Spring Yarns Giveaway

Indigodragonfly Merino Sock. A one-of-a-kind colorway called Bunnies: Silent But Deadly (after ex-demon Anya’s fear of rabbits in the beloved tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Freia Fine Handpaints Ombre Lace in the mouthwatering Melon colorway.

Two lucky winners will each receive one of these yarns, and two more will get my new Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls e-book delivered to their inbox!

To enter: please leave a comment below about any yarns from Indigodragonfly and Freia Fibers, or my Knitting Recipes patterns so far! Winners will be picked Thursday evening by Random Number Generator.

Please note: yarns shipped to US and Canada only. But the e-books can go anywhere!


153 thoughts on “Spring Yarns Giveaway

  1. Spring is here!!!! Bunnies and Melons what could be better. Sure would like to try either one of these out.

  2. Both yarns look amazing! As a brand new Buffy fan (finally catching up on my tv from the late 90’s), I would love to make a pair of socks out of that yarn. =)

  3. Indigodragonfly really does have the absolute best names for yarn out there. Everytime I go to the shop page, I just giggle. Love the Silent but Deadly color, I think it would look fantastic in your Michigan Waves Hat… it’d be worth doing the gauge math 😀

  4. Would love the Bunnies:Silent but Deadly in the Cowl pattern because I own a silent but deadly bunny-She likes to eat Stephen King books

  5. The colors remind me of hunting for Easter Eggs as a child. How yummy! It would be springtime all year wearing these.

  6. I’m in LOVE! Thank you, Spring! I thought you would never get here… and you brought such loveliness with you! Just beautiful…

  7. i’m loving the recipe patterns so far! as a michigander i loved the shout-out on the gorgeous waves hat, and hooray for the scalloped edging on the cowl. mmM!

  8. Omigosh. I’ve never seen the Freia handpainted yarn before, and I am totally in love. That melon yarn? It’s insanely beautiful! Seriously, I am mouthwatering, I am bookmarking the page so that I can come back when I have yarn-money. Thank you for showing me!

  9. I’m so well aware that Bunnies ARE Deadly. But then, how could I not look for Elvis outside the painting? As I watch the snow fall (in March, first day of Spring no less) where it’s not supposed to, I could celebrate Spring with one of those yummy yarns.

  10. Oooh! “I have no patience for jam hands!” This is the reason my brother doesn’t have children 😉 Too bad he doesn’t wear the socks I make him or he’d get a pair of these!

  11. I love the undulating pattern of the Michigan waves. The idea of the reversible cables seems to fit well in my mind with the notion that the spot where one wave ends and another begins can be rather difficult to define. The hat reflects well on this sort of balance between distinction and continuity.

  12. Indigodragonfly’s colorways are just deliciously named. And just as deliciously dyed. So beautiful! Freia Fiber’s Melon is luscious!! Thanks for the lovely spring giveaway!

  13. Love both yarns – gorgeous colors!

    The e-book is such a great idea; knitting recipes are so useful (and easier than my usual method of finding something similar and modifying).

  14. I love Indigodragonfly yarns… the colors are fabulous, but the titles are the best part! Personally, my favorite titles are the buffy ones (“My boyfriend had a bicentennial”, etc.). I love the knitting recipes ebook too–I’m dreadful at swatching 🙂

  15. Freia Fine Handpaints Ombre Lace in the mouthwatering Melon colorway is so pretty! Thanks! Debbie H gussek on Ravelry

  16. As a Buffy fan, I laughed when I saw the name of the yarn; Bunnies; silent but deadly. That was a most excellent episode. 🙂
    The melon yarn also looks absolutely yummy!
    And I love to knit cowls so the book would also be very much appreciated!

  17. I have not yet tried Indigodragonfly yarn, but it is on my must try list. I love the color way and love the name of bunnies.

  18. OH HALLELUJAH! I finally found my knitting companions – the SMART ASS KNITTERS WORLD DOMINATION at Indigo Dragonfly. To me that was the best – and to see that they are in Haliburton, near my ancestral homeland of Muskoka – how fun.

