Summer Fun; Cooking and Crafting

Summer’s half over, and what a hot and dry one! Belle told me yesterday that she thinks that the dry weather is making us all feel prickly, like the poor bleached grass.

To keep things refreshed, here are 5 things the kids and I want to try in the next few weeks:

1. Making raspberry freezer jam. We still have berries out there!

2. My 10-year-old made a bunch of Darth Paper figures on her own. I’d like to try some origami with them, too!

3. Making blueberry lemonade like the amazing drink we had at a Portland food cart at Sock Summit last year. We tried blueberry ice cream last week and Li’l Buddy declared it “the best ice cream I’ve ever had.” (We replaced the sour cream in this recipe with half-and-half.)

4. Printing out photos of some of our favorite events this year to make mini photo books.

5. Knitting: I’ve been writing my own patterns, which I love, but would like to try knitting some patterns by other people, too! Top of my list: Felicia from SweetGeorgia’s Shattered Sun shawl, Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl, another Hitchhiker and Susanna IC’s Annis.




3 thoughts on “Summer Fun; Cooking and Crafting

  1. I made a mini Annis mainly to practice my nupps and it turned out very well. The trick is to bind off firmly, not loosely, as is usually done for a shawl.
    By the way, Jaala, thanks for the tutorial on invisible circular cast-ons a week or so ago. I was aware of the technique but your photos made me actually want to try it. I sat down and repeated it 4 or 5 times so that now I can do it without instructions. Makes a very neat looking beginning.
    I will miss your podcast while Amy is away!

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