Yarns Afoot

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the kids and I cleaned up the basement room with our washer and dryer and created the Evil Lair. It’s really a dyeing studio, but Belle began calling it an evil lair because of its underground nature, and the name stuck.

Every morning, as soon as we wake up, the kids have joined me in the coolness of the Lair to experiment with colors and bases. When we’ve got something new hanging up to dry, we head up for breakfast.

It really all comes down to my love of stripes. At TNNA, I was captivated, as always, by the lovely Freia Fibers handpaints, and by a shawl in Baah Yarn’s booth which began with sunshine yellow and moved to blue over the length of a shawl. Unfortunately, Baah studios yarn isn’t available in Wisconsin, and Freia has a wonderful, but limited, color palette. I started dreaming about what colors I’d create for a long-striping color change yarn.

Of course, creating a long-striping color change yarn isn’t exactly easy, either to conceive or to execute. It was only after enlisting my husband (programmer) and my dad (furniture maker) to consult on the matter that we figured it out.

Once we had the theory, time to refine the practice.

Every day I try out new color combinations, new yarn bases.

Just want to make it clear; I’m making my own yarn, yes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be working with other yarns! We’ll still be talking about new indy and bigger company’s offerings on the Knitcircus Newsletter and blog, and will be using a wide variety of fibers in Knitcircus books and collections. Just like the wonderful Katie, from Yarn Love, said to me once, making your own yarn doesn’t mean you stop loving everyone else’s; in fact, you appreciate it more, because you understand what went into creating it.

I’m still working on developing the best core colors and thinking about seasonal ones….what do you think? What colors would you like to see and knit with? Please let me know! More info coming…I anticipate having yarn available at the Sow’s Ear event August 25th for you locals, and on Etsy the first week of September.

6 thoughts on “Yarns Afoot

  1. Brilliant colors thus far. I love the nickname of the lair. In terms of colors, I would love to find/see colors for the seasons, for example: orange, yellow, red, pale green for fall. White, blues light through dark, maybe some grey for winter. Greens from pale to bright, maybe some yellows for spring. Sandy brown, blues light to deep blue-ish purple for summer. Just some suggestions. I prefer these color combinations in fingering to lace weight (I am also more likely to splurge on a skein or two of these since a lot of smaller projects can be made with them.) Just my thoughts. I love the color combos you have shown above, great job!

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