    And at Freia Handpaint Yarns, I loved the Dartmoor colorway of the Flux Lace -but the Ombre lace is fantastic – give me some Nightshade, Atlantis or Melon!

    And finally Knit Recipes – love that Michigan Waves hat. I might have to cast one on! Love all of this post.

  19. You’re so clever to come up with recipes for knitting! I can’t wait to go through the book and am really enjoying the pics, especially the reversible hat. It’s so cool to mix cleverness with yarn-how could you not taste summer while knitting Melon or laugh yourself silly over silent but deadly bunnies in every stitch?

  20. That Bunnies yarn is really beautiful – I like her other colorways but that is my favorite. Love the Michigan Waves hat, too!

  21. Wow, Indigodragonfly has both awesome colours, and awesome colour names. Love Bunnies: Silent But Deadly, and also I Have No Patience For Jam Hands!

  22. As a Michiganian, I LOVE the Michigan Waves Hat and the Indigodragonfly yarn is awesome. I love the different colours like “TARDIS” and “Your inevitable Betrayal”.

  23. I am a “Blue” person. Even my DGC comment on it . The yarn would be perfect to knit the Summer Sky scarf pattern.

  24. The colors of those yarns are amazing…even on the computer. I would be so excited to win anything of this. Confession: I’ve never knit anything out of a hand-painted yarn…it would be a first for me. Also really like the cowl…..

  25. “Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes
    They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.
    And what’s with all the carrots, what do they need such good eyesight anyway?
    Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be Buuunnnniiieees!!!”

    – Anya in Once More With Feeling

    What GREAT prizes!!!

  26. Love the Michigan Waves pattern hat in the Knitting Recipes. I love to watch Lake Michigan and the hat would be a wonderful reminder of the waves of summer.

  27. I went to peek at the Indigodragonfly colors and I think I might just have to have an order of Self Elmolation for myself (because it has Elmo in the title and I have a love of Elmo – even if that wasn’t the intention).

    Of course, there are other things…

  28. I definitely want to knit the Michigan Waves hat for my youngest daughter. She attended the University of Notre Dame and had occasion to go to the Dunes State Park several times. I think the hat will help remind her of the special times she had during her undergraduate years!

  29. LOVE the Freia Flux and Ombre collections. I’m so excited that you introduced me to them. The designing gears are turning and I’m going to have to get some soon.

  30. The Freia Handpaints look just like the flowers that are blooming so wonderfully early. What a beautiful shawl could be knitted from the yarn.

  31. Oooh, I’d love to try one of those long color-changing skeins like that. Always ogled, never tried (yet).
    I also love the scallop edge on your cowl!

  32. The Freia yarns have caught my eye for some time. Ki adore the melon and Nightshade colorways. Just yummy! I bet they would be really fun to knit with.
    Betsy in the Saturated Seattle suburbs

  33. Love the Freia Ombre yarns. I’ve never seen such vivid colorways. Melon is my favorite, with Atlantis and Nightside not far behind. Thanks for introducing me to this yarn (sharrylee on Ravelry)

  34. I really like what I can see of the Balm to the Soul Shawlette 2– by any chance, are there photos of the entire thing available? And the yarns are both gorgeous in very different ways! 🙂

  35. The Dartmoor Flux yarn from Freia has all my favorite colors in one skein! It looks good wound in the skein, but I can imagine the gorgeous things I could knit with it!

  36. I had a blast looking at all the different (and mouth-watering!!) yarns. I really love Indigodragonfly’s Shiny sock yarn- who doesn’t love sparkles? I thought that the “My world is all askew” colourway was really prettty and very warm. Along the same (warm) lines was Freia Ombre Lace in “Maple”, altough I do love the “Melon” colourway as well.
    I very much like both patterns in your ebook so far, and I am curious for more to come! Thank you for the giveaway! (kntmish on Ravelry)

  37. Love the Michigan reference in the Pattern Recipe hat. I’d not heard of the Freia yarn before, but the long color runs are enticing!

