Knitting Recipes Pattern #1: Michigan Waves

Knitting Recipes Slim Slouch
Knitting Recipes Slim Slouch

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my e-book: Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls!

Knitting Recipes: Chunky Hat and Cowl Set
Knitting Recipes: Chunky Hat and Cowl Set

While organizing my stash, every time I handled a favorite skein, the urge to cast on got stronger. I wanted to make something to show off special yarns, but didn’t want to sort through the 100 pages of Cabled Hat patterns on Ravelry or my whole stack of magazines to find something just the right length, in the right yarn weight, in the perfect stitch combination.

Knitting Recipes: Hats and Cowls gives you the tools to cast on the cowl just as long or short as you want it, the hat as straight or mushroomed as you like, in lace, colorwork, textures or cables. With cast-on information for every yarn weight in many sizes, just grab your needles and start, no swatching needed!

Adventurous beginners and intermediate knitters can jump right in with the recipes, mixing and matching stitches and shapes, and a collection of individual patterns riffs on the basics for some food for thought.

Special Pre-Order Deal

Individual patterns will be published over the next few months, leading up to the full e-book release, including all of the recipes, text, photos and pattern collection. Purchase the patterns by themselves if you wish, or grab the whole shebang for just $16 now; it’ll go up to $20 once the book comes out.

Purchase the e-book on Ravelry now: you’ll receive updates whenever new patterns come out, and a final PDF of the complete book and collection.

Here it is: the first pattern!

Michigan Waves Hat
Michigan Waves Hat

Michigan Waves Reversible Cabled Hat

This slightly-slouchy hat can take you from early spring hiking at Warren Dunes State Park to watching the sun set from the St. Joseph bluffs.

For sale on Ravelry: $3.99


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