Handwerks Kit Giveaway and KAL’s


First, thanks again to Blue Sky Alpacas, Elegant Knitter at Goose Pond,  Yarn Hollow and Pico Accuardi for our kickoff giveaway prizes.

Blue Sky Graphic Pullover Kit winner is:knitonepurltoo on Twitter

Heartgyle Vest is: knitnana.blogspot.com 

Yarn Hollow yarn is: Alli at Knitosaurus.com

Three Knitcircus Subscriptions winners:


Trixie98023 on Ravelry

Perfectioknits on Twitter

Congratulations and thanks so much to everyone who entered!

If you'd like a chance to win more Knitcircus patterns and subscription, please check out the Juniper Moon Farm Giveaway.

Today's Giveaway: a generous gift from Laura of Handwerks!

The winner will receive a Little Braided Cables by Candace Strick sock kit, with a skein of Handwerks So-Soft Sock Yarn and a printed copy of the pattern.

Little braided cable socks by candace eisner strick



You have all weekend to enter this giveaway by telling us your favorite Handwerks Yarn, favorite sock from the Fall Knitcircus, and/or whether you prefer to work Toe-Up or Top Down socks. YOu can comment either here, on Twitter with #knitcircussocks or on the Knitcircus Ravelry group.

KAL Action

Time for some fall chairty giving! Please join designer and Health and Love Design Contest Winner Carolyn Kern on the Knitcircus Ravelry Group to knit scarves for women with heart disease.

  Love and prayers scarf by carolyn kern close




 Everyone have a fun and safe weekend; I'm heading to Stitches Midwest, so hope to see some peeps there!


35 thoughts on “Handwerks Kit Giveaway and KAL’s

  1. The ‘So-Soft Sock’ MCN looks fabulous and I would love to get my hands on some. Perhaps to make some ‘Turlough’ socks from the Fall KnitCircus. Also, I like working on socks toe-up! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. I do both toe-up and top-down. A lot of the most exciting designs seem to be top down, but I like the ease of fitting toe up. That sock pattern is gorgeous!

  3. what is better than a cashmere blend sock! so id have to say so-so soft sock is my fave..and i just learned judys magic cast on so id have to say tow up for me 🙂 thanks!!

  4. I prefer toe-up socks so I can use up every last bit of the precious yarn. The so-soft yarn looks to be my favorite!

  5. It’s a hard choice, but the Little Braided Cables by Candace Strick are my current favs! As for the color, I really like the colorway the sample sock is knit in, but the winged teal, denim & chokeberry are VERY cool!
    I have only knitted top down socks, but I am very interested in the toe up socks using the two at a time method.

  6. I’d like to try the Handwerks Silky Sock yarn, I’m intrigued by the silk content & what that would do in a pair of socks. All the socks in this issue were great but I must admit that when I got to the Little Braided Cables I stopped. That woven bit in the cable really got my attention. I prefer working top-down. I like doing the pattern twice (front & back)on the cuff & then only having to work it once on the foot when I’m starting to get tired of it 🙂

  7. As an avid sock knitter, I am ecstatic that there are so many sock patterns in the magazine! Choosing just one favorite would be tough! I’m definitely in the cuff-down camp, though, and I love Candace Strick’s patterns, so the little braided cable would probably make it to the top of my to-knit list.

  8. My favorite is definitely the Little Braided Cables sock…so feminine and original! I tried both toe-up and cuff-down and I prefer cuff-down. Great blog, great mag…and great giveaway…by the way!

  9. These socks are my current favs, as usually happens with new sock patterns, and although I started sock knitting loving toe-up socks, I now appreciate top-down now I’ve realised they are just as easy to size, that picking up gusset stitches is fun and I have conquered kitchener!! I guess that makes me pretty easy to please.
    aknitontheside (Ravelry)

  10. So many pretty Handwerks yarn. Chokeberry So Soft Yarn really caught my eye. Little Braided Cables is my favorite sock pattern; I have Candace’s sock book and her method for toe-up socks has made me a fan of toe-up socks.

  11. I love that color in the give away, it’s now on my wish list. And that sock pattern is super cute. I normally like knitting the socks from the toe up, I like not having to worry about running out of yarn.

  12. A cashmere blend is always a nice treat for socks. I am a cuff down knitter – tried toe-up once and only once. Very pretty color of Handwerks.

  13. Congrats to all the winners! I think the Little Braided Cables just might be my favorite sock pattern in the issue! I enjoy working socks both top-down and toe-up; I’d like to try more toe-up ones. 🙂

  14. I’d love to make these socks. Furlough socks in the so-soft Fiji Islands color way would be swell. I have a slight preference for toe up since you can better judge yarn amount and when to end.

  15. So-Soft-Sock is my favourite – who can resist cashmere – I especially like the Misty Morning colourway. Little Braided Cables is my fave sock pattern in this issue – the detail is lovely. Toe-up, 2 at a time on circs all the way!!!

  16. I love the sweet romantic cabling of the Little Braided Cables socks. A lovely pattern and would be a great one to learn how to cable without a cable needle with too.
    I would love to make then in the Paprika colourway of the So Soft Sock. A colour I wouldn’t normally use but I think it would really suit the cable design and allow me to experience a colour out of my normal buying habits.
    Normally I like top down socks but I have only ever made one toe up sock and should probably widen my horizons by doing a few more at some point!

  17. I haven’t had the pleasure of making socks yet, so I can’t provide an adequate answer – but I’d love to discover what it’s like to knot them!

  18. This is my favorite sock pattern in the issue– a little intimidating but in that way that you feel like you should really give it a whirl. And I’m a top-down kind of gal.

  19. I just looked thru the Handwerks yarns and I’ll take one skein of each yarn in each colorway please. If I have to pick a favorite, the silky sock Rio Grande colorway is the most gorgeous. I usually make up my own sock patterns as I go, and definitely prefer toe-up. But I like the little braided cables socks in the fall issue – I could see making those.

  20. I prefer top down socks, and most of the socks I make are for premature babies. I have yet to succeed at a stretchy bind-off that doesn’t distort the edge, but I am still searching and trying. I do love the cables in the pattern pictured!

  21. That is a beautiful sock pattern!!! I even think I can do it.
    I love knitting both toe up and top down socks, but knitting top down lets me knit right away without thinking/planning (just cast on and go strong), yet toe up allows for the final end of knitting the leg….something good for a person who tends to get distracted with a new knit project.

  22. I’m pretty new to sock knitting, and so far I’ve only done top down patterns. But I like the idea of controlling the length of the leg with toe up constructions, so I’ll have to give it a try sometime.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I love the “little braided cables” pattern. I love this whole issue. I prefer 2 at a time toe up. but usually i do one at a time toe up so i don’t goof it up too much!

  24. That sock yarn is gorgeous. And love the pattern too.
    BTW, the KnitCircus Ravelry group link does not take you to the group, but just the Ravelry home page. You might want to correct that.

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