Fall Celebration Giveaway Last Hurrah!

It's feeling chilly and fall-like here, and knitters are feeling the pull to create cozy sweaters and accessories.

So, to finish off the Fall Celebrate Return to Knitting Giveaway, have we got yarn for you!

Prize # 1: A skein of Sun Valley Fiber Farms gorgeous 100% Merino single-ply worsted yarn. Sun Valley is a Wisconsin-local, family farm who raise their own sheep and dye their own yarn lines (from the sheep, and lots of other bases, too!) This winner will also receive an Elegant Knitter at Goose Pond sheep gauge/needle measuring  tool.  IMG_7494

Prize #2: A skein of BrooklynTweed's Shelter Yarn, reviewed in the Fall Issue, named appropriately, Wool Socks!

 This winner will also receive a Year's Subscription to Knitcircus magazine, and a Handwerks keychain explaining the Kitchener stitch: IMG_7589

Prize #2 The red skein from Sun Valley Yarns pictured: Merino Single Ply fingering. This winner will also receive a Handwerks Kitchener keychain and  the orange felted ring from Pollika!

To enter, please leave a comment about your favorite kind of Fall knitting, or what you would knit with any of these skeins of yarn. Make sure to include your email, Ravelry or Twitter ID so we can get in touch with you if you win! Contest runs through this Monday, September 19th.



73 thoughts on “Fall Celebration Giveaway Last Hurrah!

  1. Fall knitting is a tad warmer and heavier, but still shawls and socks. The prizes are awesome. Would be heavenly to knit with.
    nafoster on Ravelry

  2. For me, fall knitting isn’t so much about knitting different things as it is about knitting more … more socks, more and bigger shawls, more sweaters, more gifts … just more knitting all around! Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I’m hoping to start several pairs of fingerless gloves and hats for gifts – all this yarn would be perfect! Thanks for all the great contests!

  4. I just cast on Calorimetry and an Inca Snow Flake hat, and am planning a Peaks Island Hood in yarn from Blackberry Ridge. Have always wanted to try Sun Valley. We are so fortunate in WI to have beautiful, local yarns.

  5. GORGEOUS yarns! Fun notions! Fall makes me think of warm and cozy chunky fall and winter sweaters with lots of cables. Rav amchart

  6. I love knitting hats and mittens and knowing that I can give my friends useful gifts — it’s gets cold here and with the poor economy hats and mittens are greatly appreciated accessories. I try to determine what my friend’s favorite colors are or what animals or hobbies they like and incorporate these themes into stranded work.

  7. my fave things to knit in the fall are accesories..i love hats lately..i like fingerless gloves/mitts too..but no matter how many i knit i never really wear them..and i am always searching for the perfect scarf pattern

  8. Lovely, thanks for the chance to win! I love knitting warm winter scarves and hats in Fall, because it takes me a couple of months to knit – then I can have them ready just in time for the cold weather.
    I can be reached at tina@knitravel.com

  9. I really love knitting scarves in the fall, when I’m chilly but not yet wanting to break my sweaters out of storage. My favorite knitting right now is an exact replica Doctor Who scarf (from the Tom Baker years – the first version he wore) for my daughter. She’s been completely uninterested in wearing sweaters or scarves, but now that she’s a huge Doctor Who fan she wants and is eagerly waiting for a scarf like the one from the show. I’m about halfway through – up to about 4.5 or 5 feet now – and I just can’t wait to get it done and tie on the tassels and wrap it around her neck a couple times!
    I’m palacsinta on Ravelry, and my email address is pogacsa@earthlink.net

  10. Fall is definitely all about cardigans for me. I’ve got one in progress and another in the wings. This fall, however, I’ve also developed an urge to make lots and lots of shawls. What a great giveaway!

  11. My favorite fall knitting is anything in chunky yarns! After a long spring/summer knitting lace in New Mexico I really look forward to evening walks with my boyfriend all bundled in chunky knits. I think the Shelter Yarn and the Sun Valley merino fingering would both make great “smittens” (for those walks) and the chunky Sun Valley such a nice hat or cowl! It reminds me of an autumn sky… ❤ jesdod on ravelry

  12. My favorite knitting for fall has always been fingerless gloves. This year I can’t seem to stop obsessing with my knitted shawls, however. I just finished three shawls. I just cast on for another shawl and a cowl. I can’t wait for the fall tv shows to begin for some happy tv knitting!

