Snowy Weekend; Perfect for Handknits!

Over Groundhog Day, we watched the wonderful Bill Murray movie of the same name, and Belle watched it with us for the first time. And, just like those radio announcers said, “Don’t forget your booties, ‘cuz it’s cold out there!”

ImageOur snowy street

We did a photo shoot for a new hat-and-cowl set I’m working on; should be out soon!


ImageIt’s a super-easy  set I developed for my wonderful Van Hise Elementary knitters, who are just learning all about knit, purl and work in the round. 😉


Happy Monday, and stay warm, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend; Perfect for Handknits!

  1. If I hadn’t been a couple hours north of San Francisco with the other knitting mamas (and part of our hoard of children), I would have been home with Husband watching the very same movie. As it turns out, he watched it without me. ::sigh::

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