  38. Regarding Indigodragonfly – what gorgeous colorways! I particularly like the MCN Worsted “Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain”. Yum. Re: Freia Fibers – Love the fibers of the Rustic line and I love the concept of the gradient yarns. Very cool and very clever. Side note – I really like the design of the home page. Re: Knitting Recipes – Michigan Waves is lovely. I adore cables and really like that the hat is reversible. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  39. The Michigan Waves hate is very pretty, and I love the concept of knitting recipes. I end up having to alter pretty much everything I make, and having permission and directions to do so is kind of liberating.

  40. I love the indigo dragonfly msc sock but it’s probably the names that really get me – it’s so hard to distinguish yarns over the internet that something really has to grab your attention…

  41. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the FLUX yarns starting and ending with the same color for each skein. How many times did I have to “waste” a lot of yarn to find the same color sequence to continue my knitting? And the matching wonderful semi-solids just top it off! Job well done – Freia Handpaint Yarns.

    And those amazing colors by Indigodragonfly…I can see why so many are sold out. They are absolutely stunning…

  42. The Indigodragonfly name is awsome! The name reminds me of the book “Bunnicula”. Remember the vampire rabbit? Both yarns look fabulous and hats and cowls…always fashionable.

  43. When I see those yarns, I see spring color, especially appealing because of the long drab gray days here in the Pacific NW! Love them!

  44. The Michigan Waves Hat sounds so intriguing. I love to knit reversible items and learn more about what makes them reversible as I go.

  45. Oh my – Indigo is one of my favorite words (my beloved pooch is named Indigo)… love dragonflies, too, so I had to look at the website for the company – wow! I want the yarns in every color!!! Gorgeous. I promptly went to the Knitalong link and joined the Ravelry group. This is a lovely giveaway – thanks for the chance to win – love your new patterns, too! Would love to knit both the hat and the cowl. Stephanie

  46. I would love the Indigodragonfly. I am new to your blog. I think I will subscribe to your podcast. Thank you,

  47. “Vicious Pingouins” from Indigodragonfly is one of my favorites but Bunnies are deadly is also pretty cool and smooshy! I do not know the Freia yarns but this colour way looks very nice and would definitely be well loved in my stash 🙂 The chance to win yarn or e-book is pretty exciting. Thank you for the chance to participate.

  48. I love all of the Freia Ombre colorways, (and the hat from the e-book shown in this post looks extremely comfy). Thanks for hosting another giveaway!

  49. I was introduced to Indigo Dragonfly at Sock Summit last year. I absolutely love her yarns and colorways!!! It would be awesome to win some more yarn. Cuz I need it. 😉

  50. The new patterns are great and you have showcased one of my local faves – Indigodragonfly for sock yarn. Spring is the time of new beginnings and inspiration for new projects – here’s hoping!

  51. Well I’ve been swooning over the Michigan Waves Reversible Cabled Hat, so that skein of Indigodragonfly Merino Sock would look perfect as some waves!

  52. I’ve been eyeballing Indigodragonfly’s yarn for a while now. I’d love to have some for my very own! And the names are hilariously geeky! 🙂

  53. I love the fact that both companies have great photos of their yarns/colors. In each case I can look at the pics and practically feel the texture of the yarn. If a pic makes me want to pick up the yarn and pet it, I know I will like it in real life.

  54. I agree about Indigodragonfly’s yarn names. Squid vicious? HIGH-larious! Also, I’d love to know how she gets such a subtle range of variegation. Gorgeous!

  55. I like the Marinette cowl–makes me curious what other places in the midwest/Wisconsin will be popping up as items are added to the e-book!

  56. I love your Michigan waves pattern! And I am at awe with the melon colourway!
    p.m. I live in Athens, Greece…perhaps if I won one of the yarns I could pay for the shipping? Pretty please 🙂

  57. I love the naming theme for the Indigodragonfly yarn! Too clever.

    I’m also looking forward to your book. Since I tend to use patterns as guidelines instead of directions, “recipes” work great! Thanks for your book, and for this contest.

  58. I love the gradient colors in the Freia yarn! And, Indigodragonfly has some luscious colors too! Hope I didn’t miss this by a week- I may be too late? I don’t see a winner listed so I will try…

  59. I think that Marinette Cowl is lovely. The versatility of wearing it with the scalloped edging up or down really appeals to me. Thank you for the preview!

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