Winter Lilies FO’s

With all of the holiday store-hopping, list-checking and cookie-baking, how about a little oasis of relaxation? Enjoy the Finished Objects Gallery for the Winter Lilies Shawl, by Susanna IC, from the Fall Issue. Here are three of our faves from Ravelry, with the kind permisson of their creators.

Camrosegirl's softly haloed shawl.

Camrosegirl 2
Love how gently bunchy it was on the needles.

Juliblue Julieblue's blue shawl…

Dezdemona's subtly-beaded edge.

I'm personally in denial about the three-days-left factor; this evening, I'm hoping to finish up two projects which need sewing-up and blocking. Looking at other people's gorgeous FO's gives me a lovely feeling of vicarious finishing.

Take care and stay warm,






One thought on “Winter Lilies FO’s

  1. Love these! I made 4 Susanna IC shawls for gifts this holiday season. Winter Lilies was one of my favs to work. I hope the recipients will take pictures since I never got any before rushing to mail them out. Everyone of them came out beautifully and they were so much fun and fast to knit. I tried all kinds of yarns, too: lace weight silk blend, Tilli tomas mohair/beads, superwash sock, and even a DK acrylic with sequins – all spectacular. I can’t wait to make one for myself!

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