Boyfriend Sweaters Book Giveaway



Who doesn’t wanted to cozy up in a comfy men’s sweater once in a while? Women can wear guy’s styles with panache, and sometimes we also want to knit things that our guys will actually wear.

Bruce Weinstein’s new book, Boyfriend Sweaters, 19 Designs for Him That You’ll Want to Wear, introduces a number of classic looks, with tips and tricks for other techniques like colorwork, kitchener stitch and double knitting. 

Just leave a comment here about your favorite kind of sweater to wear, or your favorite design form the book (check it out on Ravelry here), or a comment about something you’ve knitted for a guy and how he liked it.

The giveaway will run through this Sunday evening, January 27th. Thanks so much to Potter Craft for supplying the book! 



54 thoughts on “Boyfriend Sweaters Book Giveaway

  1. My husband didn’t believe that I would make him a sweater, so I did and managed to keep it a secret until it was 3/4 of the way done… I finally let the cat out of the bag because I couldn’t stand not knowing FOR SURE if it would fit or not. He wears that sweater every day when it’s cold!

  2. I definitely would knit the camel cabled cardigan, looks like a potential staple (especially with our cold Ontario winters!)

  3. I’m a guy and I want this book! I’m always happy to find patterns for men and this book is full of great sweaters for everyone. I personally like knitting vests for me and want to knit myself a cardigan. Thanks for sharing this opportunity to win.

  4. I’ll wear any sweater as long as it’s comfy. So far, though I haven’t tackled sweaters for my hubby – I’m halfway through his first pair of socks tho…. Maybe a sweater will be next. I’m loving everything I’ve seen about this book. Definitely on my list to acquire… Thanks!!!

  5. My husband has been asking for a button-down sweater for years. I think that the textured argyle cardigan in this book would be perfect!

  6. I knit a simple pullover for my hubby a couple years ago. He wore it for a while then it sat and sat on the shelf. Just last weekend he pulled it out and wore it to a function. Happy!

  7. I knit a hat for my spouce. I found it wadded up under the bed. Alpaca yarn. I will never knit this gentleman another thing. I was very hurt.

  8. I’ve only knit 1 boyfriend sweater and it failed miserably. Would love to frog and re-knit a new sweater for my guy (unfortunately he’s a 2XL so I’ll only be able to wear it around the house).

  9. Way way back – more than thirty years ago now – I knitted my boyfriend, now husband, a fairisle vest and he wore it at our (very low key) wedding. Looking now at the vest, and in particular my colour choices, I doubt he loved the vest but as he wore it he must really have loved me

  10. I knit a sweater for my boyfriend when I was 15. Yes, the relationship ended (ah, the curse of the boyfriend sweater!). But I bumped into him years later, we married and after 20 years I’ve discovered he still keeps that old sweater hidden in a secret place in the attic.
    Maybe I’ll knit another one soon….
    asteride on Ravelry

  11. I knitted an alpaca hat for a good friend, who shaves his head and so I figured he could use the warm hat. Well, it sat on his desk for a month and when I asked him to at least try it on, he acused me of trying to control his life! Needless to say, I crossed him off my knit worthy list. Never again!

  12. I have knit many hats for my son, now 19. What he wants now is a classic cardigan very much like the one on the cover of Boyfriend Knits.

  13. My goodness, there are so many wonderful designs! I think my faves are Funnel Neck Pullover and the Off-Center Half-Zip. I always prefer wearing men’s sweaters over women’s and this book is perfect for me. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and for the terrific giveaway.

  14. Well, I have YET to knit a sweater, but want to! 🙂 I knit a pair of socks for my boyfriend, but forgot that I used a smaller needle than normal, so they came out a little tight. Time to knit something else for him! 🙂

  15. I have a cardigan that I bought (oh the horrors) that is my all time fav. It’s cream with specks of maroon &goes with everything! It’s so comfy & warm!

  16. I love big and baggie cardigans but my favorite from the book is the Honeycomb Pullover. Thanks for the chance to win! (cnuland on Rav)

  17. My latest knitting for a guy was a pair of mitts for a beloved co-worker. He requested something to keep his hands warm that coordinated with a hat I made for his birthday. Recently it has been bitterly cold and he’s been wearing the mitts, but not the hat. I don’t know if his kids have appropriated it or his wife decided it was too garish (it is a VIVID green). And this book has some great patterns in it. I too like the Funnel Neck, but the Shaker Cardigan has a siren-like call!

  18. I’d knit the Shaker Cardigan for my husband, no question. I love knitting for the men in my life, and this book would be a great addition to my library. Thanks for the opportunity!

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