Knitcircus Podcast #7

Knitcircus Podcast #7 is up!

Listen on Libsyn or itunes.

The girls talk about their recent experiences destashing, the upcoming Knitcircus Spring Retreat April 14th, the Centered Double Decrease, and a whole bevy of awesome yarns.

Mentioned this episode:


Oink Pigments and Malabrigo Twist

Spud and Chloe Sweater and Rocky Mountain Dyeworks Staghorn Aran

3 thoughts on “Knitcircus Podcast #7

  1. I have a gentle observation of your podcast. I enjoy listening to both of you and the content is great. But the volume of your voices is – uhmmm – very different. If I set the iPod volume to hear the softer voice, then the louder voice blasts my eardrums. I can;t listen at all in my car – Or I only hear one voice. I have no technical suggestion as to how you remedy this. I can listen on my PC – it seems to be more forgiving of the disparity, but I’d prefer to listen while out walking. Hope to get to a workshop someday as I live in Illinois.

  2. Hi Jaala,
    I have also had some trouble with the volume. I thought it might just be me but since Sara mentioned it, I realize others were experiencing the voice disparity. I love your beautiful voice and it has been a bit difficult to hear you on the last couple of podcasts. Amy comes through loud & clear but I strain to make out what you are saying. Love everything else about the podcast. You are at the top of my listening list. I’m looking forward to the new e-newsletter. Hope to see you soon, perhaps at TNNA if not before!
    Best wishes,

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