Knitters Curiosity Cabinet Giveaway

You may remember designer Hunter Hammersen from her February interview with Knitcircus:

She has generously offered an electronic copy of her new book, the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, to a lucky Knitcircus reader!

Inspired by Hunter’s discovery of Curiosity Cabinets, a way to display finds from nature and around the world, she’s created 20 patterns inspired by historic botanical prints.

In Hunter’s world, this

inspires a pattern for these

The patterns include 10 socks, and 10 other accessories, including hats, mitts, shawls and cowls, all with Hunter’s signature attention to detail, and worked in delicious-looking independently-made yarns.

To win a copy of the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet e-book, please leave a comment below about any of Hunter’s designs. The winner will be picked on Friday night, March 30th, by Random Number Generator.


95 thoughts on “Knitters Curiosity Cabinet Giveaway

  1. I love this book! I’ve been wanting to knit the Polypodium vulgare cowl, and even have the yarn bought and ready to go for it – just waiting to buy the book. There are so many designs from this book that I want to knit – it’s a fabulous collection!

  2. I was admiring these designs from the moment I saw them. Those Chrysanthemum socks look like such a fun knit. I’ve also had ‘Popped’ in my queue for a long time.

  3. I love that there are socks and accessories that share the same plant-inspiration, but came out completely different.
    I think my favorite patterns are the Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus socks and the Linaria Bipartita socks and shawl.

  4. I love all of the patterns (especially the socks since I love making them) and love the inspiration. When I was a kid, my elderly neighbors I a couple curiosity cabinets filled with their treasures and I found them to be fascinating then as now.

  5. I think my first time got swallowed, so if this a duplicate, pleae ignore! Lol

    I love all the patterns here, especially the socks as those are my favorite to knit! I also love the inspiration behind them. As a youngling, my elderly neighbors had two curiosity cabinets filled with their treasures from throughout their lives. I always love looking at them and hearing the stories behind some of the stuff…then again, I love history and being round elderly people, and this is probably part of where it started at.

  6. some awesome patterns. I particularly like the Brigid sock pattern. Both the pattern and the inspiration – Brigid (usually pronounced Breed and sometimes written Brigantia, Brigandu, Bride, or Brigit) is one of the most ancient and powerful figures in the Celtic pantheon. Brigid is a triple goddess and oversees healing, smithcraft, and poetry.

  7. I am just about to start senneh from silk road socks – I love the patterning. I have been wondering what to do with a skein of high silk content sock yarn I have and the ribbing in this should make up for the lack of elasticity in the silk… I love the variety in Hunter’s books

  8. I read her blog and LOVE all the tiny details and unique lines in her patterns. It’s like magic in teeny tiny form!

  9. I love Hunter’s mitt patterns. But like others have said, all her patterns are so cure that picking one to cast on is not an easy task. Happy knitting!

    raverly id: mmgrrr

  10. What a wonderful book from a terrific designer. I’ve knit one of her hat patterns before to give as a gift, and I plan on knitting another one for myself. I would love to knit anything from her new book!

  11. I’ve knit seven different Hunter sock patterns so far and my favorite is the Joshagan / Joshaqan pattern (from Silk Road Socks). They are so pretty! 🙂 I think the gold pair from the cover might be my favorite in the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet.

  12. I’ve been meaning to knit something from one of her patterns for a long time, maybe now’s the time?At the moment my favourite is Pinus Silvestris Socks.

  13. This is such a gorgeous book. I pre-ordered it for a friend when it was first announced, but now I’m jonesing for my own copy, too.

  14. Wow, those patterns are beautiful! I’ve already knitted the Linaria Bipartita socks from the book and they are gorgeous!

  15. I really love and admire all the patterns based on designs in nature, but I think my favorite of her patterns is still Popped.

  16. I bought Hunter’s “Silk Road Socks” and love her patterns. She is in the lush school of sock design, with patterns full of rich details and patterning. There are several patterns I will make out of that book (eventually 🙂 ) – Yomut, Heriz and Nain are at the top of the list.

    Thanks, Hunter and Jaala, for this generous giveaway. I’m scifiknitter on Ravelry.

  17. I am in love with almost every pattern in Silk Road Socks, and have been itching to cast on for Gordes for a while now! Can’t wait to see more from her!

  18. My favorite by far is Gordes from the Silk Road Socks book. Have yarn for it, just need to cast on. I would love to see more of Hunter’s work!

  19. Thanks for having this giveaway! I love the narcissus pseudo-narcissus socks A LOT and am guessing there would be a ton of patterns in the book that I’d like.

  20. I started following Hunter’s work when I saw Silk Road Socks. Once again she has come out with another book of patterns where I want to make almost everything in the book! At the moment I think my favorite in Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet is probably the Loasa lateritia socks, but that tends to change each time I go back and look the the pictures 🙂

  21. The socks are beautiful! I would so love to own this. Cabinets rock. I bought and vintage cabinet with glass doors to display my good yarn in my living room. The yarn is to nice to be tucked away in a tote, but to nice to just sit out and get dusty. It has a beautiful home in a cabinet a piece of art all by it’s self. I cabinet full of dreams all the things that I could make!

  22. I am absolutely in love with all her patterns. I thought the idea for the Silk Road Socks book was just fantastic, but the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet is tops it.

  23. (sorry not sure if my comment got lost or not)…I absolutely love her designs. I thought Silk Road Socks was such a fantastic and unique idea, but Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet just blows me away.

  24. I have yet to see a Hunter pattern I didn’t like, but my favorite is the Rampant sock pattern so far. I’m sure a copy of this book could change that though!

  25. What a gorgeous book! I can’t believe these designs were inspired by nature, & love the explanation..makes me want to delve into socks, which I’ve really never done. I really would be interested in doing the Rosa rubiginosa Socks…could be simple enough for me?

  26. I love hunters creative eye! I have her first book Silk Road Socks , I have yet to make any thing from it but I drool over it all the time!

  27. Wow I see an open space in my book shelf right next to silk road socks and I think the knitters curiosity cabinet would be a perfect fit! the narcissus wristers are very cute! Look just like a flower.

  28. Hey that’s my friends feet on the cover! Squee!!

    Her designs are all lovely! I really like Rubus suberectus Shawl , It’s something I would wear (and not just because my pal is the one modeling it!)

  29. I first became aware of Hunter Hammersen’s beautiful designs when she was the suggested designer in a sock of the month knit along. I had SUCH a hard time picking just ONE of my favorites from her selection at the time. All of the socks are not only pretty – but look really fun to knit!! My current favorite is Afshari from Silk Road Socks.

  30. Her designs are gogeous. I haven’t gotten the courage to try any of her patterns yet, but they are definitly iny queue.

  31. Silly detail, but language geek that I am, I love the definition of the word that names her patterns. Like Interstices (“gaps or breaks in something generally continuous”).

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