Wendy Knits Lace Interview and Book Giveaway

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Handwerks Winner:

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Wordlily from the comments! 

Author Interview: Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits 

Read on for a chance to win her  new book, Wendy Knits Lace!

Wendy knits lace cover blog

Beloved blogger Wendy Johnson's books Socks from the Toe Up and Toe-Up Socks for Every Body helped fuel the huge surge of interest in constructing socks from the tip, and now she's turned to another of have favorite topics, with her new book, Wendy Knits Lace, a collection of lace patterns meant to be worn everywhere the knitter goes.  Wendy's mind easily unravels knitting challenges, and her friendly, approachable style, filled with tips to make knitting more fun, makes this book a must-have for any lace-inclined knitter. 

The Knitcircus Contributing Editor talked to us about her Everyday Lace collection and love of all things lace; check out her current article, Design Your Own Cowl, for a chance to try your hand at creating a unique and wearable lace cowl !

KC: What draws you to lace?

WJ: For me, lace has a high “entertainment factor.” You can create stunning results with surprisingly little effort and at relatively low cost. A completed lace project looks impressive and makes a great gift for non-knitters: they usually think you must be a genius to be able to create lace!

KC: Why should knitters not fear charts and possibly making a mistake in the lace pattern? 

WJ: In my experience, charted lace has fewer errors than lace patterns written out line-by-line. When creating a chart, it is much easier to catch errors because a chart is a much more visual representation of a pattern than a string of knitting abbreviations. 

If a knitter is used to knitting from written instructions then, yes, there will be a bit of a learning curve when switching to charts. I started knitting before charts were popular and knit everything from written-out instructions. But after learning to use charts, I would never go back.

KC: What tips in the book made lace much easier to navigate for you?

WJ: Use stitchmarkers, and lots of them! There is no shame in marking out each repeat of your lace pattern with markers. If you are a relatively new knitter you will have far better success seeing each lace repeat separated. You can much more easily troubleshoot errors if you check each repeat after knitting to ensure you have the proper number of stitches and all increases and decreases are in the right places. If you are an experienced lace knitter, markers in your knitting can be a reminder of where you are: you’ve completed a repeat and it’s time to start over.

KC"What’s next? 

WJ: Who knows? At the moment I’m still enchanted by all things lacy and by different shapes in lace, but I am a fickle knitter and could change my focus at any time

 To win a copy of Wendy Knits Lace, please leave a comment here, a comment in teh Knitcircus Ravelry Group or Twitter #kcwendyknits including an email or rav name and your favorite: Wendy Knits pattern OR way to knit socks (toe-up, top-down) OR lace pattern in the fall Knitcircus. Winners will be picked Wednesday, August 31st, sometime before noon.



75 thoughts on “Wendy Knits Lace Interview and Book Giveaway

  1. I’m a two circs, two at a time, toe up socks girl. I have knit them other ways and always end up going back to this way. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’m mim on Ravelry.

  2. I am working my way up to socks. Would love to learn two at a time; but I love shawls and your, “Delightfully Simple Shawl” looks awesome to cast on.
    Would love to win your lace book…looks awesome!
    I’m Yogaticha on Ravelry.

  3. I would loove to win a copy of this book! I do top down socks on the magic loop method, but I want to try the toe up method.

  4. Just submitted a long comment, but it disappeared ??? Don’t want to duplicate, but briefly – LOVE LACE! Love Wendy’s patterns! Thanks for the opportunity to win the latest book, which has been on my wish list since I first read about it.
    @FitzyFiberFancy on Twitter

  5. Can’t wait to see this book in stores! I just knit my first 2 pairs of socks this year and can’t imagine doing them any way other than toe-up…

  6. The Highland Fling socks are lovely. I prefer knitting socks toe up so I can use up every last inch of yarn. I like long socks for midwest winters! Rav amchart

  7. One of my favorite patterns is On-Hold Socks and I plan to learn Toe up socks from her book Socks from the Toe Up!

  8. My favorite Wendy Knits pattern is “Gothic Spires,” and my favorite pattern from the latest edition of KC is “Dolcetto.”

  9. Thank you for entering me in the drawing! I love so many of Wendy’s patterns, but the Van Dyke socks in the first toe up socks book are my favorite – they taught me that knitting socks from the toe up was so much better than I ever thought possible. 🙂
    Jaia on Rav.

  10. Hey there! Right now I’m droolin’ over Two-Step & Tango (skinny shawlette cutie pie thang). Loving it. I love the wacky mittens too. (Right now…it’s the little projects that I want to knit – I’m in Florida, and my middle name is Melted.)
    I’m Dove on Rav.
    Thanks for having this drawing! Cool!

