Picot Cast Off and Yoke Finalists

This week’s newsletter: photo tutorials for the Knitted Cast-On and Picot Bind-Off. Use these when you want a decorative and stretchy edging on pretty much anything!

Download PDF here. As always, if you’d like to sign up for the free weekly e-newsletter, please do so on the Knitcircus homepage. List never used for anything but the newsletter.

Thanks for your wonderful comments about the Yoke-Along! You helped me narrow it down to the top contenders:

Yoke Chart Pullover-WG79 by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen

Equinox Yoke Pullover, by Michele Rose Orne

Stripes! by Whitney Gegg-Harrison

Adelaide Yoke Pullover, by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Neiman, by Weaverknits is really fun, but disqualified by small needle size I hadn’t noticed earlier. Maybe that or Cottage Garden, by Cheryl Burke will be a good project for this winter!

Heading to the Sow’s Ear to meet the lovely Amy D this morning; yarn selection and LYS recommendations will help make the final choice!


One thought on “Picot Cast Off and Yoke Finalists

  1. I like Cottage Garden, and it would fit in w/this week’s newsletter well! LOL! I think it would look better in more high contrast yarns though.

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