Kickin’ It Knitting Style

The theme of this post is “blue.” Three different blues!

Cloudburst in the Gradient Yarn Club

First, now that they’re all on their way, I can reveal the final Summer Gradient Club package! If you’re in the club and haven’t received a tracking number, please email me right away!(

Cloudburst yarn and pattern
Cloudburst yarn and pattern

Regard, the debut of the Double Gradient! The Cloudburst yarn shown begins and ends with the darkest shade, so you can make a scarf or shawl with matching ends. The Cloudburst Stole was lots of fun to design, and the one shown was knit by my amazing test-knitter, Judy, in probably less than 48 hours.

Cloudburst Yarn
Cloudburst Yarn
Shawl Pin Heaven treat!
Shawl Pin Heaven treat!

We were so lucky; the wonderful Kerri, of Shawl Pin Heaven, worked with me to design a custom shawl pin for the Club! I just love her sweet and inventive pins, and she was even named one of the Top Shops of Etsy. Thanks so much to everyone in the Club; it was such a good time putting the packages together for you. (If you missed this one, you can still join the Matching Socks Club anytime).

Kickin’ It



Li’l Buddy’s soccer team played a tournament this weekend; the early morning game was a bit bracing (coffee recommended!) but we enjoyed perfect autumn weather for the later games, and kettle corn, of course.



A he was lying in bed Saturday night, he murmured, “Can we bring cupcakes for my team tomorrow?”

How could I resist? You guys know I love to bake, so I trotted right over to the kitchen and mixed up some chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting for the team color. I always use the Betty Crocker cookbook for any cakes; they tell you to put all of the ingredients together and mix it, first slow, then fast. It’s not much harder than a mix, and you have cupcakes from scratch!

Feeling Blue

Sweetest Little Boy
Sweetest Little Boy

We had a bit of a hard day Monday when we said goodbye to our sweet Nico. He wandered from home and was hit by a car. Kind neighbors let us know and even helped us bring him home. There was never such a guy for putting up his little paws asking to be held. He was so relaxed that sometimes he would slide right off of a kid’s lap onto the floor! We were very sad to lose him, but feel very lucky to have had him for as long as we did.

Not Blue

Li’l Buddy has been asking for a knitted toy for a long time, the title platypus from one of his very favorite books, Freddie’s Blanket. Joanna and Eric create such charmingly illustrated books, he and I spent happy hours poring over each picture when he was younger. After Monday, I figured a soft, safe pet was just the ticket. Plus, he’s growing up so fast, who knows how much longer he’ll be asking for knitted stuffed animals? So I dyed up some soft brown yarn and just cast on for a little Freddie.

Take care and happy knitting,






One thought on “Kickin’ It Knitting Style

  1. I know I’m answering this late, but I’m so sorry to hear about Nico. Losing a family member like that is always hard, whether they have been with you for just a short time, or quite a long one.

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