Ravellenics Sweater


Lots of news from the Lair, including a very exciting addition of my new Business Manager, Kim! She’ll be making sure that custom orders go out on time, everyone received their Yarn Club boxes, putting new yarns up in the store, and generally making my life sweet. Having her around means that I can concentrate on my favorite part of the business: dyeing yarn!

Kim’s a little camera-shy, so here are her hands, hard at work!


Sochi, here we come!


photo: NBC

Okay, well maybe we knitters aren’t exactly booking hotels at the Russian resort city, but we’re ready to watch and ready to knit! I couldn’t resist this Team USA shirt at Old Navy the other day. There’s no problem with just wearing it every day and washing it each night for the next 18 days, right?


When I was a kid, I was convinced that world peace was right on the horizon and actually attempted to learn Esperanto with my best friend because we were sure that was our collective future. Every time I hear the Olympic music, the same wonder at human capability sweeps over me, the same pride in all of us, the same hope that, if we can do this one thing together, we can bridge our continental divides. I know there are plenty of politics involved, and the anti-gay sentiments of the host country this year are particularly troubling, but this is something we have done as a group, as a world, for a long time, and nothing can dampen my enthusiasm for the greatest Games on earth.

This year, for my Olympic knitting challenge, I’ll be attempting to knit an entire worsted-weight sweater dung the 18 days. This is a huge stretch for me, since the last sweater I knit took nine months. But that was fingering weight! I can totally do this, right? Right….?

On the new podcast (hopefully out in the next 24 hours) Amy and I agreed we would both attempt a sweater using the Contiquous technique developed by Susie M. I’m counting on Amy to decode it for me, but it seems to be a hybrid top-down saddle/raglan method using short rows. 

After several pleasurable outings searching Ravelry and the Contiguous Group for options, I settled on these as my Top Three:

Hey Hey, My My, by Reiko Kuwamura




photo copyright Reiko Kuwamura

So pretty, I love the keyhole neckline and lace. But sadly, written for a sport weight yarn.

Caviar Dress, by Yoko Johnston



photo copyright Yoko Johnston

I really, really wanted to make this dress, because it looks like something I would wear every single day, and looks flattering on just about everyone. But I want to use a gradient for the yoke (of course!) and felt like a gradient right on my cleavage might look a little odd.





photo copyright Svetlana Volkova

Here’s the winner! The Argo sweater, by Svetlana Volkova. I’m also a huge fan of her Bloomsbury sweater, by the way. Nice simple textures to work while watching the Games, and half-circle pockets! I’ve got my first gradient dyed up and will have it caked and ready by the time prime time coverage kicks off tomorrow night. Using Knitcircus Lap of Luxury silk/merino in the Vampire Boyfriend colorway.

Happy day-before-the-Olympics, everyone!











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