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Stashbusting/Quick Gift Knits

Even though I have sworn not to worry about holiday knitting, there’s plenty to be said for holiday knitting for fun! This time of year, thinking of all the goodies to give my loved ones, I always come up with a number of things I’d like to knit even though time is short. If you’re in the same boat (the name of the boat being It’s Cold and I Want to Knit All the Things), this list of quick projects may go perfectly with your cocoa. All of these knits require less than 300 yards of yarn, so you may not even have to shop!

knit me a worsted hat; cozy and quick!


Tiny Tree Pattern, by Susan B. Anderson. Such an adorable little tree to put on your big tree! I plan to knit a couple of these in the next week or two myself…This is my top pick for now, but Susie has many, many small, quick projects to choose from, and all of her patterns are impeccably written. Check out her Ravelry page!

Chubby Cheeps, by Rebecca Danger. My 4-year-old niece and nephew would love these little guys. Rebecca Danger is another designer with tons of fun little toy patterns to try if you haven’t entered her world of squeezable monsters yet.

Leafy Washcloth, by Megan Goodacre. A graceful twist on the typical cotton dishcloth. These would make perfect presents!

Ball Band Dishcloth, by Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing; who hasn’t tried and enjoyed this pattern, made famous by the Mason Dixon ladiez?

Knit Cable Pillow Pattern: my mom loves chunky, textured knits. I’m thinking of casting on a variation of this design, but no with no cables (gasp!) just a nice textured stitch pattern. Maybe I’ll write it up if it turns out well!


Barley (baby hat) by Tin Can Knits; I love all of their patterns. So simple yet sophisticated.

Aviatrix Baby Hat, by Justine Turner really cute; a modern classic. I adore the earflaps; would probably leave off the strap because my kids never tolerated that well. But that’s just me!

Baby Sophisticate, by Linden Down. If there was a baby anywhere near, I would totally knit this.

Frankie Striped Socks, by Kristen Rengren. These are such adorable wee striped socks! Kristen really knows her babywear.


Cable Rouge, by Marisa Hernandez: cables and lace, what can I say? Always my favorite combination. About 175 yards of DK/light worsted.

soon you will be a real hat
star-crossed and stripy

Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret, by Natalie Larson; I have one of these on the needles right now!

Rosebud slouchy cabled beret, by Jared Flood. Asymmetrical, chunky cable and it just looks warm and cozy.

river valley cowl
river valley cowl

You all know by now, but I’d feel a little silly not mentioning my Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls e-book; I wear my Wisconsin River Valley cowl every single day now that the weather’s cold!


Point Reyes Mitts by Stephannie Tallent; lovely lace in a quick knit, with Stephannie’s signature beautiful pattern stitches.

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts, by Tante Ehm, worsted weight; I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time…

Waiting for Winter Mittens, by Susan B. Anderson. Made some of these for myself last year, and they knit up so quickly and cozily! A very satisfying knit. She’s sized this pattern for everyone from little kids to adults.

75-Yard Malabrigo Mitts, by Jeanne Stevenson. Super-simple classic! These work up really fast. Just a note of caution; I’ve tried knitting these in the typcial Malabrigo merino singles and it pilled like crazy. I’d recommend using a twisted, plied yarn for this project to keep it durable.


Gilsland Cowl, by Carrie Bostick Hoge. Hmm, what a surprise, cables and lace. I didn’t even try to do it with that one!

Marian, by Jane Richmond. Mega-sized, one of several quick,chunky seed/moss stitch cowls like Gap-tastic and the Last Minute Cowls from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

Happy holiday knitting to all!


PS Do you have other favorite quick knits? Please feel free to share…

5 thoughts on “Quick Gifty Knits List

  1. Jaala, great post today! Thank you for all the pattern links and photos. I just received my latest yummy yarn order from you and need to make more of my Knitted Arm Warmers. They are my go-to project this Christmas.

    Your readers can find more info about them here http://sheilazachariae.blogspot.com/2013/10/knitted-arm-warmers.html

    AND the gorgeous Hitchhiker Shawl I made with your Andromeda yarn here

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I needed a gift idea for a Holiday swap next week..the cable pillow is PER-fect! Thank you for saving me! Happy Holidays!

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