Briar Rose Yarn Wow

At the Knit-In, I got to do a little shopping over my lunch hour; Kate had arranged for so many great vendors, like Sun Valley Fiber Farm, Blackwater Abbey, Fairy Yarnmother, Blackberry Ridge and Jennie the Potter!

As soon as I walked into Chris’ booth, my heart leapt:

Briar Rose

Briar Rose is known for darker colors, but she’s adding some new ones; this batch has my vote!

Briar Rose 2

This skein is huge! It’s like holding a throw pillow, and way softer and warmer.

It’s well-named: Abundance, at 750 yards, 100% worsted Corriedale.

Look how many balls it made!

I’m going to try to work it at a chunky gauge for the Oatmeal Pullover.

Happy Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Briar Rose Yarn Wow

  1. That was one I didn’t buy this year. I have plenty from Briar Rose in my stash and I have yet to get that far… (translation: the yarn has yet to properly speak to me). Oh well 🙂

  2. Oh gosh – how gorgeous is Chris’s yarn!! I am currently knitting with her Fourth of July base for a yummy Anne Hanson mitts, scarf set – beautiful colour – Oktober Zest!
    great podcast as usual 🙂

    Megan Leslie

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