Knitcircus Spring 2011 Live and BagSmith Giveaway

Even though the kids have a snow day, it's Spring! Click on over for 21 knitting and crochet patterns previews, more articles than ever and two new videos, all with fresh Spring flair. Want to work up the design? Purchase the whole Pattern Collection for just $7.99.


Now, about this contest, you say? Yes, it's true–Becca Smith of The Bagsmith  generously offered five, count them, five, Bagsmith Project Bags for our readers after we requested one for review and loved it so much we didn't want to send it back. The lucky winners will get to choose either Natural (shown above) or Black. Each winner will also receive a free Spring Pattern Collection PDF to slip into the bag's pattern pocket!

How do you enter? Lots of ways…

1) You can leave a comment on this post about which Spring Knitcircus project you'd like to see nestled in your Project Bag

2) Comment here about something cool you saw on the Bagsmith Site.

3) Comment on the Knitcircus Ravelry Group Spring/Contest Thread

4) On Twitter, retweet the contest info (posted by @knitcircus) or write your own giveaway-related tweet with the hashtag #knitcircusbagsmith.

So you have five ways to enter, but one person can't get all five bags! One bag allowed per winner.

Contest ends Friday night, February 4th; the Random Number Generator will choose the winners, who will be notified by whichever means they entered the contest! Bags ship directly from Bagsmith; Knitcircus Pattern Collecitons will be sent via email through

Enjoy; it's time to think about green shoots poking out of the dirt and knitting needles working on light and lacy projects!



125 thoughts on “Knitcircus Spring 2011 Live and BagSmith Giveaway

  1. Much as I adore Naru, I’m not sure that nestling a project is what I’d use the Bagsmith for. Rather, maybe pack a lunch in it and stroll down that GORGEOUS autumn lane on the inside cover!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that project bag with 17 pockets would even hold my Diet Coke! I’d go for the Kalmia hat first because my daughter is nagging. The Dolce is gorgeous… that will take me awhile, but WOW!
    And oh, those macaroons? THEY might be first!
    Fabulous magazine!

  3. Love the new catalog! The Slanting Rib Socks look just gorgeous with that great Sweet Georgia yarn – the pattern and yarn complement each other perfectly! They look a little difficult for a first-time sock knitter but learning socks is high on my knitting to-do list.

  4. I’d like to see the Dakota Cowl on my needles, though it’s a tough choice, there are a lot of great patterns. I really liked the articles in this issue too – lightweight yarns, armholes, Alana Dakos, customized aran knitting – all kinds of great stuff! All around an awesome issue.

  5. I love bagsmith! i look forward to seeing tem at each of the Stitches event so i can drool over the Sajou.
    If i won a bagsmith bag i would want to have a squirm sweater for my 11 y old son, lupine mitts for my 15 yr old daughter…and the current issue has great info in it, so it would have to be printed out and placed inside as well.

  6. Well,the choice for the very FIRST project isn’t an easy one!! It’s a toss up between “Sweet Tart” in two different sizes for my nieces and “Squirm” for their brother. Oh and “Alcea” for me for Spring. Whew!!! I need to go shopping for yarn :)))))
    The project bag is awesome!! There will be a few lucky people who will have one of these beauties for their own!

  7. This issue is loaded with fabulous(addictive) options: socks, shawls, all kinds of fun. I think I’d start with Firey and move through the entire issue 🙂
    Many thanks–
    At Bagsmith– I was wowed by all the creative, interesting goodies for sale.

  8. What a great issue! So many projects to choose from! Due to the cold weather, the Blue Lupine Mitts are looking like they’d be a great first project. That or one of the sock patterns.

  9. This issue looks yummy. The featured “Fiery” shawl is so lovely. I would LOVE to put it into the Bagsmith bag while I was working on it, but would love even more having it wrapped around me.

  10. Knitcircus is a great resource! I would love to have the Bagsmith bag and the patterns I would love to see inside would be Ivy Tangle Hat and Cowl by Jessica Bolof. Thanks for the contest op.

  11. That bag is perfect! I had a similar one years ago and wore it out…was so nice for carrying and placing on the ground, etc.
    I LOVE all the patterns in this issue’s Knitcircus….very fun and interesting. I want to knit up the Blue Lupine mitts…probably cuz of the cable strip but mostly because I love Lupine!

  12. I can’t decide between the two pair of socks. On the one hand, lace is perfect for spring and summer. On the other, I am dying to try out a provisional Channel Island cast-on. Maybe I’ll have to make Spring Sky socks and Slanting Rib socks at the same time — they would both easily fit in the gorgeous BagSmith bag.

  13. I can’t decide between the two pair of socks. On the one hand, lace is perfect for spring and summer. On the other, I am dying to try out a provisional Channel Island cast-on. Maybe I’ll have to make Spring Sky socks and Slanting Rib socks at the same time — they would both easily fit in the gorgeous BagSmith bag.

  14. I want to try making Three Ring. I love the little sleeves on this on and think it would look so sweet on my DD.
    I really like the Big Stitch Swirl Rug Kit. Looks like it would be fun to knit on such a large scale.

  15. The new issue is lovely. I think I would start with 3 of the patterns in my new Bagsmith project bag.
    1. knit 3 of Alana Dakos Roses are Red headband for my daughters.
    2. knit Ivy Tangle hat and cowl for my roller derby friend.
    3. knit the gorgeous Alcea for my self.
    I do hope I win. thank for the opportunity!

  16. The review of Strick-ly Socks intrigued me regarding the new heels so I’d start with the Slanting Rib Socks (although know I’d have more than one project in that fab bag.

