Keiki! And just as your temperament description of the breed…Keiki is such a people loving dog!!! Enjoy her! We are a dog family 🙂 we have 2 lab terrier mixes (litter mates) who are 9 years old and a yellow lab who is almost 4 years old! They are the best psychologists for the kids and I!!!

    I signed up for the gradient yarn club! I am so excited!!! After knitting the April Skies scarf…it’s hard to knit with “other” kine yarn!!! You are so inspiring to me, Jaala! I’m so glad to have found you on Etsy! Also…wonderful to have you and Amy accompany me in my hour plus commute home…(yes…traffic on Oahu is horrendous!)

    Have a wonderful week! And AloooooHa!!!

    1. Aww, so glad to hear that you’ve had such a great time with Keiki and that we have lots to look forward to with Sasha!

      We’re so happy to have you in the Yarn Club; we have some fun treats planned and I hope you’ll enjoy them!!!! And glad that we can join you on your commute. Maybe we’ll get to see you there one day in real life…

  2. Congratulations on Sasha’s joining the family! We had dogs growing up, and when I met my husband he came as a package with a German Shepherd. I can’t imagine life without having dogs around.
    I’m looking forward to the gradient club! I just got the ‘Little Cat Feet’ today, and I love it!

  3. Nawww Sasha is tooooo cute! I too have always been a cat person but when my boys got a little older we opted to get a puppy, an Australian Kelpie, and our family now just feels so complete. We are totally dog people now! lol Eve 🙂

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