TNNA Roundup

What could be more fun than TNNA? Away from family responsibilites to meet, eat and party with knitting world folks for days on end….and enjoy lots of Jeni's ice cream, of course.

We met up with Knitcircus designers we've never gotten to meet face-to-face…

First and foremost, the fabulous Michelle Miller, Fickleknitter. She's had projects in every Knitcircus since Issue #4. Now she's got her own independent company selling those sumptuous one-skein shawls and accessories (some to our beloved LYS the Sow's Ear).

Anne Kuo Lukito with, of course, the Visionary Book retreat visionary herself, Cat Bordhi. I knew Anne by her signature hat!

Spiral expert Daniel Yuhas, whose Starflower Baby Blanket is in the Summer Issue…

Knitcircus video star and fitted-knits designer The Sexy Knitter making knitting hotter with Ysolda's new book.

New friend (and designer to be featured in Winter) Anna Dalvi, promoting her forthcoming book with Cooperative Press. Despite my off-kilter look, that's water in that glass!

And finally, the generous and hilarious Amy D, who made the trip soooo much fun.


Of course, many exciting moments went un-photo'd, but that'll have to do for now.

Ooh, TNNA, how I adored you.  And we'll always have next year…


2 thoughts on “TNNA Roundup

  1. It was absolutely brilliant meeting you in person finally! I’m already counting down the days until the next Knitcircus/TNNA reunion. Glad you had a safe trip home. Tell Amy I said knitters who are wise asses with bad attitudes should totally stick together. xoxox.

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