Winter Knitting Sneak and Knitter’s Guild

It just hit me that I haven't thanked the Madison Knitters' Guild for electing me President this year on the blog, or even talked about it! The Guild is 30 years old, and one of the largest in the country, with upwards of 500 members. Adn they can knit! Some of the projects they show off can be jaw-dropping, like a huge complicated lace shawl, or all 12 sock pairs from a sock club.

The speakers brought in to each month's meetings can be pretty inspiring, from Stephannie Pearl Mc Phee to Susan B. Anderson to Nancy Bush. Tonight, we're hosting Sivia Harding, and I'm so excited so hear her speak.

The Guild hosts the yearly Knit-In (this year, I'll be there as a teacher) as well as the UFO Retreat, Bus to Stitches Midwest, and other fun events throughout the year.

Of course, everyone is encouraged to knit during the meetings. 🙂

So today the Knitcircus team is working like the wind to finish Winter Layout and editing, and the Guild Meeting is tonight, so it's a big one. As my son's Calvin and Hobbes book says, the days are just packed! Packed with knitterly godness. I'm very lucky to have such a great team of Knitcircus staff and such an active Madison Knitter's Guild Board to get everything ready for these big events.

We have so many wonderful patterns and photos for the Winter Issue, I can't wait until Thursday to show you!

So here's Sneak Peek #2:


Winter sneak credit emily
photo credit Emily Brewer

Sneak gloves

More coming your way on Thursday!




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