Lair Improvement

ImageAs you guys probably know, my yarn -dyeing studio is fondly called The Evil Lair, mostly becasue it’s in the basement. I’ve been working with the skeins downstairs, then running upstairs and setting kitchen timers for the dyebaths to snatch some time on the computer.

But now, I’ve decided to make the leap and embrace the basement (especially because it’ll be nice and cool down there for the summer). All of my desk things, references and works-in-progress are now in the Lair.



Table with fun, vintage floor covering top courtesy of my mom.



One of many yarn shelves in the Lair. Now I can answer email, list my yarns and plan my business strategy just an arm’s length from my dye pots and winding equipment!

Birthday Fun

It is Birthday Season in our family; for a celebration last week, we made gluten-free cupcakes. Usually, I make bakery from scratch, but sometimes with Gluten-Free, mixes are more predictable and the King Arthur cake mixes never disappoint.

Belle had no interest in the baking part, but she loved doing the frosting. I made a buttercream and stirred in raspberry jam for a little pop of flavor, and pale pink color. We tried using the big tip on the frosting squeezer (that’s a technical term) and she had a blast decorating them all up!




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