Merry Boxing Day!



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate. 

We enjoyed lots of family time and special meals; my 91-year-old grandma helped the kids and I box up our cookie assortments for neighbor delivery, and on Christmas Eve Day, Belle, she and I got a holiday manicure (grandma’s first professional one!).



Belle’s snowmen and snowflakes!

Mike’s dad, who luckily cooks excellently, arrived and helped us host the Christmas Eve dinner with lasagna for the kids and Swedish Meatballs for the grownups.

Christmas Day, the kids heroically waited until 6 am on the dot to wake us up, and then all was presents and lovely dinner at my parents’ until evening.

Today, Belle and Mike bask in the quiet with new books while Lil Buddy tries out his new ski helmet and I knit in the ski lodge coffeeshop. Should be a nice vacation day all around.


For those of you back at work, I salute you and hope some of the spirit of the holiday stays with you. If you’re lucky enough to get a rest day like us, knit away, or enjoy however suits you best.

Take car,e




2 thoughts on “Merry Boxing Day!

  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! My poor DH got a pair of socks still on the needles in his gift bag! But thankfully I can now knit on them in front of him without having to hide it.

  2. Sounds like my kind of day! Happy New Year to you and family. Thanks for all your knitting inspiration this year. You and Amy were in such high spirits in your last podcast, you really brightened mine.

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