Happy Monday

Hi, Knitters and Crocheters,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend; we enjoyed perfect fall weather here; freezing at night, and then in the mid-fifties and sixties and blue skies during the day.

You may be wondering who won the prizes from last week's giveaway: here they are!

Sunnyside Ellen Yarn and Stroll Glimmer skein: knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

Poinsettia Kit and Stroll Glimmer: sadiekateon Ravelry

Knitterella Project Bag and Stroll Glimmer: katbrown on Ravelry

For a fun Monday, allow me to present some favorite bonus photos from the Gifts Issue photoshoot:

Milk cow 1
Milk Cow, by Susan B. Anderson. This is one of the most adorable knitted things I've ever seen, and the model (my niece) is also pretty cute, in my unbiased opinion.

Run around town muff by kate lemmers 5
Run Around Town, a modern muff, by Kate Lemmers. We just couldn't get over this sleek, modern version of a classic handwarmer, with its handy zipper pocket.

Winter tide short version 5
Dani Berg's Winter Tide cowl went right to the top of my gifts queue!


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Wow, I won something. I never win anything so this was such a surprise. Thank You so very much. Cannot wait for the goodies as my birthday is next week so this is perfect timing.
    Katbrown from Ravelry

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