  17. The Blue Sky Socks are calling me. Can they bring the blue sky of spring with them? Either way, I would proudly tote them through the snow from hearth to hearth in that awesome Bagsmith bag!
    What could be better, a great knitting bag filled with fabulous projects!!
    Great issue by the way! Kudos!

  18. This issue has me fired up with Spring fever with the perfect mix of cool and warm weather projects. If I had one of those awesome BagSmith project bags, I would get a jumpstart on holiday knitting and fill it with color – the Kahnia Beret and Blue Lupine Mitts for my youngest daughter, the Roses Are Red headband for my blonde niece Annie, the Slanting Rib socks for my sister, and even some Hazelnut Macaroons to munch on and share while knitting! This bag looks so roomy, and I love how it stands up.

  19. My fav Spring item is the Dolce scarf. So light and airy – perfect for Spring!
    My fav Bagsmith item is the the Project Bag. Thanks for the giveaway. Debbie in Alaska

  20. Gosh, I always know I love a craft when I consume all the ads in a publication as well as the articles! Lots of glorious color to enjoy in this issue. 😉
    I’d love to make that shawl on the front cover!
    🙂 Linda

  21. Wow! I’m thrilled to be introduced by Knitcircus to the wide range of offerings from BagSmith! There are many more temptations than their name would suggest. And their sister, Sajou, feeds my other addiction–stitchery. The Cable and Rib Stole was somehow missed by me on Ravelry, but is now in my queue.

  22. Wow! So many great projects, it’s hard to choose one to have in my bag, but I’ve been into knitting fingerless mitts lately, so I’d have to pick the Blue Lupine Mitts as my first project.

  23. I will be nestling a pair of Slanting Rib Socks and a Kalmia into some knitting basket. I hope it is a new Bagsmith project bag, which I have been coveting for so long. Next to the project bag, my favorite thing on the Bagsmith web site are those giant wooden needles. How I wish there’d been an episode of Buffy where she was knitting with a pair of those and then needed to use them to dust a vamp!

  24. It is a toss up between the Alcea shawlette and Blue Alpine Mitts. It never hurts to have more than one project underway.
    The Bagsmith bag looks great!

  25. I just love everything about the BagSmith site. Love the Bags. The Sajou scissors had me drooling. I am a great lover of hand knit socks so I would just have to knit the socks 🙂

  26. Here’s my first entry for the BagSmith giveaway! The Spring Knitcircus project I’d like to see nestled in my Project Bag is Rachel Dickman’s Dakota Cowl … Thanks for a super contest!

  27. Here’s my first entry for the BagSmith giveaway! The Spring Knitcircus project I’d like to see nestled in my Project Bag is Rachel Dickman’s Dakota Cowl … Thanks for a super contest!

  28. Here’s my second entry for the BagSmith giveaway! The BagSmith site has many, many cool things on it, but what pleasantly surprised me was finding a great selection of gorgeous silk ribbons … no, not ribbon yarn, actual ribbons, mind you … in fantastic colors and colorways. The fuscia/violet/cream may find its way into a neckwarmer very, very soon!

  29. I love the spring patterns! I would knit Firey and would also have to knit Roses are Red for my three year old daughter’s fourth birthday as her middle name is Rose and she is a dress up princess!

  30. It’s always hard to try to pick a single pattern from a magazine…. But maybe I’d want to make Sweet Tart and size it up. For sure I’d like to make the Blue Lupine Mitts, and Dolce. Maybe Firey. Heck, with a Bagsmith bag, I could make all the above at the same time and cart them around with me, wherever I go.

  31. The Lupine Mitts and Alcea scarf are both gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for interesting sock construction so I’d probably have to try out the Slanting socks too.

  32. I checked out the Bagsmith site – what fun! Wish I could afford a chunky shawl! (: Most of all, I truly love all of the Bagsmith project bags – I would be so much more organized with one!

  33. I love that this issue has so many accessories! I have to pick the Ivy hat and cowl though – the beautiful green yarn and lacey pattern would be lovely in the BagSmith bag, and would also be lovely on me!

  34. I love the “Fiery” shawl & “Dakota cowl” !
    On The Bagsmith website I love the big stitch kits !the cable & rib shawl is Super cool !
    I am going to go comment on the knitcircus ravelry group now.
    Fabulous giveaway, Fabulous patterns in the spring issue of Knitcircus ! My favorite online Mag ! Thanks so always making your magazine so much fun and providing beautiful patterns!

  35. Great issue, it’s making me wish so much for spring!!! The Bagsmith giveaway is awesome, I can just see Slanting Rib socks in there. I can’t wait to try the new techniques in that pattern (and the whole book)!

  36. I would luv luv luv to have the Ivy Tangles Hat & cowl in a bagsmith project bag,since nothing says punk like self created accessories to suit your own individual message to the world that you are here and vibrantly engaged in it ~and it just rocks that your friend wears her pearls with her subversive t-shirts & converse! I sooo relate \m/ \m/

  37. I never heard of the magazine but heard about in on the nevernotknitting blog. I love the patterns in it and will definitely be knitting several. I also love the knitting bag and all its pockets.

  38. I’d make the beautiful slouchy hat! just love it. i would love to put that project in the bagsmith bag. the bag is just fabulous! thanks for a great giveaway!

  39. I have been wanting to try the techno–not available yet around here–such temmpting yarns and patterns–wouldn’t it be nice to be an octopus with eight arms -a project going with each one—what a spectacular give-away..

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