Stash organized!

In between hosting family events, making batches of fudge and planning birthday parties, I actually managed to get my stash ready for the New Year! With the help of a bunch of new shelving (Target), I followed Melissa Leapman's advice in Stashbuster Knits and organized by weight.

Now, you may want to use some kind of eye protection to view this next picture. Remember, this is only the Before (shown in untidy basement lair). Disclaimer: it doesn't look like this all the time, Everyone Who Has Ever Sent Me Yarn. But I went through all the drawers, bags and baskets of my yarn squirrelled throughout the house, and assembled them here for the great organizing.

A few days, and a number of Phillips-top screws  later:


The sewing form is a new-to-me aquisition from my grandma. I think she needs a little cheering-up, maybe with mod podge…So that's the dk-to-chunky weight area. The lace and fingering get a little place of their own:


Sorry it's so dark, DH also did a computer upgrade and my photo software isn't re-installed yet. Imagine these are beautiful, rainbow colors.

Sweaters-worth of yarn got their own special containers, and open baskets for special leftovers:


(Malabrigo worsted)

It's such a relief to be able to see all of my beautiful stash yarns and know exactly where they are. Now I don't have to hide special ones around so that they don't get lost in the boxes I was using before. They were pretty hatboxes, but I couldn't see anything beyond the top layer. I know it's taking a bit of a risk courting moths, but I really like having my skeins visible, not encased in plastic bags any more. We won't have to buy ziplocs for a while, I can tell you!

A few loose organizing rules:

  • First, I took everything out and sorted it into piles by weight, so I could scope out how much of everything there was.
  • Everything had to pass the test of being a yarn I'd really like to knit with now, not something I bought on super-sale just because. Those went into the Charity giveaway basket.
  • When sorting to their final destination, I tried to do them somewhat by color, but fell short of doing the whole thing in rainbow order (inner geek still not ruling it out)
  • When I had a lot of one yarn, like Dale Freestyle,  Debbis Bliss Baby Cashmerino or Cascade 220, I put all of them together in one compartment, regardless of color. 
  • My rule was that everything going into shelving had to be ready to knit. No falling-apart skeins, no dangling swatches…I first sat down with my realistic self and decided which projects were never going to get done, and put them aside to be taken apart.
  • The bonus: In frogging and re-winding projects, I reclaimed a handful of needles and good amount of stitch markers given up for lost. 🙂

So now my stash is ready for the New year. Hope I am, too!


13 thoughts on “Stash organized!

  1. Love your organizing, and that book looks like something I need to get and read. I do have mine somewhat organized by weight, but it’s getting new yarn tossed on top of it w/o paying attention to weight – so…guess I need to “get at it”.

  2. Someday, I’ll get my yarn accounted for…not necessarily organized but I’ll at least know where everything is (thank God for Ravelry’s stash page).
    I’m working more on using stash yarn for things 🙂

  3. You did a good job on that. I think it didn’t look too bad in the starting picture. What minimal organization I have is by fiber content except for sock yarn, which is separate. Well, maybe it’s more just that the cottons and the sock yarns are separate. Maybe I will get that book from the library, too. . . I came by to mention that I posted about KnitCircus on my blog:

  4. That’s beautiful, I love those little cubby holes. It’s like your own little yarn shop 🙂
    I organised my stash recently as well but it’s all in chests of drawers, not nearly as pretty. But I love knowing where everything is!

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