Spring Sewing Goodness and Giveaways

It’s spring, and many crafters start yearning for turning seams rather than turning heels. If the sound of birds singing makes you think of your Singer, then today’s giveaway is for you!


We have three fun books to give away, courtesy of Interweave Press, St. Martins and Potter Craft! So three lucky winners will each get a spring sewing boost.


If you’ve been longing to add sewing to your yarn-craft repertoire, you’ll find every useful technique in Nicole Vasbinder’s Super Stitches Sewing. With many illustrated step-by-step tutorials, she shows you 50 machine sewing stitches, 20 hand stitches, and methods to choose the appropriate stitch for the occasion.


Mollie Makes Woodland Friends

Editor Lora Watson has pulled together a storybook collection of projects from the Mollie Makes magazine’s designers. Amy and I reviewed this delightful book on the podcast; the charming voice and graphics lead you thorough a multi-craftual forest with sewing, paper, crochet, applique, cross stitch and felting techniques to create home decor and lovable toys.


Many tiny projects abound in Cat Thomas’ 50 Pincushions to Knit and Crochet! Lots of these designs could do double-duty as ornaments, toys or sachets if you’ve gifted all your sewing friends by the end of the volume. 🙂

So please leave a comment; let me know if you love to sew, and if so, what project you’re working on. And please tell us which projects look the most fun from the three books here!

The contest runs through this weekend, and we’ll post the three winners on Monday, March 24th. Of course, winners will be chosen by the Random Number Generator.

ETA: We’ve been winding up lots of yarn in the Lair this week, so are doing a big shop update this morning (Friday!) Just wanted to let you know. 😉

cabaret burning bush IMG_1272

18 thoughts on “Spring Sewing Goodness and Giveaways

  1. All the books look great. I would love to see how someone else combines stitches for a pretty pattern. The pin cushions lok great too.

  2. Yes, I sew along with my knitting. Right now i am wirking on waxing some canvas to make some messenger bags. I just finished a new knitting bag and some smaller project bags. I have the leather to made a leather bag, but havent started that one yet. I guess I am into bags at the moment!

    The pincushions book looks interesting to mr. It looks like a fun way to use up sock yarn scraps!

  3. When I was growing up, my mom sewed all the time (primarily quilting). 20 years later, I’m just getting into it myself- I’m currently working on a patchwork placemat/rug for my tv to sit on. That seems much more achievable than a full quilt!

  4. My sewing skills are very basic. However, I adore pincushions and this book looks full of good ideas!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  5. Yes, I sew, and knit, and crochet too. Right now, I’m working on making Tetrahedron Coin Purses for my RV’ing friends, who also knit. These use a 20″ zipper and 20 inches of ribbon to make a coin purse. I’m using ribbon that looks like measuring tape, so we can use ours to hold stitch markers, darning needles, folding scissors, etc, for when we’re all gathered at an RV rally doing our knitting. The pincushions book looks very interesting. A variety of pincushions would be a great addition to my little bags!

  6. Love to sew, but my mending pile is growing so I haven’t had my machine out in a while. I’d like to make some drawstring and bucket bags for knitting projects.

    dianelaces on Ravelry

  7. I tend to knit more than sew, since the knitting is generally more portable. But, I volunteered to help my son’s kindergarten class make a fundraiser quilt, so it looks like I’ll be back to sewing for the next couple of weeks or so! Hopefully it’ll spark me to get going on the pile of curtains and knitting bag projects I have waiting for me. 🙂

  8. I do like to sew and I have recently been enjoying making drawstring bags for knitting projects for my self and my knitting friends!

  9. I do like to sew. Right now I’m trying to find the perfect baby gift to make and the Woodland Friends looks perfect for ideas!

  10. I am not a sewer but my mom is! We work on our projects together and have craft days. She has been helping me get lots of new knitting stuff so it would be awesome to help her get something for sewing!

  11. I sew often and love it! Last weekend I bought some nice knitfabrics and I intend to start turning them into some new tops and dresses tomorrow! I’d like to learn some new handsewing stitches.

  12. I do sew and my next project is going to be Betz White’s Metro Hipster Bag. I would love to make the ladybug pin cushion or any project from the Mollie Makes Woodland Friends book.

  13. Those look cool. I’m knitting socks (first pair), a fair isle cap, sewing a lined tote bag with faux leather and lots of pockets and just finished throwing and glazing my first bowls. I think the Mollie makes woodland friends looks the coolest, but all those books look great.

  14. I’m just trying to learn to sew again after a 30-year hiatus. Nothing on my machine right now, but I finished a couple of quilt blocks last weekend. I think the Super Stitches Sewing book looks fun (but all three are great!)

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