Knitting by Nature Winner

The winner of Sheryl Thies’ Knitting by Nature book is: onetotravelfar. Check your email and send me your postal address and I’ll get that out for you on Monday!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend, staying cool.

Here’s a peek at the newest member of our household:Image

Our kitten, Friday the 13th (for his Halloween cat fuzzy fur). We call him Friday for short, or The Little Prince, or Little King Friday.




10 thoughts on “Knitting by Nature Winner

    1. Thanks! He’s actually three-fourths Himalayan, so is the fanciest cat we’ve ever had. 🙂 Himalayans are supposed to be really friendly, and boy, is he ever! I’ve never seen a little guy purr so much.

  1. So cute! When I adopted my black kitten from the Dane County Humane Society, they told me that black kittens/cats were usually the last to get adopted.

    1. That’s interesting! I’ve heard that about black dogs, too. Maybe people think they’re bad luck? (Like “the grim in Harry Potter?). Our little guy is nothing but good vibes; hope your black kitty is, too!

      1. Maddie (named after Madeline Tosh yarn) is a very sweet cat and smart too – the only cat that I have had who plays fetch (and I didn’t teach her – she did it herself). : )

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. The book arrived and I see a square shawl in my future. I have your cat’s twin, but older by about 10 years, named Loki

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