Shop Update: Introducing Matching Socks Sets

This is an exciting weekend, and not just because it’s Mother’s Day: I’ve just completed the first part of a big Knitcircus Yarns Shop Update, including the online debut of Matching Socks sets!



The Matching Socks are two cakes made from one skein of sock yarn and dyed to match, so every stitch will be the same as the colors slowly change. 


The completed sock shows how the colors shade into one another as the work progresses.

Shawl Triads


This is also the first time out for Shawl Triads, three skeins dyed especially to complement each other for stripes and colorblock patterns.


Of course, gradient, kettle-dyed and handpainted single skeins and Sweater’s Worths have been listed, too. I’ll be updating the shop with more skeins, Matching Socks and shawl kits throughout the weekend, and will send out a notification on Monday  so this is a good time to get in early and browse. 🙂

Now to take the boys to Flag Football on a sunny (but not very warm) spring day!

Take care,



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