Knitting Bowl: Debra’s Garden

Debra is always on top of new cool tools and accessories, so whenever I see her booth at an event, I hustle over to get an eyefull. Last time I saw her, she had a crop of these polka-dot knitting bowls I just couldn’t resist. (Note: mine is orange; she has lots of color combos).

When my husband saw it, he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic; “That’s….specialized,” he said, raising one eyebrow. And it’s true, you can’t serve soup in this bowl, and I did feel  a little indulgent. It’s also true that I’ve never regretted this purchase for a moment.

Having a special place to put a project helps me focus; it’s clear which project is getting finished, because it’s the one in the yarn bowl. And I didn’t realize how often the ball was rolling away or getting played with by cats until the bowl kept it safely in one place.

The spiral cutout keeps the yarn coming out the right place; you can also use the smaller hole to work two-at-a-time socks from both sides of the ball. The bowl won’t scratch furniture, because it’s got little round pads on the bottom, and each is signed by the artist and handmade in the USA.

The bowl makes my knitting projects more decorative in the living room, and keeps it safe from coffee spills on my desk. it’s both useful ad beautiful. And wonderfully specific.

Check out the other colors and markers, accessories and tools on Debra’s site.


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