Long Weekend Knitting

Happy belated Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Craft Friday to everyone!

After all of the cleaning and prepping, Thanksgiving went off wonderfully smoothly. We had 11 people here, but didn’t have to do all the cooking. My dad makes the turkey and gravy, my mom the cranberry-apple sauce and green jello (we are midwestern, after all). Mike made his famous garlic green beans, my brother brought two kinds of mashed potatoes and I was in charge of the pies. Because our family now comprises several special diets, we only made pumpkin pie, but two good ol’ Libby’s pumpkin pie, one gluten-free pie and one low-carb/no sugar pie.

pumpkin goodness!
pumpkin goodness!

Every year, Thanksgiving means taking out the Wedgwood at our house. We don’t have much family on my Dad’s side, so using my grandmother’s wedding china always feels very special. We always unwrap each piece from its newspaper cradle very carefully and save the same newspaper for next year.

they don't make it like they used to
they don’t make it like they used to

Because our family’s  a melting pot of religions, right after Thanksgiving and before we pulled out the handmade Advent calendar, Grammy and Buppa invited us for Hannukkah dinner. (We lit all of the candles because  Buppa will be out of town for the last half of Hannukkah).




And, remember how I’m not doing any holiday knitting? Well, I might sneak in one project….

IMG_1795My dad has been hinting for years that he would love some heavy ski socks to replace the ones our dear departed Grandma Misa made way back when. It’s a perfect chance to try out the 100% Blue-Faced Leicester superwash base I’ve been dyeing up. (This is the Enchanted Forest colorway). My darning skills aren’t up to snuff, but I may track down somebody at the Sow’s Ear or Knitting Tree to patch up the originals, too.

We didn’t really participate in Black Friday, or Craft Friday, having a Baseball and Movie Friday instead, but I love the #CraftFriday idea!

Saturday and Sunday, I spent a good deal of time in the Lair, working on yarn for a big wholesale order (shhh, it’s a secret) and getting packages together for the All Wrapped Up and Gradient clubs. Both are just waiting on final pattern layout to start hitting the mailboxes!

starry night 1


Yarn Sale Continues

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased yarn in the Yarn-a-palooza kettle-dye sale! It’s not just a Cyber Week thing; I’ll probably keep it up for the next couple of weeks, since I still have more kettle-dyes and handpaints to add!

Happy December, everybody!





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