Luxury Yarn Winners and Needles Organized

Thanks so much to Juniper Moon Farm, All For Love of Yarn, Pico Accuardi and Foofaraw for the wonderful prizes!

Our winners are:

All for Love of Yarn and Foofaraw shawl pin: sarahfay13 on Twitter

Juniper Moon Farm Findley and Pico Accuardi Mini-Skein: pipnmilly on Ravelry.

Winners have been notified.

DPN's Corralled

Around Knitcircus Central (our house) the stash organization ball keeps on rolling; after I took so many needles out of projects I wasn't going to finish, a new way of keeping track of DPN's seemed the logical next step. 

Yesterday, I took Belle to the University Bookstore to get a new notebook, and a new design sketchbook for me. Their displays included a whole wall of pens and mechanical pencils in tiny cubbies, and Belle couldn't stop looking at all of them, reverently touching the shiny casings and trying out the mechanisms for making pencil lead and erasers slide out. 

"This is just so much fun, I never want to leave," she told me, making one of my maternal dreams come true. As a kid, I could wander through the colored pencil and paint sections of the store for hours, and the feeling of infinite possibilities, projects just waiting for me, still rises up when I walk into an art-supply store. Sharing that with my daughter filled the day with awesome.

While she sat in front of the pencil display, I saw some pencil cases behind her with an intriguing design: each one has a snap flap and opens like a little drawer. I knew exactly what to use those for.


 The biodegradable little plastic boxes by C-Line were stunningly affordable, at $1.39 each; not sure how durable they are yet, but they're doing well so far…

Happy Monday and keep knitting,





4 thoughts on “Luxury Yarn Winners and Needles Organized

  1. I have a couple of those boxes around here and they do hold up quite well, as long as you’re not smashing them under books every other day. They do work quite well…..and I’ve been thinking I need a(nother) way to corral my DPNs, as well.

  2. Wow! I have been searching for something to put my DPN’s and you have come up with just the perfect thing. Now, for me to find them. Thanks!!!

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