Prefectly Cast Mitten




I recently knit a fun and challenging mitten for a sad reason; my little Belle broke her hand. She loves Judo, and was in the middle of learning a new technique when her partner rolled over her hand. When I arrived to pick her up, they had wrapped a cold cloth over it, but by the next morning that thumb pad had doubled in size, a good thing for a bread dough, but not for a child’s hand.

So it was off to the Children’s Hospital for us, where the same cast tech who had helped with Lil Buddy’s broken wrist got her all wrapped up. Poor Belle had broken her writing hand  but luckily, her teachers have been immensely helpful with writing for her and allowing her to use the classroom laptop.

But we live in Wisconsin, where fall mornings can get nippy, so it only took a couple of days before she said, “Mom, my fingers are freezing! Could you help me?”

Of course, a plea like that makes any knitter jump into action, so I got out my chunky yarn for fast knitting, and started to work while we watched our Friday Night Family Movie. Every inch or so, I asked her for a fitting, and we did manage to make it work!


It was pretty funny, because, as you can see, the wrist and thumb needed to be about as big around as a log cabin log, while the top covers her little 10-year-old fingers.

The Love of a Knitter

This project was truly a labor of love, and was more fun than lots of labors of love, since it provided a good knitterly challenge and knit up in just a couple of evenings.

But this story could have had a sad ending, when the mitten somehow lost its way and ended up on the lawn on the side of the school. It was our neighbor, Cindy  who spotted the lonely, funky mitten and returned it to us. Without the sharp eyes and generous spirit of a fellow knitter, the Cast Mitten could have been tragically lost, and never used unless by a chilly hedgehog a la The Mitten.

Thanks, Cindy!


2 thoughts on “Prefectly Cast Mitten

  1. The best part is that after the cast comes off and it’s all healed up, you can rip the mitten out and re-knit it to properly match it’s mate 🙂

    Sorry about the kiddos hand though. That’s never fun. I used to have to wear wrist braces in college from years of improper use and I had an awful time finding mittens to fit. I wasn’t a knitter then 😦

  2. I just listened to your podcast this very morning and am delighted to have an accurate visual to accompany the story in my head.

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