  11. my favorite wendy knits pattern is Woodland Walk Shoulder Shawl…im a new beginner lace knitting so i am doing alittle practice before i tacke this one.
    happycrafter207 (rav)

  12. I would love to add this book, from Wendy, to my collection of her books I already have. My preference is to knit socks toe up using magic loop but I have been known to use two circulars also.
    New to lace so this book would certainly come in handy.

  13. On Rav I’m also Leanan.
    When I still used to knit socks, it was top down. I haven’t knitted socks in ages, but recently something started nagging inside me. Ankle socks…hmm….
    And my favourite lace pattern in Knitcircus is August Pansy – I was born in August, I love the colours of pansies and this shawl is going to be mine 😉

  14. I love a top down sock on 3 dpn’s, but I can be flexible to different styles. I am twogirls on Ravelry : )

  15. I use Wendy’s Toe Up sock recipes All. The. Time. In fact, her Socks from the Toe Up book is the single knitting book I’d take with me on a deserted island. I love it! I haven’t tried all the cast ons and heels yet … but I’m getting there.

  16. I love all the patterns in the her new book. I plan to do the Mairi Tam first. I love the True Love pattern the best.
    I always make sure our local library has a copy of Wendy’s book. I have that copy right now. I plan to buy a copy if I don’t win it.

  17. Love Wendy’s blog! I haven’t decided on my favorite way to knit socks yet. I’ve done one pair toe-up and one cuff-down and the cuff-down was way easier, I think, but the toe-up I could try on for fit more easily, so only a few more pairs of socks will tell. I would love this book! Thanks! bren7na on Rav

  18. While it was really hard to choose, my favorite lace pattern in the Fall 2011 Knitcircus is Dolcetto. Wendy is such a great sock pattern designer and I can’t wait to see what she does with lace. My rav name is LeslieH. Thank you!

  19. I love to knit socks cuff down. I did try toe-up, but it ended up too big. I think I need to grab Wendy’s book to try toe-up again.

  20. I am working on my second Wendy shawl. Lace has captured my imagination and mind. I would love to have another source for inspiration!

  21. My Favorite lace pattern is Springtime Bandit. It was the first shawl I ever knit and inspired me to create my own lace shawl.

  22. I checked out the book on Amazon and it looks amazing! I would love to win and my favorite way to knit socks is two at a time, toe up. My rav user name is haftaknit.

  23. i would absolutely love a copy of Wendy’s new book! I do toe up socks because of her class and i love the article in the Knit Circus about designing your own cowl. My Rav name is KittyKatz
    Thank you! Denise

  24. Hey. my RAV name is ATRCreations. I would have to say my favorite sock method is top down but that is simply because I ahve not yet figured out how to knit them toe up. I would like to learn this so I do not run out of yarn half way through the 2nd sock! 🙂

  25. I’ve read Wendy’s blog with great interest for a good while here and recently participated in a Wendy’s shawl KAL. Would love to win this book.

  26. Would love to win the book. I’ve only ever knitted toe-up socks, so I guess that’s my fave method. I actually have the Toe up sock book out from the Library at the moment. I’m Ireneta on Rav.

  27. I knit socks toe-up for the longest time, but recently I’ve been working top-down and I like it WAAAAAAYYYYY more! I no longer have to worry that my bind-off will be too tight for my feet 😛

  28. I really love the Pteridia stole in the Fall Knit Circus. I also have the Dolcetto shawl marked to make. 🙂 My rav name is epic1313. That book looks awesome.

  29. I have both of Wendy’s sock books, and knitting socks from the toe up has been the biggest thing to influence my knitting, ever! I do 2 at a time, magic loop method. I’m just venturing into lace knitting and will definitely have to get Wendy’s new book!
    @maruschka on Ravelry and Twitter

  30. I’ve never knit any socks, so I don’t have a favorite method, but it is on my list of things I want to try in knitting! I do love Wendy’s True Love scarf and Poor Poet mitts, though.

  31. I’m an Old School Sock Knitter: one at a time, cuff down, dpns. 🙂 But I don’t mind going toe-up if I like the pattern well enough, or if I want to use every smidge of my yarn. My Rav name is CraftyPeach. Love the KC podcast and the magazine!

  32. This book looks lovely! I love the Tangi fron Knitcircus. I haven’t ventured into socks beyond baby socks, maybe I should?
    Jessica, Rav ID: MonkeyButtBabies

  33. I with Wendy on the chart question. It’s much easier to see the pattern (I will sometimes chart written instructions) but I think it depends on how your brain works – for some people the chart is a mysterious jumble of symbols.

  34. I enjoy everything Wendy designs. Her KAL Summer shawlette on Ravelry is such a pretty design. On Rav I’m irenetay. Thanks

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