News of the Cute

Belle did some knitting this weekend; an adorable Armadillo from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.

She did it all herself, except a little help with the legs.

I love how the shell was made separately, and fits perfectly around his little tail!

So proud of my little knitter. 🙂

She and I are confabbing, because I’ll be teaching an Intro to Knitting class at her school in January. We’re trying to figure out a good progression of projects to help kids succeed. We’re thinking little sachets/doll pillows/beanbags, bracelets, hat with chunky yarn, knitted monster…


One thought on “News of the Cute

  1. This was a definite sqee. As a zookeeper who takes care of an armadillo named Sheldon I have to say this guy is definitely a great armadillo mochi mochi.

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