May Book Reviews and New KAL Surprise

This Week’s Newsletter:

Some wonderful books this week: Spin Art, by Jacey Boggs, Beyond Knit & Purl, by Kate Atherly, The Adventures of Miss Flitt, by Beth Hahn, and Knitting Everyday Finery, by Mel Clark. Just click to download this week’s pdf.

The SIlk Moon KAL is amazing; the knitters are just blowing my mind with their gorgeous and varied yarn choices, and some of you are so fast! A number of people have already knit multiple shawls.

There’s a new KAL surprise: you don’t have to be finished to win these prizes, just be a part of the Silk Moon Ravelry Group.This Friday, two group members will be randomly selected to receive the new prizes:

One winner will receive a Pretty Cheep Project Bag, plus a Spud and Chloe gift bag with two On the Run Patterns, plus an adorable tape measure.

The second winner takes home an enameled sheep keychain and Spud and Chloe gift bag.

To enter, just make sure that you’re a member of the Silk Moon KAL Group on Ravelry!


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