Hey, Knitters, sometimes I need to hit the refresh button, especially after a long, cold winter like this one. So this entry will be the first of an occasional blog series sharing some places that inspire me. I hope you get a little jolt of fresh energy from it, too!



Check this out; a sleeveless top with a lined peplum! And a paper mache stork, of course.  

The store Anthropologie always uses materials in unexpected combinations and I love to see what their collection of designers have been up to. Every so often, my mom and I browse together as a special treat, so that’s we did this past Sunday afternoon. What fun! Thanks to Anthropologie for letting me take pictures with my phone while Mom and I exclaimed over our latest finds.

The people who create the windows and indoor atmosphere for Anthropologie have the best job ever. Look at this birdhouse assemblage!



As a dyer, naturally I’m always on the lookout for color, and this dress pretty much made every muscle in my body relax with the promise of spring (yes, here more than a wisp of hope than even a promise, but a girl can dream…).



The juxtaposition of color with blue-gray in the same print=fascinating! I’d definitely like to try a self-striping colorway in these colors.


Again, loving these soft peach-pink shades.

Then they have so much fun with visual contrast, like this striped AND floral skirt!



This use of materials is totally wild. See how it’s a little hard to make out what’s going on in the skirt of this dress (below?)Image


Well, it turns out that they’ve somehow die-cut the polka-dot material and overlaid it on top of a bright floral print. That is crazy cool. Maybe just a little crazy.



From a knitting-construction point of view, I got a kick out of this sweater. There’s a little crocheted flower doily at the center and the rest of the sweater is picked up and knitted outward in a circle. The front just continues the circle, in a shape we handknitters have seen before (Knit,Swirl anyone?) but is still unusual and fun.


Fresh from my color crush and the cheerful inspiration of Happy Home, I loved these vases with oversized ceramic flowers. And, well, I love red-orange. See pillows below.





Maps always seem to beckon to exotic destinations. What a great idea to make it a bedcover!

This corn-fed Wisconsin girl can’t fit into Anthropologie’s  designer clothes, but my mom and I do splurge on an embroidered dishcloth, latte bowl or fancy French soap every so often. I always enjoy their curated displays of books, and around the holidays, love to get my mom recipe books featuring French patisseries or a peony-scented hand cream. The book The Happiness Project gave me hours or new ideas for making our lives more fun, for instance. If you like memoirs/self help books, I highly recommend it!








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