Valentine’s Day Present for You





Happy Valentine’s Day!

We love to celebrate, so we always have a little party before school starts, This morning, along with the paper valentines and little gifts, I couldn’t resist surprising the kids with pink hot chocolate (they didn’t know it was Hello Kitty; they are tweenagers).



I also have a special gift for all you wonderful knitters out there!Image

The Valentina Hat pattern is free, just for 24 hours!


It’s been so frigid, I found myself itching to cast on a comforting, chunky and fun hat. I knitted each of these in one day! Belle was happy with hers, too .:) Hers is in one of my most popular colorways, April Skies.


I know that many of you are being buried in more snow right now, so I hope you’re all staying warm! Please help yourself to a fun little knit! 



Lace and cables, about as easy as they could be. I also have a bunch of new chunky yarn in the shop; you need less than one skein for the hat.



Take care, stay warm, and have a great day!





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