Knitcircus Podcast Live!

We've been bursting with excitement to share this:  the first Knitcircus Podcast!


We're very lucky to have Amy Detjen–nationally-known knitting teacher, one of the coordinators of Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp, technical editor and designer–co-hosting the podcast. She knows way more about knitting than I do! 

Big thanks Webmistress Cindy, for jumping all the techno-hoops to getting it on the air.

Listen on Libsyn

Itunes coming soon…

Podcast Links:



Sock Summit

Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp 

Vogue Knitting Live: New York


Knit One, Knit All: Elizabeth Zimmerman Garter Stitch Collection, Edited by Cully Swansen

Little Red in the City, by Ysolda Teague

Knit, Swirl, by Sandra McIverson 


Briar Rose

Anzula Fibers


Cookie A, Cat Bordhi, Anne Kuo Lukito, Annie Modesitt, Shannon Okey, Anna Dalvi, Michelle Miller, JC Briar, Ysolda Teague, Barbara Walker, Miriam Felton, Susan B. Anderson; Clara Parkes, Amy Singer

Knitting ideas:

What constitutes a beginner? What skills are advanced? 

Knitting to Stay Sane

CYC Skill Standards


Watch for more Knitcircus podcasts coming up; we're hoping to bring you one every couple of weeks.



4 thoughts on “Knitcircus Podcast Live!

  1. Great first episode – I am looking forward to more…maybe move back from the mikes a bit? there were some “bursts” of air that were pretty loud – sorry not sure how to describe better but did really enjoy the podcast!

  2. Can you fix the volume? I am not hard of hearing, but I can barely hear you on my iphone or imac at full volume.
    Thanks, Nancy Clements

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