Knitting Recipes Winner and Sock Update


Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls giveaway! Thanks to the wonderful Fickleknitter for partnering up with Knitcircus for that contest.

The winner, Laura, has been notified.The three runners-up, Janet, Monica of Sweetpurls blog, and Rinebird, have also been notified.

Book Cover

I’m so excited: Graphics maven Anneliese just sent me a draft cover of the book!


Sport Socks

In sock knitting news, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the Sports Socks: suffice to say, I’m no Yarn Harlot for speed. Those games were nailbiters; I had to look up a lot!

I love the way the Sweetgeorgia Tough Love  in Maple yarn (scroll to the bottom of the SG color page to see it) is working up; it changes colors often enough to keep it interesting, but not so much that it’s crazy. There’s some pooling, but I’m not worried about it at all, since when it’s worn, you’ll only see the top half of the foot. For this sock, I’ve used a Turkish cast-on and short-row heel.

This part of the sock was brought to you by two soccer matches, two baseball games and a softball game. Watch for sock updates hopefully every Monday!

Have a good one,


One thought on “Knitting Recipes Winner and Sock Update

  1. Ah, I think I need to give those sports socks a try. I haven’t made socks yet, and the thought of working through cuffs is not interesting to me yet (as I worry about the heel and gusset).

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