  13. My favorite fall knitting — sweaters! I’d make a cabled scarf out of either of the yarns you are giving away — would be lovely and cozy.

  14. I’m all about socks and mittens during fall knitting! just cast on another pair today! I think this gorgeous yarn would make a great scarf/hat to keep uppers warm!

  15. I’m always knitting socks, but I like to to work on a sweater or scarf – it’s a bit heavier in the lap as I progress and keeps me warm when I knit! Rissaknits

  16. I’d love to try either. I’m still loving hats and cowls for single skein projects. My fav Fall project is a new sweater for myself or my girls.

  17. I would knit something for my granddaughter..I love to knit shawls..sweaters..baby items ..hats..mittens..gloves..love the yarn!
    grandkay on ravelry

  18. Fall knitting is partly about warmth (sweaters and hats and scarves), but also about colors – I shift into using more dark colors and warm colors. And socks are year round, but they start getting taller in the fall.
    Somesylvie on ravelry

  19. Fall knitting means getting ready for the holidays. Last year I made a LOT of hats. This year, christmas stockings. It also means more knitters and crocheters into the yarn store I work at and more classes to teach… which I LOVE. Passing on the traditions of needlework is something I am very passionate about.

  20. Shawls! I’ve been knitting shawls because my neck gets so chilled in the fall… but I’ll soon be moving onto a sweater, perhaps, because the rest of me will soon be feeling it, too!
    knitorious on Ravelry

  21. My favourite autumn knitting has got to be socks. I love seeing them all lined up in my drawer ready for when the weather gets chilly. Such pretty colours and patterns all waiting to be smooshed.
    hannonle @ ravelry

  22. I’m looking forward to knit cardigans and sweaters in fall.
    I’m happy to knit socks, shawls, mittens and other small stuff all year long, but I don’t like to knit wooly sweaters in summer.

  23. Fall knitting is the best, because it gets so easy to get into the mood to sit with a lap full of wool at night and to make something warm and cozy! I like making hats and mittens and baby things because they’re so quick to knit, though that red yarn looks like it would make some beautiful gloves!

  24. I really like that key ring! I need all the help I can get when it comes to the Kitchener stitch!:-) My fall knitting right now is totally absorbed by a swap I joined, but once that is done it will involve gifts for Christmas, like scarves, mitts, and finishing a sweater I started a long time ago.
    Zowmom on Ravelry

  25. I think if I won the Sun Valley yarn I’d make a beautiful pair of glittens, with an intricate cable running down the back and over the mitten flap.
    My favorite fall knitting is sweaters!! Big ones that I can wear because the snow is coming! (Although, I’ve moved to the West Coast, so I guess my “fall” knitting is the same as my summer knitting…)

  26. Hats hats hats – I am becoming a hat knitting whirlwind! They’re so portable so I can knit anywhere and if I have forotten anyone in the Christmas gift list – presto!
    Rav: FireflyRae

  27. My favorite kind of fall knitting would be shawls and cowls. Any layering pieces, really!
    – Paula (messiahkitty on Ravelry)

  28. Fall knitting is all about getting out the half-finished projects that were too heavy to knit during summer. There is half a top-down wrap-around cardigan coming out of storage any time now, plus some blanket squares.
    zeah on Ravelry

  29. My favorite fall knitting is anything and everything. It is especially a good time to knit socks seeing how there is a need to wear them. 🙂
    I would love to make a pair of socks with the giveaway yarn.

  30. Hmmm…Fall means Christmas and holiday ornaments and gift-knits. Also makes me want to knit blankets that will cover me as they grow. Great prize offer! Thanks. Bren7na on Ravelry.

  31. My favourite fall knitting is, well, anything! I do knit more with cotton through the summer, so I guess getting back into wool is what I do. Sweaters need to be ready in time for fall, but mitts and gloves and hats are probably my most common projects in the fall. And baby stuff if I know of any babies due in the winter!
    knittingwithwords on Ravelry

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