Holiday Happy

 We enjoyed the school vacation and holidays with a lot of baking:

Jan 11 baking
We had four generations of cookie-baking women sorting and packaging these up for our friends and neighbors; the thumbprints on the left used our homemade cherry jam.

  Sledding 2
Sledding and roasting marshmallows on a snowy afternoon.

  Jan 11holiday knitting 2
Holiday knitting–Belle made this for Li'l Buddy–it's stuffed with lavender, entirely her idea, "So he can put it his drawer and it'll smell good!" We modified the pattern in Sarah Keen's Knitted Wild Animals book to make it smaller.

Jan 11 holiday knitting 1
A tiny project I made for Belle as a companion, also stuffed with lavender. Lavender=suprisingly difficult to work with; since it has almost literally no weight, the dried blossoms don't naturally fall to the bottom, or even naturally move at all, when you're stuffing an abject. But they smell fabulous. I used my Malabrigo Silk sample from Stitches in a little basketweave pattern on size 3 needles; a surprisingly satisfying project to work standing in line at the Post Office.

More holiday knitting pics coming soon…

Belle took this photo to celebrate Purl's first Christmas.

Jan 11 purl cute

And here she deomonstrates a position only a cat could find relaxing:

Purl first xmas

Happy 2011! Can't wait for all of the fun knitting, crochet and sewing projects this year…





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