Knitting Help–Ask Me Anything!


Johnny from New Stitch A Day has asked me to be on Knitting Help, which will be broadcast live tomorrow! So tune in on Google Plus at noon Central time; have questions about podcasting? Running an online magazine? Shawl, cowl or hat construction? How many cats I have? Please ask questions in the comments here, on Twitter with the hashtag #knittinghelp, or live on Google Plus tomorrow, and I’ll do my best to answer them. To join in the discussion, just add New Stitch a Day to your Google Plus groups (if you’re on G+).

If you won’t be able to make it to the hangout tomorrow, the New Stitch A Day team will edit and re-release the show on their You Tube Channel.

So please, ask away! Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow….


IMG_2461Meanwhile, we’ve got a bona fide blizzard here. The kids are home from school, sledding and making cookies as the flakes keep coming down. So far, we’ve got 12 inches and counting (the object bottom right in the photo is our birdbath…)


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