Fall Celebration Giveaway Last Hurrah!

It's feeling chilly and fall-like here, and knitters are feeling the pull to create cozy sweaters and accessories.

So, to finish off the Fall Celebrate Return to Knitting Giveaway, have we got yarn for you!

Prize # 1: A skein of Sun Valley Fiber Farms gorgeous 100% Merino single-ply worsted yarn. Sun Valley is a Wisconsin-local, family farm who raise their own sheep and dye their own yarn lines (from the sheep, and lots of other bases, too!) This winner will also receive an Elegant Knitter at Goose Pond sheep gauge/needle measuring  tool.  IMG_7494

Prize #2: A skein of BrooklynTweed's Shelter Yarn, reviewed in the Fall Issue, named appropriately, Wool Socks!

 This winner will also receive a Year's Subscription to Knitcircus magazine, and a Handwerks keychain explaining the Kitchener stitch: IMG_7589

Prize #2 The red skein from Sun Valley Yarns pictured: Merino Single Ply fingering. This winner will also receive a Handwerks Kitchener keychain and  the orange felted ring from Pollika!

To enter, please leave a comment about your favorite kind of Fall knitting, or what you would knit with any of these skeins of yarn. Make sure to include your email, Ravelry or Twitter ID so we can get in touch with you if you win! Contest runs through this Monday, September 19th.



40 thoughts on “Fall Celebration Giveaway Last Hurrah!

  1. Really, any kind of knitting is my favorite for fall, because I just get so excited about the cooler weather that I want to stay home and knit all day! But if I had to choose, I would say that I most look forward to knitting sweaters in fall.

  2. I love to knit items with a soft drape or feel to them at this time of the year. I love a pullover sweater and afghans. I also like making scarves. Just something that will bring warmth into my life and to that of the person I might give the finished project.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Sun Valley Fibers, but have not tried the Shelter yarn yet. My favorite fall knitting? Starting on my holidays gifts, which include hats, cowls and mittens for the family.

  4. My favorite kind of fall knitting is scarves! They are quick and easy and you can’t have too many different colors. They accessorize every outfit! So that being said I see a scarf or mittens in the future for one of those skeins of yarn if I were to win. Ravelry ID gt4936

  5. My favorite fall knitting is anything in chunky yarns! After a long spring/summer knitting lace in New Mexico I really look forward to evening walks with my boyfriend all bundled in chunky knits. I think the Shelter Yarn and the Sun Valley merino fingering would both make great “smittens” (for those walks) and the chunky Sun Valley such a nice hat or cowl! It reminds me of an autumn sky… ❤ jesdod on ravelry

  6. What absolutely gorgeous yarn! Love them all. And that sheep tool is great! I would probably knit my first cowl with the yarn. They all look extremely soft and wearable.

  7. I’m always knitting socks, but I like to to work on a sweater or scarf – it’s a bit heavier in the lap as I progress and keeps me warm when I knit! Rissaknits

  8. Thanks for the lovely prize possibilities-would be glad to use any of them for cowls and hats-for gifts. Well and maybe a little something for me! Thanks.linda

  9. Fall knitting gets me started on holiday knitting and I just love getting out my hand knit socks to start wearing.

  10. My older daughter loves hats and scarves – she collects both – so I love knitting up new ones for her every Fall! I also love doing leg warmers and fingerless gloves.

  11. My favorite fall knitting projects are mittens and sweaters; basically, what I’ve put off all spring/summer, and suddenly realize I’ll want to wear in a few weeks.
    Ravelry: introvert

  12. I love knitting hats and cowls – it makes me get in the mood for the upcoming winter months, and they are still small projects that I can work them up quite quickly

  13. I knit year long, regardless of weather but when there is a chill in the air there is a special joy in finishing a cuddly garment to immediately put on and revel in the warmth.
    I love single ply chunkier yarns and the worsted would be perfect for a cosy hat or cowl.
    Ravelry: aknitontheside

  14. Autumn is my favorite time of year – it’s a return to all the cardigans and accessories that I love to wear. And layering – GOD I MISS LAYERING!
    When it comes to knitting, Autumn is the return of the knit hat. Once the blazing heat of summer dies away, and you can begin to fathom putting something wooly on your head again, I start working on my holiday hats.
    This giveaway is so tempting because it offering the opportunity for a very special hat for one of my very special people.
    Yours in Apple Cider!

  15. My favorite Fall knitting is a sweater I can turn around and wear as soon as it is blocked. I live in the rainy northwest where it rarely snows but is often 40 and drizzly–a damp, cold feeling– for weeks on end. Cardigans are my saving grace, since I teach in an old, drafty school to boot…
    I also tend to knit small things (hats, mostly) in-between sweaters to build up my gift stash.

  16. In the early fall, I start thinking about sweaters. Then, as the weather starts to really cool down, I start looking at what my kids will need for winter – did my little one grow out of last winter’s hat? Did we ever find that other mitten for my big child? Would either of them like a new scarf in a color that better suits their new winter coat? I’m pibble on Ravelry.

  17. Hats hats hats – I am becoming a hat knitting whirlwind! They’re so portable so I can knit anywhere and if I have forotten anyone in the Christmas gift list – presto!
    Rav: FireflyRae

  18. Fall knitting is all about getting out the half-finished projects that were too heavy to knit during summer. There is half a top-down wrap-around cardigan coming out of storage any time now, plus some blanket squares.
    zeah on Ravelry

  19. My favorite fall knitting is anything and everything. It is especially a good time to knit socks seeing how there is a need to wear them. 🙂
    I would love to make a pair of socks with the giveaway yarn.

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