Finished Objects and a Travelling Circus

Hi, Knitters,

Super Sewing Winners

Thanks  to everyone who entered the Sewing Giveaway! The winners are: Mollie Make Woodland Friends: Valerie, 50 Pincushions: Nancy, and Super Stitches: Carmen. The lucky winners have been notified.

Finished Objects

Spending so much time dyeing up yarn has cut into my knitting time! Not that I’m sad about that, but it doesn’t give me time to knit so many projects, and we wanted to see how the yarn behaved in some popular patterns. Generous knitters from the Knitcircus Ravelry Group volunteered to knit up some patterns with Knitcircus Yarns and we’re so grateful that they did! Check out this lovely FO Gallery.


Orange Flower Yarn’s Brass and Steam, worked by Kristahyde on Ravelry; she spurred us to create the gradient Brass and Steam, which is now one of our regular repeatable colorways. Thanks so much, Krista!


Magrathea, by Martina Behm

Designer Martina Behm has given us so many wonderful shawl projects! Here’s Magrathea knitted by Lindaran on Ravelry, using a skein of Thrilling in the Lemon Meringue colorway.



More Martina Behm, with Hitchhiker, by Bassoongrlspam, in a Khione double gradient.



And a third Behm: Leftie, by knotjusthats, in the Fashion Week gradient with undyed yarn for contrast.



Monkey Socks, by Somesylvie, pattern by the delightful Cookie A. This knitter worked the Matching Socks Set in color Eat, Pray, Knit, from opposite ends!


Travelling Knitcircus

Knitcircus Yarns’ Business Manager, Chris, has been keeping track of your orders lately. Her curious mind wanted to know where the yarn is travelling, so she made this fun map of where all of you wonderful Knitcircus Yarns fans live. Here she is:

Hi everyone!

It’s been about a month since I’ve joined the team, and I’m having a lot of fun listing new things Jaala dyes, ensuring the photos of them are as accurate as possible, labeling them, packing them, and sending them out to you. I’m impressed by all the exciting places that you live, so I’ve been creating this Google map to visualize where we’ve sent yarn in the last three months. Don’t worry, we’re not listing any names or addresses, just city names. I hope you find this as much fun to play with as I found it to make!

google map

Google maps: Knitcircus!

3 thoughts on “Finished Objects and a Travelling Circus

  1. I always enjoy your blog entries and podcasts but this one especially….something about that lemon meringue color way! How would I go about making a larger Brass and Steam in a gradient?? Just restart the gradient with a new yarn cake from the outside—if you started from the inside originally?

    1. Thanks! I love that color, too, and especially at this time of year, it seems to give the promise of daffodils. That’s a fun question about the gradient. Are you thinking a bigger project, like a sweater, or a bigger shawl, maybe with 2 skeins of fingering? In any case, you could do just what you suggested, and simply work one ball “forwards” and the other “backwards”, and this would work nicely, but would give you one color that was twice as long as the others where the two met. That’s easily remedied by just starting with the next stripe on your second ball. If your project calls for 2 skeins, you could also use 2 balls and just alternate between them, so each color would end up being twice as long. Or, if it’s a lot bigger, like a sweater, we could create a number of kettle-dyed yarns dyed in a gradient/ombre to approximate the colors of Brass and Steam, though they wouldn’t be actually connected.

      1. Thanks…to make a larger Brass and Steam, I could use two skeins at the same time from the same direction alternating rows to keep the gradient! Perfect….

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